COVAFLU FFP3 Mask Pack of 10


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£6.00 per mask plus £4.50 P&P. Please ensure you can get these masks fit tested before purchase.

COVAFLU™ Disposable Flu Respirator Masks help protect against influenza and other diseases by helping to prevent the virus from entering the body through the mucus membranes of the mouth and nostrils.

COVAFLU™ complies with the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines for the minimisation of risk during pandemic flu. It has been designed to help protect healthy members of the general public and healthcare workers during a pandemic flu outbreak.


Disposable masks prevent harmful particles from entering your lungs by providing FFP3 particle filtration. The folded design allows easy storage in the pocket. It is also individually wrapped and sealed.

Breathing resistance is extremely low. The mask is lightweight, and its shape forms to the face creating a good seal. The mask fits comfortably even when you are wearing protective goggles or glasses.


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