Further information on Boots ballot and why Boots Pharmacists should derecognise the BPA



Boots Recognition

Boots pharmacists and pre-registration graduates now have the opportunity to vote for a better future, and an independent voice at work.



Pharmacists on holiday could miss out on ballot

Boots pharmacists and pre-registration graduates who are on annual leave mid-May could miss out on their chance to vote in the Boots ballot to derecognise the agreement with the BPA after the Central Arbitration Committee declined a request to extend the ballot period.



Vote in the Boots ballot and raise money for charity

The PDA Union have announced that they will be giving £1.00 to charity for each Boots pharmacist and pre-registration graduate who votes in the forthcoming ballot as a way to encourage participation in the ballot process. The charitable gesture is not dependent on which way Boots pharmacists and pre-registration graduates vote and will be paid irrespective of the outcome of the ballot. The funds will come directly from the PDA membership fees of Boots pharmacists only.



PDA Union clarifies some of the issues around claims being made by the Boots Pharmacists’ Association

In recent communications from the BPA, there are some statements which we believe are confusing regarding the reality of the BPA’s relationship with Boots. We believe it is important to let you have the facts.

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