Face-to-Face Flu Vaccination Workshop

Please complete the form below to reserve your place at one of our face-to-face flu jab training workshops.

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Booking Terms & Conditions

The Pharmacist Cooperative cannot guarantee that there will be a place available on your chosen workshop date. We will aim to allocate a place for you on your choice of date where possible. Bookings will only be confirmed upon successful receipt of payment. Bookings are non-refundable and you will still be charged for non-attendance (you may send another person in your place if you wish to do so). The Pharmacist Cooperative reserves the right to cancel the workshop without notice. In the event of a cancellation by The Pharmacist Cooperative, booking fees will be refunded in full. I agree to the terms and conditions and I would like to book a place on this workshop.


Why choose our course?

Our course meets the new 2018 National Minimum Standards and Core Curriculum. It is specifically designed by clinical community pharmacists for busy community pharmacists. Whilst being comprehensive it is designed in a manner which offers the convenience of online learning together with a practical workshop session to help improve injection administration skills and CPR.

Online Learning

We provide comprehensive online content which can be viewed before and after the workshop to aid learning. This provides a great reference source for use after the workshop.

Practical Injection Training

At the workshop we focus on the practical injection techniques. You will learn how to administer: intramuscular / subcutaneous / intradermal and intranasal flu injections.

Basic Life Support Training

We provide practical basic life support training at the workshop. You will learn how to give CPR to an adult and a child. Other imprtant aspects of basic life support are covered in the online learning materials, including how to use an AED device.

Anaphylaxis Management & Adrenaline

You will lean how to recognise and deal with anaphylactic reactions. You will also learn how to use adrenaline in a patient suffering with an anaphylactic reaction.

NHS Service Spec & PGD

We provide up to date information and advice on the NHS flu vaccine service specification and patient group direction (PGD). We also provide information and advice on the use of private PGDs.

Standard Operating Procedures & information

We provide SOPs and information which you can use to immediately deliver an excellent service to your patients. Our course was designed by a clinical community pharmacist / independent prescriber, who runs a range of NHS and private services from his own pharmacy in Oakham. During our training he shares his experiences and provides useful hints and tips which have been beneficial for less experienced pharmacists.

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