Company nameBranch name/code and addressBranch reviewCompany review
Aim RxAppleton Village Pharmacy, Widnes, Cheshire, Widnes WA8 6DZ This branch is very disorganised and many complaints by patients on a weekday and Saturday shift. Some of the staff here are very under trained and not conducive to a steady and effective work flow.
Aim RxSorrel Bank Chemist, M6 7HL, SalfordVery busy but extremely well organised and has brilliant staff who stick to their roles to ensure it is run smoothly
Aim RxAppleton Village, Widnes, Cheshire, Widnes WA8 6DZ Busy branch with a lot of walk-ins. Poorly organised with staff making a lot of errors. A lot of complaints by patients especially with missing prescriptions. Need better staff here to create a more safe and effective working environment.
Aim RxChurch Street Chemist , 99 Church St, Eccles, Manchester M30 0EJThis place has gone downhill very rapidly. A lot of patient complaints especially with blister packs not getting done in time. Staff expect you to check blister packs without the latest prescription. Other dispensed prescriptions are usually fine however there are a lot of problems with the trays. A lot of daily blue prescriptions too.
Needs a better manager to sort the place out and organise things better.
Ali's Pharmacy93 Watney St, Shadwell, London E1 2QE
Alsagar Pharmacy25 Lawton Rd, Alsager, Stoke-on-Trent ST7 2AARun down independent unfortunately, lack of staff and hygiene by the looks of things. Staff were far too stretched, many near miss errors, cd balance discrepancies, rude customers and backbiting environment. Not professional, wouldn't go back and wouldn't recommend to fellow colleagues.
Alton Pharmacy68 High St, Alton GU34 1ETSo busy. Had to make up all methadone for the whole week myself and self-check them. the dispensers did'nt. made roughly 20 to 25 who collects weekly on the same day {Tuesday). Patients started coming for methadone straight from 9am. pressure to make it up when you are unfamiliar with store and patients. Also, checked loads of interims, delivery, massive care home, loads of checking non-stop, walk-ins, queries and the error by dispensers on this day was high. Pressure to get all done by manager who wants me to check all next day delivery 20 minutes before closing when I was dealing with walk-ins and MDS. Staff kept saying this is next to do every single sec without a break. no mental break.
I would say negotiate high if you really need to work here or AVOID at all cost unless desperate for cash.
Apple Pharmacy105 Broughton St, Edinburgh EH1 3RZA lovely shop to work in. Well trained staff and usually relatively quiet. Many of the customers are regulars and they have a little library so despite being in the middle of the city there is a community feel. No parking but it handy for buses.
Asda Dunmail Park Shopping Centre, Workington CA14 1NQGood
Asda Marina Way, Hartlepool TS24 0XRAlways have at least one member of staff in or more. Due to the workload for the pharmacist the staff never expect the locum to serve at the till which is nice so we can get on with our jobs as pharmacists.
There is one member of staff who is quite loud and aggressively spoken and swears a lot but not towards the pharmacist, however it does add to the stressometer considerably when having to work along side her.
AsdaHarpurhey Shopping Centre, Manchester M9 4DJExtremely rude customers, majority of staff reflect this in the way they handle and speak to customers, low morale, didn’t inform me I would be working with no dispenser in evening for 6 hours of the shift, extremely busy with usual 1 hour wait-time on a walk-in prescription, had no choice but to self-check which I felt extremely uncomfortable with given the business of the place and lack of support
AsdaHowley Park Rd, Morley, Leeds LS27 0BPNo dispensers, manager keeps dispenser hours for himself
AsdaMalinsgate, Telford TF3 4HZ
AsdaOff Long Hill Rd, Bradford Rd, Huddersfield HD2 2LQUnderstaffed due to inability to retain qualified/experienced staff. I often have to self-check when working new staff members who have just started there and do not know anything regarding OTC sales and dispensing medicines. The manager does not provide an additional experienced staff member while working with the new person. Even when they do it's for a handful of shifts leaving me having to self-check the majority of the time.
AsdaOld Potts Way, Shrewsbury SY3 7ETGood extremely busy
AsdaSturry Rd, Canterbury CT1 1DGGood
AsdaSurtees Rd, Peterlee SR8 5HAStaff are very nice and do not put pressure on you. However, it is a busy pharmacy and if you work without a 2nd pharmacist, it can be overwhelming. Late shifts are usually fine by yourself. Colleagues are competent and are trained on both the counter and the dispensary. Self-checking is almost never necessary. If it gets busy, it is difficult to get a break, but colleagues will support and will increase the waiting times.
AsdaTrinity Trading Estate, Mill Way, Sittingbourne ME10 2PDThe workload wasn't too bad but there's a chance of being left alone with a single member of staff (lucky if it's a dispenser). Pharmacist manager Lima was professional, courteous and easy going. Apparently, another locum has had rates 45-50 during peak summer here. Lol no undercutting please venlocers
AsdaWalney Rd, Barrow-in-Furness LA14 5UGGood
AsdaWestbrook Shopping Centre, Cromwell Ave, Warrington WA5 8UGFeedback from other locums, it depends entirely on the staff and pharmacist who have been in the day before or the morning/afternoon shift. Managers let the work pile up on the morning shifts, locums come in and clear the area in the evening, good luck!

Some of the staff were very good, fantastic in fact. whereas others were totally inept and just passing time leaving the work for the others, there was a noticeable change in their behavior when the manager left (when the cats away and all that)

No defined job roles or the 'lets get things done' mentality, appears the manager/s can't differentiate between their job titles so staff have it easy...or the manager/s just don't want to rock the boat and do whatever it takes?

good luck! it has been a while since my shift..things may have changed!

AsdaWhinbush Way, Darlington DL1 3RBOn a Saturday there's not much to check usually but the CD balance needs doing and whilst checking walk-ins you're expected to serve at the front counter as for a large period of time during the day there is not enough staff. The staff can be a little rude in their tone and try to use you as a spare part sometimes by rudely asking you to help with their jobs. But at the moment they don't have a manager so you can understand they are a bit stressed
AsdaWhitley Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne NE12 9SJManagement disrespectful and ignorant
AsdaWoodchurch Rd, Birkenhead, Wirral CH49 5PDThis is a good branch and I would recommend
AsdaWoodchurch Rd, Birkenhead, Wirral CH49 5PDLovely branch with welcoming and hard working staff
AsdaWorkington CA14 1NQ
Asda859 Coventry Rd, Birmingham B10 0HHQuite branch, pleasant staff. I had no problems working here only thing is it is very quiet and not much to do.
AsdaOld Potts Way, Shrewsbury SY3 7ET
AsdaOld Potts Way, Shrewsbury SY3 7ET
AsdaOld Potts Way, Shrewsbury SY3 7ETVery heavy work load . Pharmacy manager was quite bossy and interefered in almost everything going on in pharmacy. The dispensary staff were very lovely and even bought me breakfast ahead of the heavy work ahead.
AsdaWoodchurch Rd, Birkenhead, Wirral CH49 5PDReally nice branch. the staff are lovely but some of them are inexperienced which is when you may need to help with the labelling/dispensing. But it's a quiet store most of the time
Ash grove pharmacy31 England Ln, Knottingley WF11 0JA
Ash Grove pharmacy31 England Ln, Knottingley WF11 0JAThe pharmacy is a very very busy pharmacy. So it's not for everyone. However if you are doing the nights there are hardly any staff which can be mayhem when there is a huge queue of customers.
Atropa pharmacy299, The Ideal Business Park, National Ave, Hull HU5 4JBCompetent staff, but very, very bad with payment.
Bell Pharmacy995 Romford Rd, London E12 5JRTerrible with payments. New manager is quite rude. But general processes are good.
Belstead Hills Pharmacy310 Sheldrake Drive, Ipswich, Suffolk , IP2 9LFCut staff to the bone.. but good staff
Biddulph Pharmacy1-3 Tunstall Rd, Biddulph, Stoke-on-Trent ST8 6HJStaff were very helpful and understanding.
Blackpool medicine ltdUnit 2b Premier House, Cornford Road, Blackpool, United Kingdom, FY4 4QQ
Boots 350 Grimshaw Ln, Middleton, Manchester M24 2AUAvoid, next to a Doctors surgery, Item count on pharmdata is not reflective or work load. extremely large back log. staff overworked.
Boots 90-120 Broadway, Catterick DL9 4RFStaff very help in regards to helping you. Separate checking station for checking walkins and repeats which I like. Staff will file scripts for you which saves you the headache so you can focus on checking. Methadone generally already prepared. Usually busy in the morning when they dispense scripts left over/dropped down. Close for 1 hour for lunch.
Boots Cortonwood Shopping Park, Cortonwood Dr, Brampton Bierlow, Barnsley S73 0TBVery quiet pharmacy. Usually only one dispenser on which is more than enough. Last hour you are alone but literally nothing to do except the odd P sale. But if a script came in you will have to self check. Dispensers are helpful when there.
Boots1 Dukes Walk Service Rd, Waterlooville PO7 7HSI worked all day without a dispenser!! Very unsafe
Boots1-2, Dyce Shopping Centre, Dyce, Aberdeen AB21 7LWBusy
Boots1-3 Vaughan Street, Llanelli, SA15 3USMost of staff really friendly. Manager very very target focused. Pharmacy quiet with walk ins but a lot of checking for care homes (ACT left company so a lot more left to pharmacist to do) and non-stop with supervised consumption patients as drug and alcohol team in same building upstairs. Overall not worth the hassle.
Boots102 New St, West Midlands, Birmingham B2 4HQEasy branch to work in. A lot of methadones but they are made up already.
Boots11-13 The Crescent, West Kirby, Wirral CH48 4HLI personally wouldn’t come back again. Been a counter assistant all day.
Boots12 Main St, Cross Hills, Keighley BD20 8TBLots of checking even though they do on average 7k items per month.
Boots12 West Main Street, Bathgate, West Lothian, EH47 0QZ
Boots121-125 Holton Rd, Barry CF63 4SW
Boots125 High St, Bath BA1 4DFDuck and move. This pharmacy has gone from busy but manageable to having no permanent staff. Only relief dispensers. Stock and repeat requests not reordered and patients quite rightly angry. Only one relief dispenser (who was very good) for a very busy community pharmacy. Would not recommend working here again unless major improvements are made.
Boots15 Viewley Centre Rd, Middlesbrough TS8 9JH
Boots19-20 Broadway, Catterick Garrison DL9 4RF
Boots1A Market Pl, Hyde SK14 2LXStaff very lazy, manager very rude, will never go there again.
Boots2 Llandudno Rd, Penrhyn Bay, Llandudno LL30 3HAI would love to go back to this branch repeatedly. Staff were lovely and so well organised. Knew what they were doing. Well on top with everything.
Boots2 Princeway, Frodsham WA6 6RXBranch is very poorly managed and staffed. There are serious concerns with the operation of this branch, which are at a point which they may be compromising patient safety. SOP’s are not being followed, with a 2 week back log of prescriptions, poor cleanliness, stock is not filled or filtered away, along with delivery scripts. Patient care is not being adequately provided, staffing levels are very poor.
Boots2 Scalby Ln, Gilberdyke, Brough HU15 2UJSteady work load with spurts of busy spells. On the day one staff member down and it showed with the amount I had to help out at the counter
Boots2 Tryst Rd, Cumbernauld, Glasgow G67 1JWA very busy shop however the staff are also really nice and supportive. I’ve been three times and been double cover. If you’re going as a locum, you’ll most likely be asked to work at the front so need to be ok doing walk ins and serving etc. Free car parking
Boots20-21 High St, Newtown SY16 2NUBusy branch! Great staff!
Boots218 Hessle Rd, Hull HU3 3BGDo not work at this branch.Staff make way to many mistakes,even the aggressive ACTs,ridiculously making mistakes,using foul language and aggressive rude tone.Dont like to be told what to do by a pharmacist.Dont like Pharmacist of coloured origin,but constantly praising pharmacists of the same colour.
Boots22 High St, Kingussie PH21 1HRStaff were lovely
Boots232 Beverley Rd, Hull HU5 1AHGood well organised branch.Average amount to check.Methadone was done weekly in advance.Couple
of nomads to check.Staff members were friendly and co-operative.
Boots25 Market Pl, Inverurie AB51 3PUPoorly trained staff and inadequate numbers
Boots26 King St, Whitehaven CA28 7JN
Boots26 Mercer Row, Louth LN11 9JQDecent branch but be warned off very hectic workload at times mix of EPS & walk-in rxs with odd blue ones. If you can't cope with a very busy, tight & compact dispensary, this one is not for you! Nice staff, really small & narrow dispensary for number if people working in it though. Did everything from check, label, dispense & put stock away as it was constant & you have to put a shift in but as said before nice staff
Boots26-30 George St, Bathgate EH48 1PWVery well run. However short staffed which made the day difficult and mentally draining. Would have been ideal having one more member of staff to help serve customers. Also expected to be on your own for first 15 minutes
Boots27 High St, Stourport-on-Severn DY13 8BJQuiet branch, but quite friendly staff. Dispensary is very small to move around in though.
Boots277-279 High St, Bangor LL57 1PDI worked on a Sunday at this branch and the day consisted of preparing a week long Methadone/Buprenorphine prescription for 30 plus patients. The day did go quick however it was very tedious.
Boots3 High St, Ripley DE5 3AAPressurised
Boots3 Market Pl, Nuneaton CV11 4EANot enough staff
Boots3-4 South Terrace, Union Square Shopping Park, Guild St, Aberdeen AB11 5PFBusy enough to keep you going. Alot of sales to do and methadone
Boots31-35 Waterloo Rd, Blyth NE24 1BWQuick processing of my locum claim form
Boots32 High St, Cheadle SK8 1ALAvoid BTC Cheadle, nightmare to work in, with very small dispensery, dispenser was nice but very clearly overwhelmed
Boots32 High St, Mold CH7 1BHGood branch overall. Staff are lovely. Never left on my own.
Boots34-38 George St, Oban PA34 5NL
Boots35 Keymer Rd, Hassocks BN6 8AGShort-staffed. Quite behind on workload, single overworked lady dispenser alongside for whole day on a Friday. Very unorganised. Really had to prioritise workload throughout. A locum who was meant to cover apparently had to cancel last minute with ton of people booked in for flu jab. Had to reschedule all appointments. The layout of the dispensary and the shop floor was such that GDPR breach was a constant possibility and risk. Felt sorry for the hardworking lady. Such a shame that the branch has so much potential for growth.
Boots352-354 Birmingham Rd, Sutton Coldfield B72 1YH
Boots36 Queen St, Cardiff CF10 2RG
Boots36-38 Wellington Rd, Ellesmere Port CH65 0APit's a busy branch and short staffed
Boots37 Mytton Oak Rd, Shrewsbury SY3 8UG
Boots37 Tanglewood Way, Chalford, Bussage, Stroud GL6 8DEBusy but manageable branch, staff are great and manager is nice.
Boots39 Four Seasons Centre, Mansfield NG18 1SUThey have a lot of care homes and some locums have described being stuck in the care home room for the entire day. It was a Saturday and was unusually quiet, however I was noticing a few dispensing errors even though the pressure wasn't that high.
Boots4, Princes Gate Shopping Park, Richmond Rd, Catterick Garrison DL9 3BADecent
Boots40 Meneage St, Helston TR13 8QYNice branch and staff generally nice but no counter staff and customers could be rude and impatientNot great
Boots44-46 Fore St, Copperhouse, Hayle TR27 4DYThis was an OK branch- usual thing with Boots, not enough staff. FRPS Doesn’t work properly. Only one member of staff knew Columbus to a useful degreeNot the company it used to be
Boots44A High St, Sheffield S9 1ENNice friendly staff and regular pharmacists each time i've worked a double cover shift, dispensary is quite unorganised and gets messy due to small cramped working space. You will be required to serve customers and check waiting prescriptions on the front. You will be mostly left alone the whole day a pharmacist in the dispensary due to 2nd pharmacist being in consultation room doing vaccinations and services al day.
Boots45 East St, Blandford Forum DT11 7DXInadequately trained staff and not enough staff. Poorly organised. Way behind on dispensing. Area manager ignorant and doesn’t care except for targets
Boots47-48 Broad St, Reading RG1 2AEBusy branch with two pharmacists on shift. Only one regular pharmacist and she's leaving soon so soon to be no regular - relying on Locums. Team are training but the dispenser training them is very good. Not much guidance and had to use own initiative to track things down.
Boots48/52 Wellington St, Millom LA18 4DEStaff and patients are friendly. It's in the middle of nowhere so while it not be a huge distance in terms of miles, it is a time consuming trip, especially if you get caught behind an agricultural vehicle, which is likely.
Good place to work apart from the huge travel time. Be sure you take this into account
Boots49-53 High St, Dundee DD1 1UEIt was a lovely branch, staff were amazing, all very open and friendly but Jesus the workload required 3 pharmacists and when you only got 2 or when staff members were on holiday when it was just crazy crazy. One pharmacists was made to work 17 days in a row because they couldn't book locums in! There would literally be queues right to the door every hour. A never ending conveyor belt of prescriptions.Im not a huge fan of boots simply because there's always an insane workload and a severe lack of staff. The staff all know this but the regional managers either can get someone out or simply don't care. And yet their targets are still stupidly high.
Boots5 Hollin Park Pde, Leeds LS8 3AS
Boots5 Ryemarket, Stourbridge DY8 1HJNo staff at all on the chemist counter, customers shouting at colleagues. Many addicts. Invoice was not put through promptly by management so I got paid late
Boots5 Soroba Rd, Oban PA34 4JG
Boots5 Wentworth St, Portree IV51 9EJ
Boots5 Wylcwm St, Knighton LD7 1AEBusy branch
Boots5-7 Church St, Oswestry SY11 2SUI would go back again.
Boots5-7 Kingston Rd, Willerby, Hull HU10 6ADDo not work in the branch,nasty staff make alot of mistakes.Not friendly and frankly do not like pharmacists of a different colour.Had a very bad experience and would never go back regardless of rate.
Boots50-51 Market Pl, Wantage OX12 8AWThe manager was doing nothing all day but sat in the back, watching from the camera. The queues were to the door, as the store doesn't close for lunch, no one bothers to ask you whether you need a break or give you a minute to have one. All the manager does is count how many toilet breaks you take or how many times you have been on your phone. Some of the staff are nice, I checked everything including a billion dossets trays, served the queues as I was asked multiple times, while there was A LOT to still check(priorities?). No-one was bothering to pick up the phone and it ended up being me( it really annoys me). Its just not worth the grief, especially if they are going to complain about little things to the agency.
Boots52 High St, Alton GU34 1ETHad a counter girl and a dispenser/manager on the day who I had previously worked with at a diff branch in Basingstoke. As long as you are assertive and vocal, she'll treat you with respect and help out. It being Sunday, had a lot of otc and minor illness queries with lot of time spent on the till which is not really an issue when there's not much checking to do but when short-staffed, turns out being a hassle so had to prioritise and adjust the wait time accordingly.
Boots55-57 Terrace Rd, Aberystwyth SY23 2AFGood staff
Boots56 Port St, Stirling FK8 2LJI was left feeling uncomfortable most of the day due to the attitude of the dispenser on shift. She was rude and unpleasant most of the shift. She was particularly rude when I asked her to change dispensing errors and in general was not pleasant to work with and left me feeling uncomfortable at various points throughout the day. The trainee dispenser was pleasant but over all I would not take a shift in this pharmacy again
Boots57 Beveridge Way, Newton Aycliffe DL5 4LDWas double cover in Durham so bit of a trek , nice staff, were a bit understaffed the staff told me but on the day wasn't that bad but I just did normal collections no dosette boxes
Boots6 & B7 Eagles Meadow, Wrexham LL13 8DGGood branch
Boots63-67 St Peter's Ave, Cleethorpes DN35 8HFStaff pleasant, but extremely behind on workload despite not being a heavy Rx branch. Very short staffed. Busy counter trade, chasing Rxs all day. Ended up helping put stock away & even destroying returned meds at one point as felt sorry for staff. Had to argue for another staff to come from another branch at one point as they wanted just the pcist & one staff to man both rxs & counter one day, which they duly sorted to be fair.
Boots66-68 Union St, Torquay TQ2 5PSThis branch has many, many methadone and Subutex addicts- 40+, and they come throughout the day. There is not enough room in the CD cabinet for all the bottles, consequently spend a lot of time hunting for doses, on my knees.Addicts get uppity when they don’t get served straight away. Also a lot of medisure to do. Other staff too busy to help you.
Boots66-68 Union St, Torquay TQ2 5PSThis branch seems to survive on Medisure (a non-profitable service of little value soon to be discontinued) and substance misuse supervised service which brings a lot of undesirables into the store. Difficult to see how this shop will make a profit with no visible security in place the addicts probably stealing a lot of stock. Horrible place to work in as the addicts demanding their doses straight away and getting verbal if not given immediately. Difficult to recommend this store to anybody
Boots67-68 Main St, Egremont CA22 2DBFriendly staff, sometimes a significant workload. Staff stressed out due to the pressure.
Boots68 The Village, Haxby, York YO32 2HXHad to argue with the manager once I arrived to secure my paid working break as the stores contracted nhs hours do not state closure at lunch but the manager wanted me to have a 30 minute unpaid break dispite the fact that I was willing to stay on the premises for a working break. Also was challenged on invoicing for full mileage despite explaining It was agreed as part of my booking and showing proof on my emails.
Boots69-91 Commercial St, Rothwell, Leeds LS26 0AP
Boots6A, Forster Square Retail Park Park, Forster Ct, Bradford BD1 4AUReally nasty manager who seems to be seething with hatred for Pharmacist. We got into a confrontation after I found out she had seen the CD keys on the bench whilst I went for drink, then picked them up and hid them so I would get worried about where they had ended up!

Really petty.

There's only one member of support staff and even then she's only there for half of the day, so there's a good chance you will be left by yourself to operate the phones, the till and Boots' abysmal new PMR which they call Columbus.

Horrific day, I would not go back.

Icing on the cake: they wouldn't pay me after first losing my invoice and then claiming I had an hours unpaid lunch break.
Boots7 Silver St, Coningsby, Lincoln LN4 4SGBusy & disorganised. Short staffed. They were 2 days behind, normal pcist was there as extra to help catch up but did very little & certainly wasn't helping. Kept passing murs, checking & nms despite me being very busy checking EPs rxs. Ended up catching up with 2 days rxs (in a 14k store), doing 7 murs & 2 nms. Staff pleasant enough but wouldn't go back there for any rate as it felt all the work was passed onto locum & being taken advantage of to the max when other staff could have helped too!
Boots7 Silver St, Coningsby, Lincoln LN4 4SGStaff ok but branch very short staffed & workload not managed well at all on multiple shifts there, huge backlog despite their best efforts. Culture of bending backwards way too much for patients means unrealistically short waiting times given , on top of trying to catch up & meet other targets made for a high intensity environment. Doubt I'll go back any time soon!
Boots7 Silver St, Coningsby, Lincoln LN4 4SGBusy busy branch. Lots of mistakes made by dispensers, one in particular more than most! Really short staffed, a dozen meth Rxs, dossets to check, loads of walk ins. Culture of promising patients their Rxs immediately which is really poor practice as causes loads of pressure on pharmacist
Boots7, Babylon Retail Park, Babylon Hill, Yeovil BA21 5BTThis branch has an MDS business which is the main part of the pharmacy trade. There is virtually no staffs downstairs looking after walk-in customers and hardly any retail staff on the front counter. The pharmacy is open until Midnight via a hatch at the front of the shop and expect to work by yourself as the only other colleague likely in MdS room upstairs. Dispensing standards are poor and dispensary untidy although staff generally nice. Store manager pays little attention to the dispensary downstairs, just doing the usual tick-box audits.
Boots7, Babylon Retail Park, Babylon Hill, Yeovil BA21 5BTThis is a branch with BIG MDS business! The downstairs staff are somewhat overlooked and under resourced. The upstairs staff don’t know much about working downstairs and the downstairs staff seldom go upstairs so as a locum you may well know more about the systems than the dispensers and there is a fair bit of skiving in the evenings when the front doors close but the pharmacy is operating until midnight. The store manageress tends to ignore the locums and concentrated on the DDS performance upstairs and the shop. There is no regular pharmacist at the shop so it feels lacking in direction with the two ACTs often at loggerheads. Working until midnight disrupts your sleep and can’t get to sleep. Site security is patchy and you often walk out into an unlit car park at midnight
Boots7, Babylon Retail Park, Babylon Hill, Yeovil BA21 5BTThis retail park pharmacy has a big medisure business upstairs but there is only generally one pharmacist in store at a time. There are dozens of nursing homes and the phone is constantly ringing. Downstairs nobody seems to know what they are doing
Boots72 Poole Rd, Bournemouth BH4 9DZVery friendly staff. Quite quiet. OTC queries are managed by health care staff. Very few walk ins. Methadones are pre-made. 1 hour lunch break.
Boots750 Bristol Rd S, Birmingham B31 2NN
Boots8 Market Pl, Long Sutton, Spalding PE12 9JGFairly pleasant staff, I'd say slightly understaffed. Branch not for faint hearted. Extremely busy for what was supposedly a quiet weekend with 50+addicts, nursing homes squeezed between busy walk-in Rxs, OTC queries & trying to catch up with EPS Rxs from previous 2 days!!

One of the most demanding shifts I'd done for a while but enjoyed the challenge. Just be very prepared for hard graft!
Boots87 Lynchford Rd, Farnborough GU14 6ETLack staff. Just the floor manger and counter lady for the such a big shop floor; one left early. ACT lady with a bit of an attitude who kept on ignoring customers/patients. Had to be assertive and tell her to prioritise and remind her her job. Can only wonder how she's with the regular pharmacist mgr. This branch is due to be closed next yr which explains the lack of staff.
Boots9 Whiteladies Road Clifton Down Shopping Centre, Bristol BS8 2NNStaff are overworked and unhappy - clearly unsafe dispensing environment due to high workload against poor staff levels. Very competent staff but far too much for them to do well. Relief pharmacist attends so a lunch break can be taken.
Boots94 Pydar St, Truro TR1 2BDNot enough experienced staff to do the job and phone constantly ringing
Boots94 Pydar St, Truro TR1 2BDThis city centre pharmacy has a massive Medisure business upstairs but there is only generally one pharmacist in store at a time. There are dozens of nursing homes and the phone is constantly ringing. Downstairs nobody seems to know what they are doing as the staff are inexperienced and the store manager is a liability in the dispensary
Boots960 Wimborne Rd, Bournemouth BH9 2DGNo staff in the afternoons, phone constantly ringing, nobody serving on counter
BootsAvonMeads Shopping Park, Avon Meads, Bristol BS2 0SP
37 Loire Drive, Wigan, Lancashire, WN5 0UH, England
Good branch
46 Mill Street, Macclesfield, SK11 6LT, England
Well organised branch
BootsBoots, Unit Msu2, 12 Gravel Walk Canterbury, Kent CT1 2TF Really big store, got few dispensary departments. Really short of staff, staff are not too friendly as well. Will only work if the paid is good, if not I will avoid
BootsCastlefields Health Centre, Kingshead Cl, Runcorn WA7 2HYInderstaffed and busy, but staff are great
BootsChester Rd, Broughton, Bretton, Chester CH4 0DPNice friendly staff, introduced themselves as soon as I walked in. Friendly patients too! Would go back. Not understaffed at all
BootsClassic Dr, Rowley's Green, Coventry CV6 6ASHad to run the healthcare counter and dispensary on my OWN for first hour of my shift, despite the store manager being a trained dispenser. Was pulled aside during my shift as the manager had been watching me on the cameras and apparently I had been to the toilet 4 times that day and that was too much. She even went on to wait for me outside the toilet and took me down to the shop floor. Also made up lies saying the staff and patients complained about me which is near impossible as the patients would've complained to me, the pharmacist not the manager who is in the office. You are expected to serve all customers, dispensers will not go out, you will are given a till code the moment you step in to the store.
BootsCleveland Retail Park, TS6 6UXNot enough staff to cope with the workload of the amount of customers coming into the store
BootsConcord Way, 30, Dukinfield SK16 4DBAvoid, extremely busy pharmacy. Three methadone cabinets and a cd cabinet to which the staff freely help themselves to when handing CDs out. Tray room upstairs, overbearing manager. large backlog to check. Passive aggressive staff. Not all methadone is made up, impatient blue rx patients.
BootsCos Ln, Glenrothes KY7 4AQUnsure of a weekday but on a weekend, dont bother, you have one member of staff for a 3 hour shift in a branch that does over 10k, its a living nightmare. the constant queues, messy branch with the hatch system. honestly dont bother, theres more to this job
BootsCrystal Peaks Retail Park, Drake House Way Sheffield South Yorkshire S20 7JLA shambles branch. Worked an 8-4 shift and arrived in the morning to a list from the regular pharmacist with a list of things for me to do which she hadn't done from the previous day. No methadone made up, discrepancy on both registers which hadn't been sorted despite having a regular pharmacist. Staff are not adequately trained when using the computer system so had to label blue scripts myself as they had no clue. Pharmacy manager was also clueless and relied on myself a locum to help her sort the methadone discrepancy. Its a midnight pharmacy so would definitely avoid a 4-12 shift if the dispensary remains that unorganised and with below competent staff it would be a nightmare i can imagine.
BootsD, Marsham Way, Longwell Green, Bristol BS30 7ES
BootsDewsbury Rd, Leeds LS11 8EWAwful branch and staff. Expected locum to serve and chase up on backlog and incredibly rude . Avoid like the plague
BootsFife Central Retail Pk, Kirkcaldy KY2 6QLMessy, busy & understaffed. Staff that were present on the day I was there were rude and condescending to such an extent that I will avoid booking at this branch from now onwards. The dispensary is grotesquely messy, disorganised and unclean with a small checking area leaving a large margin for error when combining the lack of space and how busy the store itself is.Otherwise, the non-pharmacy staff are generally very pleasant and, being a retail park, there is an abundance of parking and places to eat for lunch (1H) which is a definite PRO.
BootsFront St, Medical Centre, Wingate TS28 5PZGood branch when staff are there, in my case they were sick and one on holiday so only had one dispenser. OTC staff are there but have nothing to do with dispensary, store manager came to help.
BootsFront St, South Hetton, Durham DH6 2THInvoice done on the day and was paid by the following week
BootsFront St, South Hetton, Durham DH6 2THSteady pace of work throughout the day. Handful of blue rxs but made up beforehand. Staff were friendly. Was left a message by the manager to get 3 murs
BootsGallagher Retail Park, Axletree Way, Wednesbury WS10 9QY
BootsGates Shopping Centre, Mealhouse Ln, Bolton BL1 1DFSunday shift so fairly quiet with boots, all about otc queries more than anything. However upon arrival, greeted by one of the assistant managers whom was very pleasant. But soon realised had no dispenser or qualified pharmacy staff. There was a trainee otc assistant. Kind of ridiculous in my opinion, this was not expressed at the time of booking. Refused to self dispense. Heating was broken and absolutely freezing, pretty sure the temperature did not meet working conditions. Kind of being picky but environmental conditions matter in my opinion for a healthy mindset.
BootsGeorge St, Aberdeen AB25 1HZ
BootsGeorge St, Aberdeen AB25 1HZGood
BootsHigh St, Fort William PH33 6EURegular pharmacist doesnt like to sign in as RP, doesnt like to check baskets at all, likes to dispense and label eventhough there are enough dispensers dont know why !! staff can be rude, non pharmacist manager is rude and abrubt, if you try to discuss any issues she says take it up with head office,
Very busy shop could be easier if other pharmacist helped, general chaos in the dispensary not enough room to check I will defo not book anymore shifts
BootsHolmlands, holmlands drive, birkenhead, ch43 0TXUsually very busy but at the moment they are very behind and short staffed which makes it ridiculously busy. Blister are checked the same day the patients are collecting.
BootsLarwood HC, 56 Larwood Ave, Worksop S81 0HHDecent staff, really busy workload next to big surgery! Just be prepared for a really busy day in a very small dispensary! Not for the faint hearted, otherwise not a bad branch
BootsLocking Castle Medical Centre, Summer Ln, Weston-super-Mare BS24 7AYAwful branch to work in. As an ex Boots Manager this was the worst shift I’ve done in a long time. ACT had delusions of grandeur. Kept asking me to cover counter, then check, then speak to patient. Checking was left for late night pharmacist who received an apology from me. Bottom line branch expects day shift pharmacist to work counter and then late night pharmacist to check as well as work and self dispense.
BootsLupset Medical Centre, WF2 8FEVery busy branch but double cover and enough staff to deal with workload
BootsMalvern Retail Park, Roman Way, Malvern WR14 1JQOne of the better boots stores to Locum at. Staff are well mannered and well trained however could do with at least one counter staff as the medicines counter can get busy, often for queries non-pharmacy related.
BootsMarket Cross, 8-9 A591, Ambleside LA22 9BTGreat branch, minimal workload, lovely part of the country.
BootsMill Gate Shopping Centre Bury BL9 0QQExtremely busy and under staffed luckily the only dispenser working with me was very efficient and hard working and helped to reduce the pressure and I have experience working for boots otherwise for a locum not used to the boots system it would be too much of a workload and too little staff to deal with demand
BootsNeath Water Street, SA11 3EPIntense workload. Had a lot of trays to check to go out with the drivers on the same day including ones with CDs and others without Rxs yet (so were done up as emergency supplies). Not safe with all the other jobs that needed doing. Checking wall is endless and had countless emergency supply requests as so behind. Staff very friendly and work hard running around trying to do all the jobs but simply not enough of them. They sometimes have 2 pharmacists or if not close the pharmacy for 1 hr lunch so make sure to negotiate paid lunch. Overall unsafe branch.
BootsOxford Retail Park OX4 6XJThis partially branch was very poorly staffed and the workload was very high. Although I was a locum, I was left alone for the first three hours of the shift as the dispenser arrived at 11am. There was no one at the beginning of the day to show me around and I wasn’t even able to log into the computer. Overall it was a very poor experience and I vowed to never return. Boots as a company, can differ from branch to branch depending on store and area managers.
BootsQueen's Square, Dolgellau LL40 1ALNice branch.
BootsQueen's Square, Dolgellau LL40 1ALGood branch overall. More staff needed. Manger good
BootsRetford Hospital Primary Care Ctr, North Rd, Retford DN22 7XFExtremely busy branch, about 16k items. Heavy Workload I can manage but miserable & rude staff I can't. One of the most horrible branches in that respect that I've been to in absolute ages. Won't be going again! Grateful I have the choice to do so!
BootsShrewsbury pride hill sy1 1ddWorkload here is hectic the workload is way more than 27ph i was booked for, i regret i did not know how busy this branch was before accepting. There is a care home attached to the pharmacy and although there was a pharmacist with me i was left to do majority of the work because he had to do the travel clinics .
BootsSwan Surgery, Swan St, Petersfield GU32 3ABI'd recommend this branch to anyone willing to work the slightly unsociable hours. No free parking available.
BootsThe Gerard Centre, Gerard St, Ashton-in-Makerfield, Wigan WN4 9ANvery nice staff and polite and helpful manager. workload very high, always behind, constant checking. pushed to do MURs
BootsThe Gyle, 10, Gyle Ave, Edinburgh EH12 9JR EdinburghAvoid where possible
BootsVentura Park Rd, Tamworth B78 3JDA moderately busy pharmacy. You have a full set of staff up till final hour when you don't and have to self check.
BootsWest Street Health Centre, West St, Aspatria CA7 3HHVery busy but organised branch.
BootsWest Street Health Centre, West St, Aspatria CA7 3HH
BootsYate Shopping Centre, 21 W Walk, Yate, Bristol BS37 4AXUsually Two pharmacists, pharmacy also has care home services. Find yourself being asked to cover front desk in morning whilst dispensers dispense and put away stock which means when they’re done, full wall to check. Expected to answer phone calls as phone is placed right by checking area. No methadone patients. Medium work load
Boots 3-5 The Rake, Birkenhead, Wirral CH62 7ADgenerally it's a very organised and therefore quiet store. This is the first time I have found it to be busy, which is probably due to the new manager.
Boots Chelmsley Wood Shopping Centre, 29-31 Greenwood Way, Birmingham B37 5TLwork with store manager and has no dispenser with me. Not greeted by her and she doesn't call my name the whole shift, feel like I experienced racism and she is very rude
Boots The Brunel Centre, Bletchley, MK2 2ESDecent store, not very busy, care homes upstairs where I was based throughout the day
Boots1 Church St, Cannock WS11 1DEHorrible branch, poorly organised, lots of metha patients
Boots1-3 Pool Lane and 37, Pool St, Caernarfon LL55 2ALThis was during the beginning stages of when social distancing was implemented. Customers were not accustomed to the idea and hence they were very inpatient and caused the staff to panic. The surgery’s were sending loads of prescription to the pharmacy including post dates scrips Lasting till May. The staff really did struggle however there were adequate staffing level to keep a good flow and handle the overall pressure. The store shut for 2 hours mid-day which was great.
Boots112, Christchurch Health Centre, Bristol BS16 5SGA death trap, branch must have been at least a week behind, lovely as the staff were. Not enough of them. You also have to check at the front of the shop and staff constantly ask you to serve whilst in the middle of checking prescriptions. Patients also stand inches from your face. Can honestly lean over and see other patients details. Yet nothing is done about it. Do things in the hardest way possible. branch does close an hour so for future reference please negotiate lunch hour paid
Boots15, Worthington Way, Denton, Manchester M34 3LYGood branch
Boots16-17 Broad St, Welshpool SY21 7SDGood
Boots18 Westgate, Guisborough TS14 6BANot a busy branch at all about 4k items a month heavily walk in based and customer otc queries
Boots18 Westgate, Guisborough TS14 6BAThe senior dispenser is a legend.. Really polite accomplished and efficient
Boots2 Easton Square, Easton, Portland DT5 1BXVery busy branch, even with double cover for two weeks straight, with not enough staff. the staff who were there, were lovely people and I would work there again. The Pharmacy manager was also really good. Would recommend but know this is a very very busy store even with double cover. Had payment issues for quite some after so please make sure everything is negotiated properly before hand.
Boots24 New Market St, Chorley PR7 1DEBranch manager had unrealistic expectations when there was no staff. To tons of checking that was left. Cd balance, to clincal check all the next week blister packs and then to make up the methadone all with just one other staff in store.
Boots27-31 Murray Rd, Workington CA14 2AB
Boots29 Market St, Holyhead LL65 1UNThis was during the beginning stages of when social distancing was implemented. Customers were not accustomed to the idea and hence they were very inpatient and caused the staff to panic. The surgery’s were sending loads of prescription to the pharmacy including post dates scrips Lasting till May. The staff really did struggle. There were relief dispensers there and they said it was aweful too. The store was 7 days behind on Rx. Had no leadership. Pharmacist was from Poland and lacked good communication with staff. The store needed proper leadership and commitment. The store shut for 2 hours mid-day which was great.
Boots3-4 South Terrace, Union Square Shopping Park, Guild St, Aberdeen AB11 5PF

Decent branch
Boots34-38 George St, Oban PA34 5NLOrganised branch. Well staffed
Boots34-38 George St, Oban, PA34 5NL

Nice holiday town branch. Kept going but organised with plenty of staff.
Boots38 E Meadway, Birmingham B33 0APVery very quiet branch.
Boots39-40 Wellington St, Aldershot GU11 1DBThe branch was a little disorganised but the store manager hasn't been there for long and is working on improving the place. I worked with a trainee pharmacy advisor who was also helping the retail side of the store. There was enough staff to do the work required.
Boots44 King St, Wednesbury WS10 8DEalso paid incorrectly
Boots45 East St, Blandford Forum DT11 7DXStore manager wanted to close the shop half an hour before contractual closing time due to stressful environment (disregarding the RPs say), and having said that she's very unprofessional.. her boyfriend picked her up 30min before closing time and threatened to 'punch someone in the face' as I argued we can't shut early and have to remain open till then. Branch is very understaffed and very behind on dispensing.
Boots47-49 Gloucester Rd, Bristol BS7 8ADVery Good
Boots47-55, Foregate St, Cheshire, Chester CH1 1NAVery busy branch on Saturday, double to triple cover. One pharmacist provides services all day. Gain some good otc experience here though, not really overworked because it is well staffed but at the same time you can get stretched. A lot of juggling skills required so by this I mean eyes and ears open, not one for the silent, zone out pharmacists. One of the managers told me boots dont pay for parking, only came to know they have a parking but dont tell locums so here I am sharing go hunt it down and save yourself £8.
Boots48 Station Rd E, Oxted RH8 0PGVery discourteous staff members in the care home section of the store. Never addressed me by my name after 2 shifts there. Some of them had a disgusting attitude to me (not sure how much they intended it) and the store manager never introduced herself to me either or address me by my name....lovely staff members in the dispensary area...Gave feedback to the agency about my experience
Boots48-49 The Borough, Farnham GU9 7NW
Boots5 Fore St, Chard TA20 1PHIt’s always a bad sign if you phone the branch at 9am and nobody answers. The phone is left unanswered most of the day. The pharmacy is very, very busy and not enough staff and they are all stressed. Staff are too busy to answer questions from locum. The resident pharmacist is leaving. The whole area is short of pharmacists which is hardly surprising
Boots5 Ryemarket, Stourbridge DY8 1HJNo counter staff. Customers shouting at colleagues in dispensary to get served on chemist counter. Many, many methadone addicts.
Nobody bothered to process my invoice so got paid late. Never go back
Boots5 THE SQUARE, HARMANSWATER, BRACKNELL, BERKSHIRE, RG12 9LPThe store is organised and everything is in order but the dispensers are just very rude, with the new CPCS service they don’t understand it takes long. All she has done is stand at the back not serving customers wanting me to put stock away get the customers, pick every single phone call up. Basically just very unpleasant to work at. I would take a shift cause work load is light but also don’t expect to be treated nicely.
Boots50 St Andrew's St, Droitwich WR9 8TJBad
Boots509 Pensby Rd, Thingwall, Birkenhead, Wirral CH61 7UQCovid-19 stress caused his branch to be very busy. Patients were complaining. However it was first day of social distancing so very new to all staff.
Boots6, Bridge Rd, Prestatyn LL19 9BJThe branch was very busy and didn’t have adequate staff to cover the busy period. The area Prestatyn has had a lot of struggling pharmacies including the local lloyds store.
I don’t like how the store has a new policy o making pharmacist check at the front. This is unsafe and causes unnecessary pressure on pharmacist.
I wouldn’t recommend working at this store. However rates are good but mainly because pharmacist don’t want to work I the branch.
Boots7-8 Market Pl, Wallingford OX10 0EGI would avoid this branch at all cost, it’s unsafe and unorganised and you get treated horribly.
Boots7, Babylon Retail Park, Babylon Hill, Yeovil BA21 5BTThis branch is very poorly managed and there is zero communication between the departments. The store manager takes little interest in the dispensary and barely acknowledges me unless totally unavoidable. There is a blame culture in the store and there is a lot of negative energy in the Medisure dispensary whilst the downstairs dispensary is the Cinderella service. Phone constantly ringing and left unanswered due to uninterested colleagues. Never understood how Medisure was profitable and it isn’t with reduced funding. I guess Rx growth kept shareholders at Boots happy but true profit figures were inflated. The bubble will burst and shops will close with job losses
Boots750 Bristol Rd S, Birmingham B31 2NNBranch was too busy and the dispenser had lack of respect for the locum
Boots89-90 High St, Lymington SO41 9ANThe main problem was the store manager was extremely rude to me and treated me like I was below her. Looked down at me a lot and left me all alone in the pharmacy to check prescription and serve customers. Store itself was not that busy.Awful company to work for. They only care about commercial targets and speed checking without taking into regard patient safety or the workload and physical capability of the pharmacist on duty and what’s within their remit. Try to challenge you on doing MURs on patients who clearly don’t need them. I feel I as the professional it should be my decision on whether or not it’s clinically appropriate to undertake a medicine use review, not the opinion of a shop assistant or store manager.
Boots9 Strand, Torquay TQ1 2AAThis should be a straightforward branch- no methadone, no needle exchange, no Medisure, but it isn’t.
As services have been stripped away, so have the colleagues so the branch is left vulnerable to issues when there is staff sickness, holidays etc..
If Boots can’t be bothered to properly resource this branch they might as well close it !
Boots90 High St, Forres IV36 1NX
BootsBoots The Broadway PlymstockGood store manager and good branch pharmacist.Work load was very heavy due to COV19. Access managed well via hatch at front of shop. A very good team downstairs. Upstairs in MDS room mood was depressed due to the young blonde up there who liked to Lord it over others as she was some kind of senior pharmacy advisor. Never spoke to me or acknowledged me except to tell instructions. Would be 10/10 if not for MDS attitude
BootsBugsby's Way, Greenwich Peninsula, London SE7 7SRNice team, booked me until 11.45 pm but store closed at 12am hence had to stay as only one store assistant would have been left in building.
Would have gone back but still trying to sort payment 2 months after my shift with numerous phone calls.
BootsChelmsley Wood Shopping Centre, 29-31 Greenwood Way, Birmingham B37 5TLwork with store manager and has no dispenser with me. Not greeted by her and she doesn't call my name the whole shift, feel like I experienced racism and she is very rude
BootsChester Rd, Broughton, Bretton, Chester CH4 0DPI liked this branch. I would say 7/10
BootsColwyn Bay, Wales Good branch and organised. Staff are nice. Only issue is parking had to pay £10 for the day!
BootsDownland Business PkWorthingWest Sussex BN14 9LASmall good pharmacy but expected to sell a lot of non pharmacy related products at the counter such as general shop products shampooos nappies etc..
BootsEuston Rd, Kings Cross, London N1C 4ALNo healthcare staff between 8pm and midnight
BootsFarnborough Gate, Farnborough GU14 8BLRidiculously busy and short staffed. 5 days behind on scripts...Taken on all the trays from their other branch which closed down and have not implemented additional staff to cope with the extra workload. Store manager on the premises but did not help out in the dispensary at all...medicines counter unmanned and customers waiting too long to be served...locums beware if you work there command a higher rate or preferably avoid till they get extra staff....
BootsFront St, South Hetton, Durham DH6 2THStaff are really good, busy as connected to the surgery
BootsGarthdee Rd, Aberdeen AB10 7AYBusy unorganised
BootsHeworth village, York, YO31 1AEOne of the worst Boots pharmacies I have worked in. Avoid like the plague. Soon as I stepped in the pharmacy the rude dispenser mentioned pharmacists have to do everything here (dispense, serve, put stock away and answer phones). Most of my time was spent checking backlog of Rxs, even then they felt it was my job to serve etc. My decisions were being challenged like charging for E/S instead of doing loans. Met with comments like ‘You won’t be working here again’ and you won’t be paid for your right break, even though negotiated prior. Staff not aware of details for CPCS, proves more difficult logging on
BootsLangton Grange Medical Centre, Eastern Ave, Lichfield WS13 7FAExcellent to work in as second pharmacist checking blister packs. Horribly busy main dispensary. Constant checking of baskets. Lots of patients seeking advice. Unsafe having just one pharmacist in dispensary.
BootsLocking Castle Medical Centre, Summer Ln, Weston-super-Mare BS24 7AYThis is an edge of town store but there is a doctor’s surgery next door.
Customers can be rough- WSM seems to be a dumping ground for low class and drug users from all the area. Didn’t find the colleagues helpful, the store manager never even spoke to me and the assistant store manager was new to the role and was unhelpful. One trainee dispenser was nice. There are scripts and bags all over the place so you’ll struggle to find things.
The shop doors close at 7 or 8 pm and you serve customers through a hatch. You may well be left totally alone with no dispenser for 4 or 5 hours so you need to be confident with Columbus at CPCS. The retail park has Subway and Costa etc so that’s the only good thing
BootsLocking Castle Medical Centre, Summer Ln, Weston-super-Mare BS24 7AYNobody greeted me on arrival, none of the managers ever spoke to me, neither did the branch pharmacist. The senior dispensers too wrapped up in their own world to give a locum help. No dispenser between store close at 8pm and midnight. Even if you have a dispenser they on other tasks such as taking apart ‘scripts that not collected.
Retrieval is a jumbled mess with all the plastic bags from DSP. FRPS regularly doesn’t work so customers constantly needing emergency supply- just doubles the workload. Typical EOT retail park store, not enough staff evenings. AVOID!
BootsRectory lane medical centre, Rectory Ln, Guisborough TS14 7DJGood busy organised staff disheartened at area office pressure for target attainment
BootsRegent Rd, Ordsall Ln, Salford M5 3TPStaff were friendly however there weren’t enough. No managers on site. I was expected to carry out various tasks preventing me from focusing on my professional duty i.e serve on tills, answer calls for beauty department.
BootsThe Forge Retail Park, 14a, M54, Telford TF3 4AGThere is no staff at the branch and the pharmacists often work alone with no dispenser and self check. Nobody on chemist counter and many customer complaints as ‘scripts not ordered by staff or not prepared. Store manager ineffective and Assistant Store manager lazy and sits in office gossiping with other. Customer says the place hasn’t been run right for years.
BootsTrowbridgeThe Shires Gateway, 32 - 33 Bythesea Rd, Trowbridge BA14 8FZ
BootsWincanton Health Centre, Dyke's Way, Wincanton BA9 9FQThis branch is a busy health centre pharmacy. The doctors next door are oppressive saying we need to do emergency supplies to patients when they mess up. Dispensers generally good the the ACT is a bit moody and upsets a lot of people. Manager nice if a bit ‘matronly’ or starchy and bangs about the place opening and closing the shelves. The area manager is an idiot and not well regarded
BootsYate Shopping Centre, 21 W Walk, Yate, Bristol BS37 4AXStaff very supportive, however expected you to serve whenever a customer turned up. sometimes put me off checking long prescriptions. you also dont get the biggest space to check and at times it can get messy. If you're DC, their regular Pharmacist wont get stuck in with any checking at all. Staff is really good and friendly, the long hours made it worth it.
Borders Pharmacy12 Marmion Rd, Galashiels TD1 2DEUnpleasant staff member
Burry Port Pharmacy11A Station Road, Burry Port, Carmarthenshire. SA16 0LRVery well run pharmacy with excellent supporting staff. Manageable workload.
Burwash Pharmacy and Travel Clinic9 Burwash Rd, Hove BN3 8GP
Care Pharmacy Ltd173 Grange Ln, Liverpool L25 5JYFair
Chelsea Pharmacy61-63 Sloane Ave, Chelsea, London SW3 3DHFocused on private scripts due to the location of the pharmacy, you have to be extremely careful with pricing of the items, customer satisfaction and all under a constant "self checking"environment
Chigwell pharmacy300 Fencepiece Road, ig6 2taGreat place to work at. Low pay but homely pharmacy where you can have banter with colleagues which makes the workload enjoyable and easy.
Cohens Chemist128 Hulme Hall Rd, Cheadle Hulme, Cheadle SK8 6LQClean and tidy branch which was well organised.
Cohens Chemist15-17 Station St, Keswick CA12 5HHGreat team, will work there again
Cohens Chemist24/26 Main St, Garforth, Leeds LS25 1AAVery good spascious and manageable workload
Cohens Chemist26 Otley Rd, Guiseley, Leeds LS20 8AH
Cohens Chemist3 Anchor Rd, Barrow-in-Furness LA14 2QWWorkload is manageable. Staff are nice. Nice shop overall but there is a lot of methadone
Cohens Chemist371 Whalley New Rd, Blackburn BB1 9SPBranch was very busy but this was due to being badly understaffed. Staff were very good generally and helpful but had combination of trainee and qualified staff doing the work of 3/4 dispensers
Cohens Chemist4 Herriotts Lane, WELLINGBOROUGH NN8 4PT

Cohens Chemist46 - 48 Charlotte Street , Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK11 6JB
Cohens Chemist6 Westbrook Centre, Warrington WA5 8UGGood
Cohens Chemist6 Westbrook Centre, Westbrook , Warrington, Lancashire, WA5 8UGStaff are very good. Not enough staff however. A lot of walk ins. Massive queues
Cohens Chemist62 Rawlinson Street, Barrow in Furness, CUMBRIA, LA14 2DNGood, friendly staff
Cohens Chemist659 Bolton Rd, Pendlebury, Manchester M27 8HPStaff very unwelcoming and unhelpful
Cohens Chemist8-10 Ashley Rd, Altrincham WA14 2DWvery polite and helpful staff
Cohens Chemist91 Holmfield Rd, Blackpool FY2 9RSAvoid! No one introduced themselves or even bothered to explain anything. Staff were new and inexperienced. Had help from other stores but wasn't enough. The locum dispenser, who had never worked there before, was more helpful. No sugar free methadone had been ordered. Patients are not the nicest. Awkward trying to make conversation with staff; blunt answers or you're just ignored. Stay away from this store!
Cohens ChemistChurch Ln, Garforth, Leeds LS25 1HBVery busy unbelievable workload neverending walk in collections deliveries
Cohens ChemistFriars Ln, Barrow-in-Furness LA13 9NNWell staffed but the behaviour of many of them was truly unacceptable. The younger girls regularly made passive aggressive comments and I heard comments with racial undertones (some even that were categorically racist even) from both the younger and older staff. Undermined on a few occasions also. Gossiping and arguments between the staff. There's a few methadones but nothing excessive. Workload is quite high but the shop is organised for the most part. Will not return because of staff
Cohens ChemistHessle Grange Primary Care Centre, 11 Hull Road, HESSLE, HU13 9LZGood branch but staff were not proffesional, commonly swearing and talking about the branch manager and initially didnt make me feel comfortable
Cohens ChemistHighfield Rd, Hemsworth, Pontefract WF9 4DP
Cohens ChemistHighfield Rd, Hemsworth, Pontefract WF9 4DP
Cohens ChemistHume St, Kidderminster DY11 6SF
Cohens ChemistMoor Park Health Centre, Bristol Ave, Blackpool FY2 0JGStaff are competent but usually not enough staff. Very high work load
Cohens ChemistNelson St, Atherton, Manchester M46 0LE
Cohens chemistNorth Ormesby Health Village, 9 Trinity Mews, North Ormesby, Middlesbrough TS3 6ALIt was a long drive on the motorway but fairly straightforward. There were no lights on the A road on the drive back so keep that in mind if traveling a distance to get there. The pharmacy itself was easy to find, there was plenty of free car parking available. The pharmacy was very spacious, good area for pharmacist to check and bag prescriptions. A small kitchen in the back to have lunch and there was a small cafe across from the pharmacy too. The staff were all friendly and very hard working. It was a busy pharmacy with lots of walk ins and deliveries but because the staff were so hands on it was actually a very enjoyable place to work. There were a few methadone patients and the pharmacy had a hatch through which to give the patients their methadone. Liked the layout. Would work there again. Only thing was the drive to get there and go back.
Cohens ChemistNorthgate, Pontefract WF8 1HJThe dispenser was very unfriendly and spoke to me unprofessionally. I have never been spoken to like that before and she kept on interrupting the pharmacist whilst they were checking prescriptions.
Cohens ChemistSt Gabriels Medical Centre, 4 Bishops Rd, Prestwich, Manchester M25 0HTGenerally a pleasant branch. But if you're a fast checker then the ACT will check less and you will be expected to do extra. And pushy for murs and nms.
Cohens ChemistWest End Medical Centre, Conway Rd, Colwyn Bay LL29 7LSNot enough staff. The dosette boxes are being checked on the day in some cases. Neither of the two dispensers wanted to come and serve on the counter, which was right in front of where I was checking. This meant that I had to keep going to the counter as I kept getting interrupted whilst checking.
Cohens ChemistWest End Medical Centre, Conway Rd, Colwyn Bay LL29 7LSHigh footfall, next to surgery. Pleasant staff, competent and professional. Had an ACT in the morning only but needed one in the afternoon really but it is what it is.
Cornwells Chemist5 The Parade, Silverdale, Newcastle ST5 6LQ
Cornwells Chemist51-53 Bodmin Ave, Stafford ST17 0EFThe senior dispenser at the branch is a vile bully and everyone who works there is afraid of her. In spite of complaints from staff she is still in role. The company culture is very master versus servant.
Danby pharmacyDanby pharmacy, 27 high street, llanfyllin, SY22 5AAgenerally quiet, friendly staff. its inside convenience store so its also very cold!
Day Lewis1 Alpine Court, Park Road, Petersfield , Hampshire, GU32 3FBHad a well trained counter asst and a dispenser for this half day Saturday shift. Well managed branch.
Day Lewis1 Denmark St, Darlington DL3 0LPBusy well organised but recently more and more understaffed
Day Lewis1-3 Beattyville Gardens, Ilford IG6 1JNNot very great
Day Lewis11 Molyneux Way, Liverpool L10 2JANice branch to work at. Staff are lovely and helpful.
Day Lewis12 Orion parade, Hassocks, BN6 8QAVery good staffing level. Well-trained staffs. Overall a pleasant experience.
Day Lewis1351 London Rd, Norbury, London SW16 4BEA lot of complaints from customers. The dispenser blocked me from dispensing and ES because apparently the manager never does ES. I found that to be out of order and had to put her in her place as I was the RP and it was my decision who gets an ES and who doesn’t. All day the staff were complaining and it was burning my ears. Not a busy Pharmacy, just out of line behaviour.
Day Lewis17 Adelaide road, Andover, SP10 1HFVery busy with a lot of walk-ins (nearby surgery) but really good team in place running a well managed branch. I've worked with them before and wouldn't mind working again. Store shuts for lunch.
Day Lewis31 West St, Congleton CW12 1JPBranch really busy, they've merged with well pharmacy that have closed. Its located within a surgery and have lots of angry and unsatisfied customers so you can imagine the reactions. Extremely busy and understaffed, luckily there was double cover on this occasion and hence why I felt comfortable dispensing however not part of my job role in my opinion. During this transitional period which I think will take some time as it's a mess rates need to be negotiated accordingly. Pleasant staff but need more bodies.
Day Lewis38B Gathurst Ln, Shevington, Wigan WN6 8HWOne of the best branches I've worked at. The two ladies I worked alongside were amazing, a good laugh. I would go back and recommend anybody else to. Double the workload during the pandemic, imagine the branch to be quiet orherwise.
Day Lewis4 Grafton Cl, Wellingborough NN8 5WAWas a bit too slow had nothing to do for hours
Day Lewis474 Finchampstead road, RG40 3RGThey run mostly on locum dispensers without a full time regular pharmacist. The lady dispenser who opened the pharmacy was downright unpleasant, unprofessional and borderline rude. The counter staff was ok but still not very pleasant with the patients. Considering the pharmacy sharing the building space with the surgery and the high footfall, they definitely need better-trained staff with some attitude adjustment not just towards locums but also the patients. Most branches I've worked at have been well managed and make their payments without any hassle.
Day Lewis6 Gillett Rd, Poole BH12 5BFPleasant and well-trained staff. Very well managed so there weren't mountains of baskets waiting nor scripts missing or being misfiled. Two staffs quite frequently go out for a smoke but didn't risk the workflow and the overall load. Very pleasant counter lady. I'd be happy to go back and work with them.Pays on time. Has proper trained staffs compared to most other companies.
Day Lewis7 The Parade, London Road, East Grinstead RH19 1QL2 dispensers busy making up blister trays for half-day then replaced by only 1 dispenser for remaining half of the day. Store does a lot of trays for Horsham branch. Insanely tedious and mismanaged branch whose pharmacist manager left because of low staffing and whole day blister trays checking. English lady dispenser in the morning with terrible attitude and borderline unprofessional.
Day LewisDenmark Street Surgery, Denmark Street, Darlington , County Durham, DL3 0PDI guess I did approx 100methadones, self dispensing methadone through computer and automatically recorded, helps a bit. store opens at 7am and methadone patients are already lining up, so if your bang on time you will probably have a crazy first hour and half. No break at all was offered or taken as way too busy
Day LewisGrange Dene, Mytholmroyd, Hebden Bridge HX7 5LLBusy branch, next to a health centre. The branch was 2 members short. Not the most pleasant encounters with staff. Would ask for a higher rate next time due to the location of branch and workload. Area prone to flooding so be mindful when booking.
Day LewisNewton Rd, Faversham ME13 8FHIn the same building with the surgery so a lot of walk-ins, mountains of baskets to check and pt consultations. Adequate staff, infact a lot of them in a tiny space. It got very quiet from 8.30 to 10.30 at night.
Day LewisNursery Road, Huntingdon, PE29 3RL
Day Lewis1 Alpine Court, Park Road, Petersfield , Hampshire, GU32 3FBAppallingly disrespectful staff members who never addressed me by my name and lied about me.They gave feedback to the agency that I was ‘slow at checking’ and didn’t want to do any work...I was on my feet most of the day checking non stop....
Day Lewis19 Market Pl, Middleton-in-Teesdale, Barnard Castle DL12 0QGGood. Well staffed. Quite friendly and hard working.
Day Lewis59-61 Newland Ave, Hull HU5 3BGAmaizin branch the Acts and pmr interfaced with electronic CD register and methadone dispensing machine.
So well organised an example to all lesser companies.
Senior young dispenser so bright polite and efficient. I was gobsmacked in a good way. I full marks D L
Day Lewis67 Front St, Acomb, York YO24 3BRVery quiet day. Abit of an anomaly to be honest. Was so quiet, manager sent the other dispenser home. Literally nothing to do in the afternoon.
Day LewisSpringfield Rd, Grimsby DN33 3JFThis is such a busy branch on the days I attended they were one or 2 staff short. it was stressful for me and staff. I the staff put a brave face on it to be commended. Customers deserve better here being a health Centre. The CD s daily collection were entirely left to me thrown in at deep end style.. 'we have nothing to do with the CDs' this is not normal for a DL store.. I assume the manager may have influenced this attitude don't know.
If you want to work on the edge feeling stressed and overworked for just tolerablely adequate pay. You can
Friendly staff once you make an effort and empathise with them.
Day LewisThe Forge, London Rd, Warrington WA4 6HJUnder staffed and very unorganised. Wasn’t shown how they work not told what had to be completed.
Day LewisThe Forge, London Rd, Warrington WA4 6HJSome staff were a bit odd, no introduction. Others were friendlier. A LOT of work, very busy not reflected by number of items on pharma data. Staff say it’s due to being under staffed and people leaving, they feel they have been in demand a lot more recently. The branch is hard to find as sat nav will say you have arrived but you’re outside a block of houses. Have to walk down church alley way to get to the pharmacy. Parking free after 3pm
Dears Pharamcy & Travel Clinic92-96 Easter Rd, Edinburgh EH7 5RHExtremely busy branch but good staff and usually well organised. Definitely need two pharmacists.
Dunamis Pharmacy27 Elizabeth Dr, Bathgate EH48 1SJNot great!
Dunamis Pharmacy27 Elizabeth Dr, Bathgate EH48 1SJExtremely busy with untrained staff, dangerous branch to work in, expected to label dispense and check yourself, manager calls you to shout if things aren't done correctly, horrible experience
Eastfield pharmacy469 Manchester Rd, Lostock Gralam, Northwich CW9 7QBFriendliest staff, great owners, amazing people to work for. I’m always very well looked after, get paid on the same day. Support is always there when I need it. Never had any issues/complaints.
Eastfield pharmacy469 Manchester Rd, Lostock Gralam, Northwich CW9 7QB
Evercare pharmacy13 Market St, Colne BB8 0LJWorst experience ever with the owner
Farren pharmacy177 Bruntsfield Pl, Edinburgh EH10 4DGThis is a great wee pharmacy, run by a good manager and team. But I had to constantly chase up money that was due me. It took me nearly 5 months to get paid, and this seems normal for this company according to other locums. I'm glad I was only owed 4 days pay, if it was 4 weeks it would have seriously affected my cash flow. The pharmacy is top class, but the behind the scenes people are dire.
Farrow pharmacy175 Otley Rd, Bradford BD3 0HXGood
Farrow pharmacy175 Otley Rd, Bradford BD3 0HXGood
Fishlocks pharmacy60 Liverpool Rd N, Burscough, Ormskirk L40 4BYWorked on a Sunday, pretty quiet, a few methadone and a lot of trays to check. Overall decent experience.
Gordon's Chemist1 Gracemount Dr, Edinburgh EH16 6RRExtremely busy but the staff are good and there are usually two pharmacists.
Gordon's Chemist26 Charlotte St, Stranraer DG9 7EFStill waiting to be paid.
Granta PharmacyLondon Rd, Sawston, Cambridge CB22 3HUif your nimble and hyperactive at just checking and bagging - fair enough
Great Berry pharmacyUnit 4, great berry centre, basildon, ss16 6saI still have not been paid.waiting for over 6 weeks now.will contact pda
Greenfield pharmacy61 Chamberlayne Rd, Kensal Green, London NW10 3NDNot perfect
Hallglen PharmacyUnit 2, Hallglen Centre, New Hallglen Road, Hallglen, Falkirk, FK1 2RB Amazing staff. I loved this branch
Halls the chemist92 Peterborough Rd, Farcet, Peterborough PE7 3BNPoorly trained staff. High error rates
Halls the chemistThe Old Chapel, Church Hill, Peterborough PE5 7AUAtmosphere is terrible. Owners upstairs all the time. Owners are very rude. Staff all miserable and terrified.
Hawtonville pharmacy77 Eton Ave, Newark NG24 4JHInadequately run! High staff turnover, meaning no continuity, lots of problems with missing repeat items leading to unhappy patients. Quite a few meth patients too & baskets left from 1-2 days before to check. Staff nice enough but beware before accepting shift
Hawtonville pharmacy77 Eton Ave, Newark NG24 4JHAll the staff who've been there for years have had enough & left which has made a big difference to the branch. Quite a bit behind on EPS, lots of Rx issues being lost, not ordered on time, etc with patients getting irate at times. Would think hard before covering again!
Imaan 65 Green Arbour Rd, Thurcroft, Rotherham S66 9DDVery good branch to work at. Have to negotiate full mileage and lunch but very nice staffNo issues. Very professional. Payment is long. 60 days
Imaan ltd291 Oldham Rd, Rochdale OL16 5HXStaff were lovely, hard working and competent. Majority of their pts were getting delivered so low footfall during this pandemic. However, I do suspect fraudulent claiming, I have no proof. However, when items were not dispensed on a prescription they were not removed from pts record whilst the script was getting processed. I tried to remove as many as I could whilst my registration was on the line. Trays made up without original containers in basket for checking, no tablet descriptions, out of date stock, few near miss errors. Be careful.
IPSA pharmacy7 Finchley Rd, South Hampstead, London NW3 6JPStill not paid after 2 and half months. Owner refused to pay me
IPSA pharmacy7 Finchley Road nw3 6jpSelf dispense and check everything. Mainly private scripts. Still have not been paid and it’s almost 3 months. Very keen to take on full time but no way.
IPSA pharmacy7, Harben Parade, Finchley Rd, London NW3 6JP
IQ pharmacy14 Princess Parade, Bury BL9 0QLOk
Jhoots16 Village Green Way, Hull HU7 3JQ
Jhoots999 Warwick Rd, Birmingham B27 6QJOk branch but horrid company.
JhootsWest Lane. Next To Fulcrum Medical Centre, Acklam Road Middlesborough, North Yorshire TS4 4EQVery arduous emotionally. I abusive and psychotic nature of addict centre next door. I you have to be mentally tough
Jhoots215 Hessle Rd, Hull HU3 4BBEnjoyable
Kamsons3, Darby Green Parade, Blackwater GU17 0LLHad a locum dispenser on the day with the PM leaving after i turned up. Mgt was a bit messy but the workload was manageable b/w two of us. Turned out to be a drama-less shift.
Kidderminister Pharmacy24 Comberton Hill, Kidderminster DY10 1QN
Kingsway Pharmacy5 Kingsway Parade, Liverpool L36 2QA
Knight Dispensing Chemist75 Queens Road, Leicester, LE2 1TT
Lancewise2A Lane End Rd, Manchester M19 1WAGenerally an okay branch. The staff are kind and helpful and workload is manageable for 1 pharmacist. They do blister packs. No methadone. However they don't close for lunch and i got phone calls after 15mins on several days from the staff asking me to come back because customers didn't want to wait.
Leftwich Pharmacy67 Clifton Dr, Northwich CW9 8BQDelayed payments. Have to keep chasing up and owner gives you false promises. Confirm payment terms first before booking
Lindsay & Gilmour Pharmacy15 Bannockburn Rd, Stirling FK7 0PBReally great staff (Mid-2019), hard working, lovely to speak to and kind. It's a good day in here.

Lots of Methadone, Medium No. Of Scripts and MDS. Overall I would recommend work here.
Lindsay & Gilmour PharmacyPentland View Court, 2, Currie EH14 5NP
Lindsay & Gilmour PharmacyThe Toll, High Street, Bonnybridge FK4 1BX
Living Care Pharmacy285 Dewsbury Road, Leeds LS11 5HZVery busy pharmacy. Lots of methadone patients. There is also a lot of delivery and care home trays to be checked. The staff are pleasant and friendly. Area is a bit rough. Was a well organised pharmacy but was just really busy. I was the only pharmacist on. Wasn't able to take a proper break or lunch because it was so busy. Not sure if I'd work there again. Also there isn't any good parking nearby. There are a few shops to get something for lunch but like I said because you're kept busy it's difficult to run out and get anything especially if you're the only pharmacist on.
Living care pharmacyLiving Care Pharmacy 285 Dewsbury Rd, Leeds LS11 5HZThe Pharmacy is on a busy main road, there is no good area for parking nearby. There are some shops nearby to buy food, drinks. The Pharmacy itself was spacious, enough space to move around and a separate checking area for the Pharmacist and a consultation area for customers. There were two members of staff with me throughout the day. Both were friendly and helpful. The Pharmacy isn't busy with walk ins but it is extremely busy with methadone and deliveries. It was also a long shift and I spent most of the day making up methadone for patients for the next week. I was given half an hour lunch during which I was expected to check prescriptions. There were many people who presented to the Pharmacy to use the needle exchange service and the Minor ailments service. I, personally, am not inclined to work here again as I still have not been paid for the shift I did two months ago now. I would recommend that anyone who does work here negotiate accordingly.
386 Linthorpe Road, MIDDLESBROUGH, Cleveland, TS5 6HA
Very busy branch, it does 25k items. It shows 16k on pharmdata. I checked and hand out every single prescription throughout day. I took 20 min break and staff bring prescriptions to check during my break as well. That i clearly refused as i need some mental break because store was very busy. Minimum 10 people at anytime in pharmacy waiting for medicines. Staff dont listion to pharmacist instructions and behave bossy towards locum. I bear all this ill behaviour just because of customers who were listening to our conversations. I kept requesting staff to hand out rx but they didnot.
Lloydspharmacy 263 Alderman Rd, Glasgow G13 3AYThis branch, I kid you not, in no uncertain terms, a suicide mission. Not only was it an absolute hellhole the moment I walked in. One cant even begin where to start with this place. Messy, dangerous, lacking organisation, wafer thin staff, rude staff on some occasions. The kind of shop which could potentially be closed should there be an unannounced inspection. you got trays lying around unchecked, get asked to check trays with no prescriptions
Lloydspharmacy 37 High St, Annan DG12 6AD
Lloydspharmacy 56 Edinburgh Pl, Cheltenham GL51 7SA, UKBranch fairly organised, somewhat pressured into performing murs despite workload. Generally speaking a good but fairly busy day.
Lloydspharmacy Bedford Road, Kempston, Bedford, MK42 8BP
Very quite branch, barely anything to do all day so a very chilled shift however staff did say today was very quite and usually it’s fairly busy
Lloydspharmacy Unit 22 Teanlowe Centre, Poulton-Le-Fylde, Lancashire, FY6 7DFVery busy pharmacy and could do with extra staff. The manager and staff were great however and i would go back again but not for lower than 30ph
Lloydspharmacy1 Station Rd S, Padgate, Warrington WA2 0PDDecent branch. Staff are fairly new so they are under trained.

Lots of walk ins due to surgery across road but not enough staff (although they are lovely)

Cramped space
Lloydspharmacy1 Station Rd, Kendal LA9 6RY
Lloydspharmacy1-5 Westgate, Bridlington YO16 4QFUnderstaffed and Non trained staff. Incompetent manager. Pharmacist has to do everything including labelling most of the days. Pharmacist doesn’t even get lunch break. bullied, Racist manager, treats pharmacist as a crap. She says she can sack anyone in the region with her contacts.
Lloydspharmacy10 King St, Hereford HR4 9BWNot many walk ins. About 20ish patients on methadones which you have to make up yourself.
Lloydspharmacy101-103 High St, Prestatyn LL19 9APNo staff at all for the work they do to the extent the manager decided to close the shop for an hour due to safety reasons! They have been short staffed for 4 weeks and no sign of any more staff
Lloydspharmacy105 Hunterfield Rd, Gorebridge EH23 4TSVery busy branch but dispensary staff are excellent. They know what is going on and are well organised.
Lloydspharmacy115 Corstorphine Rd, Edinburgh EH12 5PZI've been here a few times and it's an utter liability. I walked away thinking 'I hope no one dies'. It's a desperate pharmacy.
Lloydspharmacy115 Glover St, Perth PH2 0JFI was at this branch six months previously and my goodness what a difference. Everything was tidy, the staff where happy and the whole branch was organised. It's amazing what a small change of bussines plan can do.
Lloydspharmacy12-13 Mid Kent shopping centre, ME16 0PUWell-staffed but a bit mis-managed since the pharmacist manager left a month or 2 ago. A couple of days behind on their dispensing.
Lloydspharmacy121 Chester Rd, Birmingham B74 2HEmanager gives you pressure on MUR and NMS, store is a bit behind so I offered to do trays and dispense and label for them. Staff are friendly to work with
Lloydspharmacy123 Knaresborough Rd, Harrogate HG2 7LYGenerally a good branch, but staff complained about the branch manager a lot. They said the regular pharmacist isnt the manager and spends all day just checking. They didn't understand the wider roles in pharmacy, hence didn't know anything aside from their own respective roles. Whenever someone came in with a problem, kept referring to NHS 111 even though it could be easily dealt with in store. Both staff were new to branch.
Lloydspharmacy13 Alma Park Rd, Grantham NG31 9SX4hrs shift
Lloydspharmacy138 High St, Odiham, Hook RG29 1LT
Lloydspharmacy141 High St, Auchterarder PH3 1ADPleasent place to work. Just the right number of staff front and back shop. But it was organised very well by the experienced staff.
Lloydspharmacy141 High St, Auchterarder PH3 1ADPleasent place to work. Just the right number of staff front and back shop. But it was organised very well by the experienced staff.
Lloydspharmacy150 Victoria Rd, Darlington DL1 5JGLovely staff, very steady workload, nice branch to work in
Lloydspharmacy150 Victoria Rd, Darlington DL1 5JGWith some staff having left the store, environment there is well toxic. No one wants to take responsibility for anything while shifting the blame on to others.
Loads of angry patients calling and literally abusing for missed items, failed deliveries, undispensed trays, etc.
Lloydspharmacy158A Cromwell Rd, Kensington, London SW7 4EJThe acting manager ( the manager was on maternity leave)at the time acted extremely unprofessional! She had booked my shift in advance of one month, when I turned up for my shift, after about 15 min another locum turned up. We decided between us for me to stay as I was there before and the locum needed to attend to some family matters. The next morning I had a call from the acting manager literally shouting at me on the phone for being careless about my shift allocation. I sent her the email notification which clearly showed that the shift was indeed my shift, but to my Asti astonishment she not only made any apologies but made sure I never work for that branch. On another occasion the shift that was clearly booked by me was given to another locum friend of her only two days before the shift and mine was simply cancelled! Similar incident of favouritism happened again in the lloyds branch of Sainsburys in Surry Basin in Kingston. I arrived 10 min early to my shift and the moment I arrived the member of staff told me that he was expecting another locum. I checked the my Rota and the email confirmation and once again I realised that the manager of the branch had decided to give the shift that was booked by me weeks in advance by the area Rota manager and given to a friend locum via a phone call, rather than through Venloc. I did inform the Rota coordinator who was shocked and apologised sincerely and said that he will make sure that I get paid for the shift ! One year is now gone and no payment is made.
Lloydspharmacy16 Tong Rd, Leeds LS12 1HXI worked from 3pm till 11pm and I found that it was a decent shift. Only one dispenser however so when she left I was by myself for an hour, self checking walk ins which I was assured doesn’t happen in this branch. Apart from that, the workload was fine and you can pace it nicely. The staff are all very friendly
Lloydspharmacy18 Greig St, Inverness IV3 5PX
Lloydspharmacy18 Lichfield Rd, Willenhall WV12 5EA
Lloydspharmacy18 Lichfield Rd, Willenhall WV12 5EA
Lloydspharmacy18-20 The Green, Hasland, Chesterfield S41 0LJGood
Lloydspharmacy181 Coatsworth Rd, Gateshead NE8 1SQ
Lloydspharmacy181 Wednesfield Rd, Wolverhampton WV10 0ENBehind on workload. Very short staffed. Under new management and staff are now leaving
Lloydspharmacy187 Western Ave, Port Talbot SA12 7NE
Lloydspharmacy19 Neilston Rd, Paisley PA2 6LLhard to find car parking, good options limited to a sandwich shop across the road. lovely branch with kind staff members who were very easy to get on with, they supported me all day and answered any questions i had. had methameasure but staff took care of this allowing me to get on with the work. would definitely recommend to locums
Lloydspharmacy195-197 Butcher Hill, Leeds LS16 5BQNever going backBad
Lloydspharmacy2 Bogwood Court, Mayfield.The way installments are "organised" is very inefficient and the dirtiness of the folder they're in made me feel a bit sick. Apart from that a good shift.
Lloydspharmacy2 Bogwood Rd, Mayfield, Dalkeith EH22 5DGVery disorganised. Some staff seem to lack basic knowledge. Quite a lot of methadone but no methameasure.
Lloydspharmacy2 Field Rd, Walsall WS3 3JEnot enough staff, they are busy doing the shop floor so I need to dispense and check for walk in
Lloydspharmacy2-4 Longshaw Rd, Maidstone ME15 9JDWould recommend working here if anyone gets the chance. Solid team and a pleasure.
Lloydspharmacy2/4 Inglis St, Inverness IV1 1HN
Lloydspharmacy210 Fulford Rd, York YO10 4DXGood branch. Was behind on care homes so that was a priority, repeat medication workload was okay. Staff were helpful so day went smoothly. Parking is a nightmare so try get on street parking adjacent to pharmacy otherwise it will cost you £10
Lloydspharmacy22, Teenlowe Centre, Poulton-le-Fylde FY6 7DFThe shop is very behind due to short staff. Patients are mostly horrible and very demanding. Staff are great though and helpful!
Lloydspharmacy22, Teenlowe Centre, Poulton-le-Fylde FY6 7DFVery busy pharmacy and could do with extra staff. The manager and staff were great however and i would go back again but not for lower than 30ph
Lloydspharmacy23 High St, Sutton on Sea, Mablethorpe LN12 2EYNot a bad little branch but could Def do with more staff. Decent but of MDS left to check by regular pcist!! Quite a bit if walk in but lots of EPS to catch up on fir a small size branch so be prepared to do some work
Lloydspharmacy239 Doncaster Rd, Rotherham S65 2DEvery good and loveable staff
Lloydspharmacy24 Market Pl, Malton YO17 7LXThe staff in general didn't treat me well, sometimes they blanked me when I talked to them or asked for something such as an extra bag label, or for a label to be changed. I had four Mondays in a row booked at this place, after the first shift I dreaded each of my next shifts and it caused me great mental distress.
I had previously worked there about two months before and it was fine, but when I came back I was accused of making a dispensing error on that previous shift, something I wasn't told about by Lloyds or the agency I booked with. When I asked to see proof the manager frantically searching for the box but couldn't find it.
Lloyds branches are hit and miss.
Lloydspharmacy25 High St, Dunbar EH42 1EN
Lloydspharmacy266 Gleadless Road, Heeley, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S2 3AHVery busy branch, but well run.
Lloydspharmacy266 Gleadless Road, Sheffield, S2 3AH1 or 2 of the staff came across very rude. I won’t be returning.
Lloydspharmacy28 High St, Malmesbury SN16 9AU
Lloydspharmacy29 Derby St, Stoke on Trent, ST1 3LEBranch can get busy, pharmacy not very organised and messy thus increased pressure on staff
Lloydspharmacy29 Derby St, Stoke-on-Trent ST1 3LEOverall good experience, good competent staff, medium work load. Medium-high methadone patients, decent lay out and checking space.
Lloydspharmacy3 Irwell St, Bacup OL13 0ADBranch is in a much better place now than 6 months ago. The manager is an ex-cluster manager, lovely to work with. It's a lot more organised and less chaotic. However, staff require further training as they're passing the workload on which they should be able to handle themselves. Branch remained closed until 1pm that day.
Lloydspharmacy3-5 Granville St, Runcorn WA7 1NE
Lloydspharmacy3-5 Granville St, Runcorn WA7 1NEThis was during the beginning stages of when social distancing was implemented. Customers were not accustomed to the idea and hence they were very inpatient and caused the staff to panic. The surgery’s were sending loads of prescription to the pharmacy including post dates scrips Lasting till May. The staff really did struggle however there were adequate staffing level to keep a good flow and handle the overall pressure. The store shut for 2 hours mid-day which was great.
Lloydspharmacy304 Marfleet Ln, Hull HU9 5AQSteady branch well staffed, helpful staff
Lloydspharmacy32-34 High St, Bonnyrigg EH19 2AAWell organised branch. The dispenser/manager is quite demanding but extremely efficient. My only concern is that I was pressured to check prescriptions during my break.
Lloydspharmacy338 Main St, Stenhousemuir, Larbert FK5 3JR
Lloydspharmacy34 John St, Penicuik EH26 8ABRecently relocated branch but seems to have taken a massive step backwards. Poor staffing levels have been hit by 2 further resignations and a failed GPHC inspection(5 minutes in I soon realised why!). Place needs staff and leadership urgently before a serious error arises as patient safety is already in jeoprady.
Lloydspharmacy35 Main St, Gorebridge EH23 4BX
Lloydspharmacy355 Harrogate Rd, Moortown, Leeds LS17 6PZIt’s a very busy branch with around 500 items a day. Only one dispenser left with me in the afternoon so it was manic, especially with walk ins and electronics. Didn’t help that some customers were extremely rude and entitled. Not all staff members were friendly.
Lloydspharmacy39 High St, Yeadon, Leeds LS19 7SPGood, around 10 blue scripts which are generally prepared in advanced. Workload is average. Steady day with decent staff
Lloydspharmacy39- 41 London Rd, Holmes Chapel, Crewe CW4 7APvery busy branch, staff will ask you to complete all checking before certain time. It isn't worthy if you work less than 30/pm. Negotiate accordigly
Lloydspharmacy4 Haslemere Rd, Liphook GU30 7ALThe branch is honestly unsafe the amount I have checked today is more then I have been asked to check ever I didn’t get a lunch I was interrupted every 5 mins staff don’t give a shit about the pharmacist I had so many cd entries to do and so many errors made from previous pharmacists which is understandable because they do 25k items. I have stopped since I came in can’t sit for a minute without being asked to do something. No one talks to each other very hostile environment. DONOT BOOK UNDER 45
Lloydspharmacy43 Long St, Wotton-under-Edge GL12 7BXIt is a busy branch with nice staff
Lloydspharmacy474 Bury Old Rd, Prestwich, Manchester M25 1NLFantastic staff. Although a busy branch, the staff are very friendly.
Lloydspharmacy47a Town St, Duffield, Belper DE56 4GG
Lloydspharmacy5 Greenside, Cleckheaton BD19 5ANWell staffed. Knowledgable staff. Counter staff need more training as all otc queries referred to pharmacist.
Lloydspharmacy5 Lutterworth Rd, Blaby, Leicester LE8 4DW
Lloydspharmacy5052 Chester, Sainsbury’s, Caldy Valley Rd, Great Boughton, Chester, CH3 5QJThis is very busy pharmacy with a lot of walk ins. There has been a serious staffing issue with no sense of regularity.
I arrived in the morning to find a lengthy queue and three days work of Rx not yet dispensed. The rest of the day was about playing catch-up.
There is no real leadership as a ‘supervisor’ and a technician have differing processes which can create a problem as neither wants to give way to the other.
Rxs seems to go missing and some bags are not shelved correctly so customers have to wait longer than they should.
Staff are friendly but are visibly suffering from the hectic nature of the shop, which is often cluttered and distracting. The staff are aware of the problem and were observed passing their grievances on to a manager.
At the moment this is a messy store with a lot of problem solving.
Lloydspharmacy518 Hagley Rd W, Birmingham, Oldbury B68 0BZTerrible in terms of selfchecking. Busy branch. Lots to check already on top of reds which you self dispense and check. No dispenser but two MCAs who didn't seem as if they even wanted to learn how to dispense.
Lloydspharmacy518 Hagley Rd W, Birmingham, Oldbury B68 0BZNo dispenser all day
Lloydspharmacy52-56 High St, Fort William PH33 6AH

Very busy and not organised
Lloydspharmacy53-55 Fieldhouse Rd, Humberston, Grimsby DN36 4UJComplete and utter mess.Baskets everywhere,no place to check as
no room,as workbench overloaded with baskets.Lots of mistakes especially with nomads.Manager wanted murs but place needed sortin out first!
Lloydspharmacy53-55 Fieldhouse Rd, Humberston, Grimsby DN36 4UJComplete and utter mess.Baskets everywhere,no place to check as
no room,as workbench overloaded with baskets.Lots of mistakes especially with nomads.Manager wanted murs but place needed sortin out first!
Lloydspharmacy531 Tong Rd, Leeds LS12 5ATDecentDecent
Lloydspharmacy55A Pennywell Rd, Edinburgh EH4 4TY
Lloydspharmacy56 Cowgate, Kirkintilloch, Glasgow G66 1HNReally good Saturday staff. Felt a bit much is left for them but nothing dangerously so.
Lloydspharmacy66 Middlewich Rd, Northwich CW9 7DABusy at times and 10/15 blue Rxs to deal with and dispense on the day too. But not too much work load can be easily managed.
Lloydspharmacy6612 Talbot Rd, 110 Talbot Rd, Blackpool, FY1 1DABusy pharmacy split between care homes upstairs and regular pharmacy downstairs. In the last year the regular staff have all apparently left due to some work-related grievances and the shop is now staffed with locums and staff from other shops. This can make the dispensing process difficult as there is no regularity.
This is compounded by the fact that there are ~100+ methadone patients daily. Although a Methameasure helps greatly, this amount of users is unwieldy and can lead to mistakes.
There may occasionally be another pharmacist that will work either the upstairs or downstairs.
Unless the reliance on locums and relief staff isn’t sorted, this place will remain hectic.
Lloydspharmacy6869 Old Swan, 23-25 St Olswalds Street, Liverpool, L13 5SAWell-staffed and who were friendly and helpful. Spent a short time upstairs checking care homes but mostly downstairs. Not too busy in terms of workload and walk ins are moderate.
Lloydspharmacy7 Argyle St, Heywood OL10 3RYMake sure you don't cross paths with the regular pharmacist irim. She loves to talk down to you and make you feel worthless and show authority. She's the sole reason for me rating the branch less and her attitudes are bullying in nature.
Lloydspharmacy7 Burford Rd, Carterton OX18 3AGToo much work left behind from previous week, loads of queries, a couple of Clinical errors undiagnosed and Not queried by regular pharmacist.
Lloydspharmacy7 The Parade, Purton, Swindon SN5 4BXGood branch. Staff morale very low as manager had left and work load increased. They were panicky and headoffice response was slow
Lloydspharmacy7 The Parade, Purton, Swindon SN5 4BXGood branch. Staff morale very low as manager had left and work load increased. They were panicky and headoffice response was slow
Lloydspharmacy7 The Parade, Purton, Swindon SN5 4BXAvoid. Once a great store, fallen to bits as no permanent staff. Avoid at any rate, not worth the stress.
Lloydspharmacy7 Worthing Rd, Horsham RH12 1SQLovely staff, lovely manager. Cristina the regular pharmacist is horrible and untrustworthy. The tiny busiest pharmacy you will find. They do 8,000 items a month in a very small space. Extremely cold too.
Lloydspharmacy8 Blandford Pl, Seaham SR7 7ELQuite a lot of pressure to do MURs (because of the little walk-in, the most I ve ever done were 5 in a day)

The manager (who s not a pharmacist) often gets involved in dealing with professional/ clinical queries and insists that I should do it his way - this can make me quite pressurised, stressed and I find it difficult to gather my thoughts.

The pharmacy has little walk-ins, very few OTC sales, about ~10 methadone/ buprenorphine a day, but has nursing homes and very many trays.

The manager is also an ACT.
Most days are all right, Fridays tend to be busier.
Lloydspharmacy8-14 Dubbs Rd, Port Glasgow PA14 5UAThe branch is pretty busy, can sometimes but understaffed.
Alot of addicts so make sure you negotiate a good hourly rate above average because the branch is a headache
Lloydspharmacy85-87 Willoughby Rd, Scunthorpe DN17 2DJReally busy on a Saturday shift. Short staffed as usual. Capable staff though but absolute tons of checking & stuff to do from meth, rxs, MDS, etc. Work relentless for one pharmacist so not for the faint hearted! Staff ok though one (main dispenser/supervisor I think) was a little bossy in trying to get most out of locum pharmacist but not rude in doing it. Would recommend only if you can manage very heavy workload & get a very good rate
Lloydspharmacy85-87 Willoughby Road, Scunthorpe, DN17 2DJ
Lloydspharmacy87-89 Holyhead Rd, Birmingham B21 0HH
Lloydspharmacy87-89 Holyhead Rd, Birmingham B21 0HHGood branch, staff are nice, quite a few methadones, patients are ok some quite demanding
Lloydspharmacy9 Badsley Moor Lane, Rotherham, S65 2QNPlease use this review not the previous one. Workload was unbearable. Walked into a huge backlog, many patients were coming and being told to come back later. I was also checking trays as the patient was waiting. Very stressful. Feedback about the regular pharmacist from the staff suggests she is lazy and doesn’t check was it urgent.
Lloydspharmacy9 Harras Bank, Birtley, Chester le Street DH3 2PEVery busy branch, too many cd's, methadone not poured in advance, some advance pick ups for 14 days. Negotiate for a high rate otherwise not worth it at all
Lloydspharmacy9 Orchard Rd, Darlington DL3 6JA
Lloydspharmacy9 The Parade, Oadby, Leicester LE2 5BBStore manager goes home early so doesn’t see the chaos that occurs in the afternoon- there is no full time qualified dispenser and the pharmacist has to work with students who are not competent in their work .The dispensary is disorganised and we frequently can’t find prescriptions . Frankly speaking I find it embarrassing to work in such an unprofessional store .
Lloydspharmacy9 The Parade, Oadby, Leicester LE2 5BBStaff are nice but patients are very demanding
Lloydspharmacy9 Townhead St, Cumnock KA18 1LEManic....staff pleasant but some questionable practices.
Lloydspharmacy9-10 Moray Park Terrace, Edinburgh EH7 5TSDingy and disorganised as no regular pharmacist. Nice staff.
Lloydspharmacy999 York Rd, Leeds LS14 6NXNot great, tensions amongst staff, low morale
LloydspharmacyAlison Way, Clifton Terrace, Winchester SO22 5DDBusy surgery based pharmacy
LloydspharmacyArdington Rd, Northampton NN1 5LTOnly 1 or 2 blue Rx. Too many walk ins. Had to stay an extra 20mins as too many people in shop still waiting for Rx to be made up and checked.
LloydspharmacyArrowe Park Hospital, Arrowe Park Rd, Birkenhead, Wirral CH49 5PECan feel short staffed/busy at times but the staff are great and make you feel at ease
LloydspharmacyArrowe Park Hospital, Arrowe Park Rd, Birkenhead, Wirral CH49 5PEGood branch. Free parking at hospital. Not too busy. Staff are great. Would definitely work here again but only at £30+
LloydspharmacyArundel Health Centre, Green Ln Cl, Arundel BN18 9HGWell managed branch with adequate staff. Right next to the surgery so queries didn't take as long to deal with.
LloydspharmacyBarnwood In Sainsburys, Barnett Way, Barnwood, Gloucestershire GL4 3RTGood branch
LloydspharmacyBarnwood In Sainsburys, Barnett Way, Barnwood, Gloucestershire GL4 3RTGood branch
LloydspharmacyBelmarket Site West, Kinmel St, Rhyl LL18 1DASome staff are very nice other's aren't so friendly. There can be a bad atmosphere / vibe which doesn't help with the huge workload, where you're expected to clear everything (regular scripts which are piled up at the back and waiters) despite it being your registration on the line. Wouldn't go back for any less than £500 a day. Not worth the stress and hassle and terrible work environment. Processes are bad and environment is also unpleasant due to some people. You're also expected to hand out every waiting prescription which is poor in a pharmacy which does so many items. Needs more staff and the technician should be checking some of the workload rather than processing scripts.
LloydspharmacyBrayford Quays, Newland, Lincoln LN1 1YALots and lots of methadone scripts. No time to write them up in the register. Rude manager talking to staff behind your back complaining.
LloydspharmacyCaen St, Braunton EX33 1AAReally good team and manager but its a shame the headoffice doesn't see how stressed the team is. Real let down when you see how hard they work to support the branch.
LloydspharmacyCaroline Square, 93 High St, Skipton BD23 1DADecent branch. Manager is relatively new and sometimes is evident her knowledge has gaps. Not what you expect from a manager. She is quite target driven and will want you to do as many MURs as possible. Had to refuse some as I was busy and some weren’t even MUR eligible
LloydspharmacyCattershall rd, Godalming GU7 1NJNot bad but on the day but have heard it is understaffed on weekdays, so needs better organisation to stay on top of workload
LloydspharmacyCentral Parade, 9 Badsley Moor Ln, Rotherham S65 2QN
LloydspharmacyChapel Lane, Wellington, Telford TF1 1SSA mix of staff. Generally unhelpful. I was basically dispensing methadone in this branch, everything seems disorganised , meds on the sink same as food, invoices and pharmacy waste. You need to be able to cope with disorganisation to work here . The rate was not commisurate as well.
LloydspharmacyCroxley greenVery messy and unorganised
LloydspharmacyCrystal Peaks Shopping Mall & Retail Park, Sheffield, S20 7PJThe branch is really busy. They have two ACTs. The manager is one of the ACTs. I was not greeted when I arrived in branch and spent 5 minutes finding someone to speak to. Eventually the manager appeared and was surprised their regular relief pharmacist wasnt in. She told me where I could put my jacket etc and then stood me at the checking bench for the day. She then disappeared to check Venloc because she didn't believe she got the rota wrong. She eventually asked me my name, and unable to say it, proceeded to call me a range of different names. I did tell her she didn't need to know my name, but it seemed, she wanted to call me all manner of strange names. I gathered (after talking to staff) that the branch has another level upstairs which is for dossettes and the ACTs deal with these. The manager asked if I was happy for ACTs to check and I said no. She was respectful of this (as far as I know) but later I heard her complaining to the regional manager and the locum coordinator about this. She also told colleagues that I wasn't letting her check and thats why things were slower. She seemed nice in the beginning, but became passive aggressive through the course of the shift. If I was booked there again, I would challenge her, but given the shift was only one day, I didn't think it would be worth it. The dispensary is small, and poorly run. I was told by the manager (loudly, across the dispensary) that I was messy -despite organising my work space with baskets for splits and prescriptions. When I told her the dispensary is badly run, she just laughed and told me to put the splits away (which I didn't do). I would advise newly qualified pharmacists to stay away from this branch, and only pharmacists who are assertive and able to challenge poor behaviour to work here.
LloydspharmacyElm Hayes Health Centre, Clandown Rd, Paulton BS39 7SFVery busy and chaotic store . Once i had to shut down due to lack of staff. So infamous it was in local news paper i was told by staff
LloydspharmacyEtherstone Ave, Newcastle upon Tyne NE7 7JWFriendly Staff, supermarket environment so counter fairly busy it’s OTC sales, prescription volume not high.
LloydspharmacyFenton Health Centre, Glebedale Rd, Stoke-on-Trent ST4 3AQ
LloydspharmacyFenton Health Centre, Glebedale Rd, Stoke-on-Trent ST4 3AQ
LloydspharmacyFenton Health Centre, Glebedale Rd, Stoke-on-Trent ST4 3AQVery bad staffing
LloydspharmacyFifth Ave, Harlow CM20 2AGOverall good. Slightly bossy staff so may need to overlook a few things
LloydspharmacyFoxes road, Newport, PO30 5ZBOverall it was a good shift, got quiet towards the end. Only a handful walk-ins towards the end late at night served through a hatch. Typical Sainsbury's Lloyds with no any drama.
LloydspharmacyGreenway Centre & Cafe, Doncaster Rd, Southmead, Bristol BS10 5PYDispenser/manager has an attitude the minute I walked in. Did not greet me even after me making an effort. Awkward working there.Workload is busy however manageable. Trained staff there. Organised and clean pharmacy. There was large notice saying pharmacist can not use phone. Having said that it's hard to get signal anyway. Wouldnt be my 1st choice going there again.
LloydspharmacyGresford Medical Centre, Pilch Ln, Huyton, Liverpool L14 6TTQuite unprofessional staff. But not enough staff for the high workload.
Alot of checking and you would be expected to check blister packs on the day for deliveries and walk-ins with zero notice. Hence customers/drivers waiting for blisters whilst you check. High level of errors and staff thought that spiolto respimat was just a foreign brand of spiriva.
Unbelievable really.
Be prepared to wear your sketchers because you won't be sitting around in this branch.
LloydspharmacyGresford Medical Centre, Pilch Ln, Huyton, Liverpool L14 6TTSound
LloydspharmacyGrove Farm Triangle, Enderby, Leicester LE19 1WTV rude. The don’t like locums. I told them I don’t know the system well and I’m not happy self checking. Got a call from the manager to say I have to self check (?!?!)
LloydspharmacyHallam Road, Stenhousemuir FK5 3BF
LloydspharmacyHallam Road, Stenhousemuir FK5 3BF
LloydspharmacyHaywards Heath, Bannister Way, Haywards Heath RH16 1DGThe branch is brand new and clean.
LloydspharmacyHempstead Valley Shopping Centre, Hempstead Valley Dr, Hempstead, Gillingham ME7 3PBGood support staff in the morning, maybe a member down in the evening. Overall a decent branch to work at!
LloydspharmacyHigh St, Flamborough, Bridlington YO15 1JXGood branch, manager is a dispenser who likes to tell you what to do... nice person though.
LloydspharmacyHigh St, Midsomer Norton, Radstock BA3 2DD
LloydspharmacyHigh St, Selsey, Chichester PO20 0QLWorked here on 2 occasions. On a weekday I enjoyed the shift. Dispenser was friendly and helpful and there was also an OTC member of staff. Staffing levels were fine for workload. In the last hour there is only the pharmacist and one OTC staff however store is very quite in the last hour so not really an issue. However, booked a shift again at the same store based on my first experience but for a Saturday instead and there was only myself (the pharmacist) and an OTC member of staff who on this occasion was the store manager. She expected me to dispense, label and check which I said I was not happy to do; her response was ‘well all my other pharmacists do it and that’s how we work on a Saturday’. Did not like her attitude from the start. She also handed me a pile of prescriptions to dispense and check which again, I was not happy to do. Also claimed she did not know how to use the system (ComPass) which I thought was absolutely ridiculous as all managers have to know how to use the pharmacy system. Overall, if you want to work here, take a weekday shift as it’s decent but don’t work weekends here.
LloydspharmacyHigh St, Selsey, Chichester PO20 0QLWorked here on 2 occasions. On a weekday I enjoyed the shift. Dispenser was friendly and helpful and there was also an OTC member of staff. Staffing levels were fine for workload. In the last hour there is only the pharmacist and one OTC staff however store is very quite in the last hour so not really an issue. However, booked a shift again at the same store based on my first experience but for a Saturday instead and there was only myself (the pharmacist) and an OTC member of staff who on this occasion was the store manager. She expected me to dispense, label and check which I said I was not happy to do; her response was ‘well all my other pharmacists do it and that’s how we work on a Saturday’. Did not like her attitude from the start. She also handed me a pile of prescriptions to dispense and check which again, I was not happy to do. Also claimed she did not know how to use the system (ComPass) which I thought was absolutely ridiculous as all managers have to know how to use the pharmacy system. Overall, if you want to work here, take a weekday shift as it’s decent but don’t work weekends here.
LloydspharmacyHough Green Rd, Cheshire WA8 4NJVery pushy staff when it comes to meeting targets.
Also if they realise you are good they will make you do all their blisters.
LloydspharmacyHunterfield Road, GorebridgeVery busy but good staff. The regular manager is approachable and helpful.
LloydspharmacyJohnson St, Stocksbridge, Sheffield S36 1BXBusy pharmacy, but well managed and good staff
LloydspharmacyJordanthorpe Health Centre, Dyche Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S8 8DJOverall a good branch, but very busy
LloydspharmacyKings Parade, King St, Cottingham HU16 5QQGood Pharmacy, well staffed, organised
LloydspharmacyKings Parade, King St, Cottingham HU16 5QQManager Kelly is really friendly and helpful but staff levels are always low at this branch. Have worked here previously about 3 times and it's the same those times as well. Usually just have a pile of baskets to check nothing too big and a steady stream of walk ins and occasionally have to do accuracy and clinical checks on off site dispensing but pretty straightforward
LloydspharmacyLegh St, Newton-le-Willows WA12 9NFVery rude staff. Didn’t introduce themselves and when they left, didn’t say goodbye. I was on my own in the dispensary for a whole hour at the start. I asked if the colleague at the front was a dispenser. She said ‘yeah but I haven’t dispensed and labelled for years I just work at the front counter’ I asked her to label and dispense a walk-in with several items and a CD on the rx whilst I serve the methadone patients and her reply was ‘no I don’t do that, the regular pharmacist does that herself for the first hour she’s on her own in the dispensary’ so I labelled and dispensed as well as self checked for the first hour and they were huge prescriptions with CDs on them. I also was dealing with blue rx patients too as it busy as soon as I entered the pharmacy. Next door was a medical centre. I didn’t agree with the pharmacist being on their own and the dispenser was making out that’s incompetant of me when I said ‘I don’t usually self check and it’s not safe’ she asked me ‘haven’t you labelled and dispensed before?, do you know know how to do it?’ I very well knew how to do it as I did my pre Reg with Lloyds but she didn’t understand I was trying to say ‘I don’t agree with self checking’ and she automatically thought I’m incompetant. So I told her labelling as dispensing is a dispensers job this shouldn’t be my job as I’m the pharmacist! So I was doing her job for her! Soon more staff members came in throughout the day and singled me out. They didn’t introduce themselves to me and kept putting baskets in front of me when I was already checking waiters. They were having a lot of conversations and laughing amongst themselves whilst the pharmacy had a shop full of patients in constantly and it was just constantly busy. Is it possible if you can take my feedback for preferred locums agency off and I changed my mind about them. I rated them, I think 7 last time? But I was unaware of how bad they were as I was manipulated by Ahmed a lot and he kept making me think they’re really good rates during summer when he kept getting me £23-25 during summer.i didn’t realise how bad they were until later. Coz I was still learning and I was a newly qualified in 2018 December. I recently quit them over a month ago but ahmed still kept booking me without my permission during summer and blackmailed me so many times ‘if you don’t turn up to the shifts I’ve booked you on, I will report you to gphc for the closure of pharmacies and I will also make sure my mate Liam (rota coordinator at Lloyds pharmacy) won’t book any shifts off you and he’ll have blocked you’ so since then Liam has blocked my venloc account and I haven’t still been paid from my shifts that I’ve completed with Lloyds. I tried to get it re-opened by joining new directions agency and so when they rang Liam to open my account so I can be a new directions locum, Liam denied them. I had left the preferred locum agency ages ago and I told Liam several times through email as well that I have no contact with them anymore either but Liam kept sucking up to ahmed and kept saying ‘it’s between you and preferred. I can’t re-open unless you have sorted it out with him’ when there was nothing to sort out as I had left them. Ahmed’s and Liam’s unprofessional relationship has affected me as there’s no reason for me to be blocked from Lloyds but it’s all Ahmed’s doing! This is my up to date feedback with preferred locums can you please delete the other one and replace it with this? As I was being too nice before with the feedback on them. Thank you
LloydspharmacyLower Hillmorton Rd, Rugby CV21 3AQWas 2 full time staff short. Spent day clearing work from previous days.
LloydspharmacyMarch, 26a Elwyn Road, PE15 9BFThis branch is extremely busy and in need of another pharmacist, the workload is inhumane, there are around 6 dispensers who dispense rapidly as their manager has told them they will get cake if they dispense a certain amount that day, this leads to clutter and mess and no where to stand in the pharmacy as there are just baskets piled up waiting for a check. There is all this checking alongside all the non-stop walk ins from the surgery. Not to mention most prescriptions (FRPS) are not ready because they are waiting for a check. They are all piled up which wastes more time as the dispensers spend ages trying to find the correct basket through all the mess which then leads to angry patients.
LloydspharmacyMarfleet Health Centre, Preston Rd, Hull HU9 5HHAn organized but very busy branch. There should be more staff and double cover needed at times
LloydspharmacyMiddlewich Rd, Nantwich CW5 6PHGood branch but staff can be lazy and inefficient. Higher workload for evening pharmacist.
LloydspharmacyMontpelier, Bath Buildings, Bristol BS6 5PTBusy bank holiday shift, attached to a surgery, lots of blue scripts ~ 30. Steady non stop day, with peaks occasionally throughout day
LloydspharmacyMontpelier, Bath Buildings, Bristol BS6 5PT
LloydspharmacyNew Health Centre, Mably Way Grove, Wantage OX12 9BNOverall staff didnt respect locums didnt really introduce or show locums around, bad working practices by supervisor who ignored my suggestions on the day 'she explained she has been a manager for over 10 years what ever i say goes' really heavy workload negative comments left on wall i.e locums please put splits away dispensars have enough to do. Branch doesnt instill me with confidence errors made by dispensars and pharmacists alike. In the first hour a error was bought back by the patient from a previous shift. Seems like the regular pharmacist lets the non pharmacist manager take the lead on important decisions which comprimise patient safety.
LloydspharmacyOutwood Park Medical Centre, Potovens Ln, Wakefield WF1 2PEThere is a carpark belonging to the surgery. The Pharmacy was attached to a surgery and was very busy. It had plenty of walk-ins and deliveries and methadone patients. Staff members were very friendly, helpful and hard working. They were very helpful in answering questions and helping when I was unsure about the protocols Lloyds use in their Pharmacy. The Pharmacy was very small and had a small checking area for the Pharmacist. I would definitely work here again even though it was very busy because the support staff were very good and hardworking.
LloydspharmacyPark Farm Rd, Folkestone CT19 5GA
LloydspharmacyRice Ln, Liverpool L9 1NLGreat Staff. However can be lazy at times. Work load depends on their back log but if done right should not be an issue. Manager is good, keeps them on their toes. Doesn’t/ didn’t push towards commercial goals on the days I worked there anyway.
LloydspharmacyRowcroft Medical Centre, Rowcroft Retreat, Stroud GL5 3BEStaff were lovely they were very stressed out but I was their double cover to bring down the wall. I can imagine it gets very hectic alone so negotiate accordingly
LloydspharmacyRoyton Health & Wellbeing Ctre, Park Street, Royton OL2 6QWNever used compass before 12k item store in full 15 hrs of opening with a new counter staff that wasn't allowed in dispensary. Had no login to computers didn't know where anything was and shop full of patients. Ended up hand writing labels and self checking until a dispemser came in at 5 pm to do something in the consultation room So still left alone with security guard and a shop full of people when asked for help response of dispenser was she was busy and that I have to work in the dispensary alone as that's just the way it is
LloydspharmacyRuncorn Old Town (PAS) Unit 5-6, Granville StThis branch is full of new staff who are "still training" so you are working alongside plenty of staff who know nothing apart from taking in prescriptions and shop floor sales which is frustrating. Make sure you know how to use compass as they don't know how to label either, you are pretty much left to do everything yourself. Manager will give you a list of things to do but theres no time to finish them as you are busy dealing with everything else staff can't do including walk-ins, finding prescriptions.
LloydspharmacySainsbury Penrith
LloydspharmacySainsbury’s Penrith, 1 Common Garden Square, Penrith, CA11 7FGKNot brilliant. Too pushy. Feel like breaking ethical decisions/ legal regulations in order to achieve commercial targets
LloydspharmacySainsburys, 111 Winterstoke Rd, Bristol BS3 2NSAverage attitude
LloydspharmacySainsburys, Haycocks Rd, Haverhill CB9 7YLDecent store. It felt like the regular staff didn’t want to do much considering they had a back log.
LloydspharmacySilksworth Ln, Sunderland SR3 1PDThere are no counter assistants (Everybody is trained to dispense). The counter is busy and it can tough for dispensers and myself to go backwards and forwards between counter and dispensary. There are quite a few "I want to speak to a pharmacist" queries. Item wise is busy as well.
However, the fact that the pharmacy is opened 8am - 9pm makes it easier managing the workload.
Colleagues are very helpful; they even offer to supervise methadone and ring surgery for queries if I m too busy.
In terms of the break, it can be difficult to take as the counter almost never gets quiet. So I just need to increase the waiting time.
LloydspharmacyStorrington 828, 1 North Street, Storrington, RH20 4DHBranch is in a village but store can get busy however, staff are very friendly and organised so store being busy is no issue at all as it is well managed. Store was very clean and tidy, staff are helpful and nice. Really enjoyed the shift, would definitely book for that store again. Free parking available on the same road as the pharmacy, just further down the road, a few minutes walk.
LloydspharmacyStorrington 828, 1 North Street, Storrington, RH20 4DHBranch is in a village but store can get busy however, staff are very friendly and organised so store being busy is no issue at all as it is well managed. Store was very clean and tidy, staff are helpful and nice. Really enjoyed the shift, would definitely book for that store again. Free parking available on the same road as the pharmacy, just further down the road, a few minutes walk.
LloydspharmacyStraiton View, Straiton, Loanhead EH20 9PWMake sure you know who you are working with. Most of the staff are great but I have been left to open up with someone who didn't know any passwords or how to operate computers, promised patients emergency supplies without checking with me, failed to hand out necessary pain medication despite clear instructions and threw away some CD Rx's!!
LloydspharmacyThe Forge Stockton Heath. Warrington WA4 6HNUnderstaffed. Company has drastically reduced staff hours and this is apparent with the extra stress and workload.
LloydspharmacyUnion Brae, Tweedmouth, Berwick-upon-Tweed TD15 2HBOne of my favourite branches
LloydspharmacyUnit 1, Sainsburys Centre, James Rd, Liverpool L25 5QAReally good branch with good staff.
Somewhat disorganised but walk-in wait times are realistic and no pressure to check within a certain timeframe.
Quite a laid back team.
LloydspharmacyUnit 22,Teanlowe Centre, Poulton-Le-Fylde, Lancashire, FY6 7DFVery busy pharmacy and could do with extra staff. The manager and staff were great however and i would go back again but not for lower than 30ph
LloydspharmacyWater lane, Farnham, GU9 9NJWorked on a Sunday in the Lloyds sainsbury's store with no dispenser. It was Christmas weekend. Had to dispense and self check loads of FP10 from urgent care centre plus many walk ins, CD balance, CPCS consultation. The two counter staff were extra helpful and nice to me. I wouldn't have scale through the day without them. They supported me and tried to help every single time.
LloydspharmacyWest Business Park, Sleaford Rd, Boston PE21 8EGStaff ok but cold in their interactions with locum. Short staffed, quite a few rxs going astray!
Really heavy workload & very constant throughout whole shift with no let up at all. Not sure if I'd want to work there again!
LloydspharmacyWest Business Park, Sleaford Rd, Boston PE21 8EGStaff ok but cold in their interactions with locum. Short staffed, quite a few rxs going astray!
Really heavy workload & very constant throughout whole shift with no let up at all. Not sure if I'd want to work there again!
LloydspharmacyWest Business Park, Sleaford Rd, Boston PE21 8EGStaff ok but cold in their interactions with locum. Short staffed, quite a few rxs going astray!
Really heavy workload & very constant throughout whole shift with no let up at all. Not sure if I'd want to work there again!
LloydspharmacyWest Business Park, Sleaford Rd, Boston PE21 8EGStaff ok but cold in their interactions with locum. Short staffed, quite a few rxs going astray!
Really heavy workload & very constant throughout whole shift with no let up at all. Not sure if I'd want to work there again!
LloydspharmacyWhitwick Rd, Coalville LE67 3FALloyds as a company are good to work for. I haven’t had staffing issues often when working at Lloyds. There is pressure to complete MURs but not in other areas such as checking/other pharmacist duties.
Lloydspharmacy 136 London Rd, Aston Clinton, Aylesbury HP22 5LBParking plenty of free parking as on a retail park. Staff where friendly, and welcoming mixed bag in terms of training and competence though found myself using the PMR pharmacy manager system a few times. Worked here once before covid 19 and had enough staff shift went smoothly and pleasant. Worked another shift during covid19 which triggered this feedback. Main issue was staff shortage, was only me and another dispenser only from 1:30 till 8pm which made the shift very stressful. Also a lot of queries and stock was being ordered but not coming in. I think without covid19 this is a very nice branch to work at and would recommend but during current crisis I would be careful due to staff shortages.
Lloydspharmacy Huntingdon In Sainsburys 5124 St Germain Walk, Huntingdon PE29 3FGParking caution!: Lots of parking space as in a retail park but you have to pay for parking via the ticket machine. Make sure you negotiate parking paid with coordinator or the store manager who kingly offered to pay my parking fee at end of they day. If I remember correctly it is £1.50 per 2 hours, staff kindly offered to take my money every 2 hours to put ticket in my car. Excellent pharmacist manager who I did not meet but spoke to over the phone. Worked here during early covid 19 lock down and the pharmacy manger had taken the initiative to create barrier at front of pharmacy for social distancing. Staff where friendly, well trained, helpful and welcoming. Most of the team has been at the same branch for years so shows staff have stuck around. Work load was busy due to covid 19 but with the correct team we managed. Would recommend and go back myself.
LloydspharmacySt Margarets Chase, Adj To Merchiston Surgery, Highworth Rd Swindon , SN3 4BF
Lloydspharmacy10 Glebe Farm Rd, Birmingham B33 9LZA rare quiet Lloyds branch. Only a couple methadones.
Lloydspharmacy10 Kilblain St, Greenock PA15 1SR

Lloydspharmacy101-103 High St, Prestatyn LL19 9APChaotic branch, staff can't find prescription having to re-dispense. Flustered and passive aggressive behaviour. Poor customer service in my opinion. Don't know if it was because of the pandemic but felt like that branch was going through a breakdown. Not safe at the minute (march time)
Lloydspharmacy102 The Commons, Prettygate, Colchester CO3 4NWBranch has a lot going on across 2 floors, you find yourself running between the two throughout the day
Lloydspharmacy11 Wharf Rd, Ash Vale, Aldershot GU12 5AZExtremely unfriendly branch. Dispensers were very rude and completely disregarded me for the whole day with not one word being said to me. I even tried to make conversation with them and they were just very blunt. One dispenser in particular was extremely rude and had major attitude problems. She was walking around banging everything on the tables and questioning everything I did
Lloydspharmacy113 Sneinton Rd, Nottingham NG2 4QLLots of blue scripts, some aggressive. Quite unorganised from the looks of it. Dispenser did say that prior to my arrival she had threats from patients.
Lloydspharmacy118 Shore St, Gourock PA19 1QZ
Lloydspharmacy121 Swindon Rd, Cheltenham GL50 4DPGood branch. Staff know what they are doing. No methadones. Busy branch though. Have to be used to high volumes
Lloydspharmacy123 Knaresborough Rd, Harrogate HG2 7LYWas an emergency locum, no one spoke to me all day and neither were they interested when I tried. One of the most untidy shops I have ever been too, there were constant near misses, and constant requests to reprint prescriptions. never again
Lloydspharmacy14 Oxford St, Walsall WS2 9HYnice and helpful staff
Lloydspharmacy15 William St, Redditch B97 4AJ
Lloydspharmacy16 Central Ave, Shortlees Rd, Kilmarnock KA1 4PSLlyods shortlees kilmarnock
Lloydspharmacy171 New Beacon Rd, Grantham NG31 9LJ
Lloydspharmacy18-20 The Green, Hasland, Chesterfield S41 0LJStaff are organised and friendly
Lloydspharmacy188 New Rd, Croxley Green, Rickmansworth WD3 3HDThe pharmacy was very understaffed. It was dispenser's 3rd day there and they did not know how to use the system. I also did not know how to use the system. They were very very behknd with scripts. A que of patients waiting for there prescriptions and none of them was dispensed. This was back in December 2019.
Lloydspharmacy196 Abington Ave, Northampton NN1 4QAUnderstaffed to be honest. Staff fill in for regular staff, but know where things are in that branch
Lloydspharmacy20 Market Pl, Spalding PE11 1SU
Lloydspharmacy24 Castle, New Cumnock, Cumnock KA18 4AH

Nice organised branch
Lloydspharmacy26 Bridgeton Cross, Glasgow G40 1BWSat shift - Saturday girls were well trained.
Lloydspharmacy28 High St, Malmesbury SN16 9AU
Lloydspharmacy29 Wynyard Rd, Hartlepool TS25 3LBDispenser manager got too paly, didnt know my name so referred to me as oi, not well recieved naturally, work load is too much, shop is chaotic, baskets all over the floor, constant stream of work, if I didnt negotiate the rate wouldnt be worth it at all. Would not probably go back.
Lloydspharmacy31 Victoria Rd, Dartmouth TQ6 9RTSuch a great team to work with. The customers aren't too rude in this area so the staff have a good relationship with most of them. The workload is constant but with little pressure. Don't get interrupted on your lunch break.
Lloydspharmacy37 Whitecross Rd, Weston-super-Mare BS23 1ENGood branch with supportive staff, Pharmacy Manager very good. Worked the weekend so wasn't as busy however they do care homes upstairs and we all know what that can be like.
Lloydspharmacy386 Linthorpe Rd, Middlesbrough TS5 6HAStaff were decent however workload super high. Plenty of checking and then a care home too along with trays etc. Normally a 2 pharmacist site however was only me on this particular day. Also due to coronovirus they did close for an hour during the day. I always take an hour lunch wherever I go and when I got back they said pharmacists only get 20mins break. I replied that I take an hour like it or not. Manager should really know better that a 20min break at this branch is unacceptable. Other than that staff were okay but would not go back for a rate any lower than 35fm at the minimum.
Lloydspharmacy43 Long St, Wotton-under-Edge GL12 7BXBusy but manageable, dispensers and store manager are great. Workload is on the upper end of what one pharmacist can do, occasionally may have double cover.
Lloydspharmacy441 Beechdale Rd, Nottingham NG8 3LF
Lloydspharmacy52 Earl St, Warrington WA2 7PWVery busy and short staffed
Lloydspharmacy52 Earl St, Warrington WA2 7PW
Lloydspharmacy59 Fore St, Chard TA20 1QANice staff but very busy
Lloydspharmacy69 High St, Grantown-on-Spey PH26 3EGVery busy branch.
Lloydspharmacy71 High St, Maybole KA19 7AB
Lloydspharmacy764 Anniesland Road, Knightswood, , City Of Glasgow, G14 0YUGood branch with heavy workload but little staff. High pressure and late nights
Lloydspharmacy782-786 Fishponds Rd, Bristol BS16 3TTVery understaffed with a very high workload and a lot of blue scripts. However the few staff that are there, are very friendly.
Lloydspharmacy8 N Marine Rd, Scarborough YO12 7PDExcellent branch, supportive staff, manager showed me around the Pharmacy before start of day which is a rarity these days. A fair few methadone patients needed preparing. They also supply trays to hospital/care home too. However the staff and manager were supportive all day and I had a good day working there and wouldn't hesitate going back. This branch is near the coast in Scarborough therefore you will need to pay for parking, please negotiate at time of booking
Lloydspharmacy82-84 Lea Village, Birmingham B33 9SDWould not recommend anyone working at this branch. Not only is it ridiculously busy with a huge workload, some of the staff are not pleasant at all (2 of the dispensers). I was spokenly to rudely and sharply, and baskets actually thrown in my direction to check. The atmosphere was tense and overall it was a horrible experience.
LloydspharmacyAlderman Road, 263 Alderman Rd, Glasgow G13 3AYPut it bluntly this branch is not worth reviewing, it's a death trap. Don't go
LloydspharmacyArrowe park hospitalGreat branch to work at, the manager has to be my favourite. She's currently holding that branch together.
LloydspharmacyAshburton, 8 North St, Ashburton, Newton Abbot TQ13 7QDSteady shop, with good supportive staff. Bit messy but didn't mind, parking cost around £4
LloydspharmacyBarton Yard, Whitecross Rd, Hereford HR4 0AGOne I work at regularly. (Worked when it was Sainsbury's since 1999)
LloydspharmacyBedgrove 448, 25-26 Jansel Square
Bedgrove Estate
HP21 7ET
Fantastic team to work with, everyone helps each other out to make sure patient needs are met.
LloydspharmacyBoston West Business Park, Sleaford Road, Lincolnshire, PE21 8EGVery high workload, traffic can get bad so had to leave pretty early in the morning. Branch supervisor was helpful when there, however many staff were in the process of leaving and subsequent shifts at the branch it was obvious they were starting to get overrun
LloydspharmacyBroadway Buildings Mostyn, Llandudno LL30 1YLThis branch isn’t too busy average about 7k items per month. The staff were lovely and very respectful. Will be happy to go here again.
LloydspharmacyBurntisland, 229-231 High St, Burntisland KY3 9AEVery busy branch, the type of branch which requires double cover everyday but gets it once a week. Staff supportive and help you, this is definitely one busy branch so please make sure you negotiate accordingly at time of booking
LloydspharmacyCambridge Heath Rd, London E1 5SDPoor review. Dispensers have common tendency to mis-use and abuse locum pharmacists whilst they sit there doing nothing and spend most of their time on their phone texting.
LloydspharmacyCumnock Health Centre, 2 Tanyard, Cumnock KA18 1BFThis branch is excellent, one of the busier branches I have been too but thoroughly enjoyed my day. Was welcomed by the Pharmacy Manager with a warm handshake who then showed me around, makes a difference. All of the team were great, easy to get on with and i had a good time in this branch. This is a very busy shop, however I would recommend this branch to other locums.
LloydspharmacyDrip Rd, Stirling FK8 1RA
LloydspharmacyDunkenny Square, 24 Dunkenny Rd, Glasgow G15 8NBLovely branch and only an 8.5 hour day so the time flies by, working with good people, this branch has less collections and a lot of trays that need checking, alongside a fair few methadone patients that need to be served. Overall this was a good day and I would happily work there again. Car parking is free.
LloydspharmacyElm Hayes Health Centre, Clandown Rd, Paulton BS39 7SFOne of the worst Pharmacies I have worked in, walked into a branch which has yet to label five days of prescriptions, was a genuine hellhole. No methadone left. Basics not being done right. patients also made false promises, constantly. Very dangerous working conditions and branch would be shut down had a GPhC inspector turned up.

In an ideal world I should have closed up shop however the rate was too good to care. I honestly questioned my my life choices after this shift
LloydspharmacyFamily Practice, Adj, Regent Rd BS3 4AT
LloydspharmacyGiffords Primary Care Centre, Spa Rd, Melksham SN12 7NYWas dangerous, branch was five days behind and unorganised, dossett trays were being dispensed on patient collection date. have been informed things have improved. staff was very good however not enough of them
LloydspharmacyGilmerton, 2 Ferniehill Rd, Edinburgh EH17 7ABAvoid, there is nothing else to say.
LloydspharmacyGrange Medical Centre, Seacroft Avenue, 999 York Rd, Leeds LS14 6NXOne of the worst days I've ever had as a Pharmacist which made me contemplate my life decisions. Just don't go.
LloydspharmacyGreenclose Ln, Loughborough LE11 5AS
LloydspharmacyHazel Grove In Sainsburys, London Rd, Hazel Grove, Stockport SK7 4AW
LloydspharmacyHeavitree Health Centre, S Lawn Terrace, Exeter EX1 2RXVery busy branch if working as RP, not so bad if double cover. Constant walk in and ExRx prescriptions alongside trays on some occasions. The staff are supportive and do help when they can, this branch at least 5 days behind on the day I worked. Parking is to be paid for in the cooperative car park, you need to book this in advance
LloydspharmacyHereford in sainsburys HR4 0AG
LloydspharmacyHough Green, WA8 4NJ This was an emergency weekend shift that was booked within 2 hours of shift start time. I didn't come across any issues during the shift and the staff were all courteous and professionals.
LloydspharmacyKelso, 36-40, Horsemarket, Kelso TD5 7HDVery busy branch even with double cover, non stop checking all day. However the team are very supportive and will help in any way they can. A lot of services as its the only Pharmacy around for miles. If travelling from Glasgow it can become a very difficult drive. There is a free car park 5 minutes behind the Pharmacy.
LloydspharmacyKeynsham Health Centre, St Clements Rd, Keynsham, Bristol BS31 1AGDespite the review. The staff is brilliant and very easy to get along with, also very supportive. Branch is behind but who isn't. They have a lot of tray patients that seem to be given to the locums and not their regular Pharmacists. Their tray system is also very laborious, will sometimes be given fully sealed trays with no splits or pils.

Pharmacy manager is also really good and supportive. In regards to weekend shifts, make sure you're comfortable self checking and working Compass as you may not have a dispenser available
LloydspharmacyKimberworth Park Medical Centre, Langdon Rd, Rotherham S61 3QH
LloydspharmacyKinghorn, 63 High St, Kinghorn, Burntisland KY3 9UWLovely branch in Kinghorn, Fife with good staff who are very supportive. Steady day and would work there again.
LloydspharmacyLondon Rd, Holmes Chapel, Crewe CW4 7AP
LloydspharmacyNeilston Road, 19 Neilston Rd, Paisley PA2 6LLExcellent branch, was greeted by staff member who showed me around. Good days work. Branch had a fair few trays that were checked by an ACT the day i was working, alot of methadones too however staff pour these using methameasure to then supervise. The team were lovely and i would definitely recommend this branch to other Pharmacists. Parking is shocking however, would get there in plenty of time in advance
LloydspharmacyNewsteads Dr, Whitley Bay NE25 9EXOverall a good branch with steady workload. You need to be prepared to work as a team and work in the way the staff are used to.Dont try to change things in any way as they are very set in their own procedures down to fine details.As long as you show willing and do plenty of murs and nms,keep the benches clear and let them believe they are boss you will be appreciated!But be not step out of line!
LloydspharmacyOkehampton, 31, 32 Fore St, Okehampton EX20 1HBVery busy branch who literally pestered for MURs all day, tough day if working alone but not so bad if working as double cover. Double cover isn't double cover though, if its a Lloyds Pharmacist they'll just mess around. Staff happy to help out, supportive and easy to get on with. Checked trays when I could to help out, on a high street, parking around £5
LloydspharmacyPenketh /6103 Honiton Way WA5 2EYBusy branch, rota coordinator seems to have no respect for locums and doesn't like it if you look like your not working for a second ie. Waiting for a script to finish being dispensed so you can check it. Constantly pressuring you to do OSD even when you are dealing with more urgent tasks ie. Checking scripts for patients waiting in shop.
LloydspharmacyShirehampton Health Centre, Pembroke Rd, Bristol BS11 9SBGood branch with good staff, did'nt inform of simple things however eg methadone patient came in shop, trays were also complete without prescriptions at times
LloydspharmacySidford Medical Centre, Sedemuda Rd, Sidford, Sidmouth EX10 9YLVery supportive staff but also very busy, a fair few trays to check in the morning. Then PAS prescriptions to check then constant walk ins. However I would work again and have done on many occasions due to the staff being really nice to work with.
LloydspharmacyTemple Hall, 222/224, Dunearn Dr, Kirkcaldy KY2 6LEVery busy branch, alot of methadone patients however at the time, my colleagues on the day supervised these. alot of MAS prescriptions too and services in general. Overall a very busy branch with alot of trays, branch closed for an hour between 1-2pm.
LloydspharmacyThe Forge Shopping Centre, Stockton Heath, Warrington WA4 6HNBranch super busy, needs another pharmacist to help with care homes (already another pharmacist upstairs). Not many walk ins but expected to check care homes. Mistakes easily being made by pharmacist and staff members.
LloydspharmacyTrinity Walk sainsbury's wf11qqReally quiet branch and friendly staff
LloydspharmacyUnit 1, Warren Court, Warren Ln, Leicester Forest East, Leicester LE3 3LW
LloydspharmacyUnit 53, 48 Goodhart Rd, Hull HU7 4EEAbsolutely appalling store to work at, Only one member of staff that was responsive kind and showed me around. Where the other staff are concerned, you are not made to feel welcome and the atmosphere about the place is torrid. I left the store feeling frustrated, torn and really upset. The staff do not acknowledge & are not responsive. Towards the end of the shift i asked the manager, was i a problem, she replied 'don't take it personal, i dont have time to chit chat all day' The reply i found bizarre because i didnt want chit chat, it was common & decent courtesy to be kind & at the very least acknowledge someone. I was made to feel invisible
LloydspharmacyUnit 53, 48 Goodhart Rd, Hull HU7 4EEAbsolutely appalling store to work at, Only one member of staff that was responsive kind and showed me around. Where the other staff are concerned, you are not made to feel welcome and the atmosphere about the place is torrid. I left the store feeling frustrated, torn and really upset. The staff do not acknowledge & are not responsive. Towards the end of the shift i asked the manager, was i a problem, she replied 'don't take it personal, i dont have time to chit chat all day' The reply i found bizarre because i didnt want chit chat, it was common & decent courtesy to be kind & at the very least acknowledge someone. I was made to feel invisible
LloydspharmacyUpton In Sainsburys 5252, Wirral, Cheshire, CH49 5LWVery friendly staff but severely understaffed for a busy branch. High workload
LloydspharmacyYardley Green Rd, Bordesley Green, Birmingham B9 5PUBooked via venloc as branch 1 min walk from my house. Nice staff - makes the work less tedious and time passes very fast.
Mackie Pharmacy1843-1845, Paisley Rd W, Glasgow G52 3SXStaff were confrontational and untrained and unprofessional. I would never work at the branch again
Mackie Pharmacy1843-1845, Paisley Rd W, Glasgow G52 3SXStaff were confrontational and untrained and unprofessional. I would never work at the branch again
Manor Park PharmacyBellmount Cl, Leeds LS13 2UPCrazy busy but a great environment. The staff makes this job enjoyable
Manor Pharmacy2 Barley Cl, Little Eaton, Derby DE21 5DJ
McGills Pharmacy65A Knollbeck Ln, Brampton, Barnsley S73 0TW
McGills PharmacyGreenfield Ln, Doncaster DN4 0TG
Medco pharmacy12 Hallowes Crescent, Hayling Road, South Oxhey , Hertfordshire, Hertfordshire, WD19 7NT
Medco Pharmacy12 Hallowes Crescent, Hayling Road, South Oxhey , Hertfordshire, Hertfordshire, WD19 7NT
Medco Pharmacy12 Hallowes Crescent, Hayling Road, South Oxhey , Hertfordshire, Hertfordshire, WD19 7NT
Medco pharmacyHallowes Cres, Watford WD19 7NT
Mersea Road Pharmacy358 Mersea Rd, Colchester CO2 8RB
Mi PharmacyPark Medical Centre, 164 Park Rd, Peterborough PE1 2UFVery hectic at times and sometimes 5 or 6hrs non stop queries on top of queries. Hard to work with just 1 staff member.
Midcounties Cooperative Pharmacy2 Wilsden Rd, Harden, Bingley BD16 1JPGood branch
Midcounties Cooperative Pharmacy83 Lichfield Rd, Walsall Wood, Walsall WS9 9NP
Morrisons Almondvale Shopping Centre, Livingston EH54 6HRCovered a very busy weekend shift from. For two hours of the day only had one member of staff in pharmacy! Workload was at least 2-3 days behind but despite this was still expected to carry out CD check. Counter assistant was inexperienced and needed constant support. Patients dropped in all day for complex consultations, OOH referrals etc. Queue of customers was about 10-12 waiting to be served all day with a 40 min wait for prescriptions/minor ailments. Expected to check nomads which were due that same day. Staff are nice and friendly, not their fault that they are short of staff but the shift could have done with a second pharmacist to clear the backlog. Felt like a very unsafe working environment.
MorrisonsAlmondvale Roundabout, Livingston EH54 6GBGreat place, great staff and well run
MorrisonsBroadway, Letchworth Garden City SG6 3TS
MorrisonsCharterfield Shopping Centre, Kingswinford DY6 7SH
MorrisonsEastwood (Southend), 188 Western Approaches, Southend-on-Sea SS2 6TYExcellent staff, no self-checking, everyone follows the SOPs religiously and puts patient safety at all times. Pharmacy shut one hour for lunch.
MorrisonsLivingston 2 - Almondvale Shopping Centre, Livingston EH54 6HRCovered a very busy weekend shift from. For two hours of the day only had one member of staff in pharmacy! Workload was at least 2-3 days behind but despite this was still expected to carry out CD check. Counter assistant was inexperienced and needed constant support. Patients dropped in all day for complex consultations, OOH referrals etc. Queue of customers was about 10-12 waiting to be served all day with a 40 min wait for prescriptions/minor ailments. Expected to check nomads which were due that same day. Staff are nice and friendly, not their fault that they are short of staff but the shift could have done with a second pharmacist to clear the backlog. Felt like a very unsafe working environment.
Morrisons4 Irvine Rd, Largs, KA30 8JR

Nice quiet branch. Organised.
MorrisonsRushton Avenue, Thornbury, BD3 7HZI have worked at plenty of other Morrisons branches, and those are all fine and I would gladly return to them. This Thornbury branch, however, due to the extremely rude and arrogant manager, I would never return.
MorrisonsW Langlands St, Kilmarnock KA1 2PYWay too much work enough staff but far to much to check for 1 pharmacist
Murray'sSt James Medical Practice, Malthouse Drive, Dudley DY1 2BY
Murray'sSt Mark's Rd, Tipton DY4 0UB
Nevison Pharmacy33 Orchard Head Ln, Pontefract WF8 2LYVery awful branch, always self-checking and no help from the pharmacy owners who are only interested in saving money. It takes them ages to pay you and they won't pick up their phones when you try and contact them regarding payment. Locums should AVOID at all costs.
Nevison Pharmacy33 Orchard Head Ln, Pontefract WF8 2LYVery awful branch, always self-checking and no help from the pharmacy owners who are only interested in saving money. It takes them ages to pay you and they won't pick up their phones when you try and contact them regarding payment. Locums should AVOID at all costs.
Nevison Pharmacy33 Orchard Head Ln, Pontefract WF8 2LYI would give this a zero but there is no option for this.I would give this a zero but there is no option for this. Ask for cash in advance. You WILL NOT get paid.
New Mill PharmacyPost Office, 6 Huddersfield Rd, New Mill, Holmfirth HD9 7JUBranch is based inside a post office, i was booked as an emergency locum on short notice, however had no warning I would be on my own all day. It is a very small Pharmacy based in a post office. you serve customers through the hatch. Basically i was landed right in it, they use ProScript.

Overall, the work load wasn't too bad and it was a steady day but in terms of recommending to other locums, i would say maybe.
New Mill PharmacyPost Office, 6 Huddersfield Rd, New Mill, Holmfirth HD9 7JUOverall nice staff small pharmacy average amount of work
Newport Pharmacy2 Market St, Newport SA42 0PHExcellent pharmacy and competent staff
Northwood chemists88 Main Road, Rugeley Town, Rugeley WS15 1DYThis is one of the worst assignments ever. The staff were very unfriendly and never spoke to me. They seemed very unhappy that I didn’t know their computer system although my locum profile shows all my experience with other systems.
A few days later Team Locum passed on an email saying I would not be rebooked. I felt unjustly treated
Northwood Pharmacy88 Main Road, Rugeley Town, Rugeley WS15 1DYThis is The unfriendliest and unhelpful bunch of staff I’ve ever come across . To make things worse, instead of helping me they stood around slagging off the absent store pharmacist, other staff, upper management. To be honest this isn’t the kind of company I’d ever work for, so disorganised themselves but with sky-high expectations of the locums.
Poor pay and no respect for the profession of pharmacy
Orestpharm96 Wimborne Rd, Bournemouth A member of counter staff has left and not replaced which means from 2pm to pm there will be just yourself and one member of staff in the shop.
The customers are generally rude and impatient. Recently had Columbus computer system and nobody had proper training. Locums are left high and dry
Paydens97 Canterbury Rd, Hawkinge, Folkestone CT18 7BSGreat branch, well staffed, covered a four hour shift. Would go back.
Pharmacy2UPharmacy2U Ltd, Lumina, Park Approach, Leeds LS15 8GByou turn up, the buzzer doesnt work so you cant get in unless someone lets you in (excellent security). No one bothers to come down to get you, even though they're expecting an locum and the buzzer doesn't work. You spend the whole day doing an ACT job, checking dosettes for 8 hours. Wouldn't recommend coming here unless you really love checking dosettes and nothing else.
Pharmacyworld45 Redhill Rd, Stockton-on-Tees TS19 9BXSome very dubious things going on here. Constant CD balance issues which ACT trys to cover up, staff using "vapes" in the dispensary, lots and lots of near misses, stock all over. Baskets piled up all over. An accident waiting to happen.
Pharmisense118 Adelaide St, Blackpool FY1 4LPStaff swear and are overworked and can take it out on patients.No organisation or manager.
Pharmisense118 Adelaide St, Blackpool FY1 4LPBy far one of the worst places. 8k item shop and negotiated rates seemed fair. However I was not aware that the branch had no staff. On arrival I was greeted by one regular member of staff who was fully competent. Got told she's leaving at 4, whilst the pharmacy remains open until 6. Locum dispenser joined us later on who was working until finish however we were both left to close. Which was bizarre considering, neither of us had worked there previously. To top it off, one of the owners retired gp popped in to scan a few scripts and left despite seeing the struggle. The branch has no regular pharmacist or manager, so I think you're constantly playing catchup this then results in dealing with angry patients. Definitely underpaid and overworked, not worth the rate and headache. Plus I dont think it was safe environment to work in. So definitely negotiate higher and check staffing.
Pillbox chemist17 David Rd, Slough SL3 0DB
Pillbox chemist22c Oakley Ln, Oakley, Basingstoke RG23 7JYStill have not been paid for either shift worked, and have not had any information to when I will be paid or any other form of clarity
Pillbox chemistThe Square, Wickham, Fareham PO17 5JQ
Priory PharmacyPriory Pharmacy, York, YO24Branch was good. Worked on the Sunday so not much needed doing. Well organised store
Ribble Pharmacy200 Miller Rd, Ribbleton, PR2 6NH
Riverside PharmacyBarnard Ave, Brigg DN20 8ASBusy but friendly branch based in a GP surgery, staff were supportive, i was booked as an emergency locum. The workload was non stop from beginning to end. Would go back if offered the opportunity. Alot of work and queries, branch used Analyst at the time.
Rosebank PharmacyGalgate Health Centre, Highland Brow, Galgate LA2 0NB
Rowlands96 Arundel Rd, Benfleet, Essex, SS7 4EFVery good branch giving the circumstances we are facing atm
Rowlands1 Middle Park Way, Bedhampton, Havant PO9 4ABNot the best of the environment and weird vibes from one of the staff first half of the day who probably fees like she's the one running the branch...the off-site dispensing handling was a bit messy but not too crazy. Team-work culture definitely missing as two dispensers couldn't be bothered to help out counter lady even when she was running around trying to serve shop full of people. Had to ask them to help out number of times. Felt sorry for the stressed counter lady.
Rowlands1 Salop Street, Daybrook, Nottingham, NG5 6HPOne worrying thing about this branch: staff tried signing patient up to NMS even though they’d had it before (a while ago). When confronted about this she said her pharmacy manager tells them to do this.
Rowlands1 The Cobbles, Station Street, Meltham, HD9 5QQStaff are used to doing things their own way, as they have a regular pharmacist who must be very laid back. An example: they try and measure Methadone out between them and don’t involve the pharmacist. Had to intervene to check it. Also senior dispenser can be rude at times.
Rowlands104 Sale Rd, Wythenshawe, Manchester M23 0BXsmall and quiet branch, a few blue Rxs, hardly any walk-ins.
staff is competent and helpful.
Very cold in witer!
Rowlands150 Bank St, Coatbridge ML5 1ETNice shop, staff were lovely and so were customers. I was allowed time to pray too
Rowlands153 Stoke Rd, Gosport PO12 1SEConstant stream of patients, consultations and checking but very well staffed. Just gotta make it clear to manager (an ACT), you don't take crap and you're not a pushover cos she might come across a bit pushy. She'll offer to help and ask first before doing the accuracy check. Rest of the staff are hard working and lovely.
Rowlands161 Marston Rd, Stafford ST16 3BS
Rowlands19 High St, Johnstown, Wrexham LL14 2SN
Rowlands25 Leicester Rd, Shepshed, Loughborough LE12 9DFVery busy store but staff are well trained
Rowlands27 John St, Penicuik EH26 8HNExtrememly stressful and dangerous shop. Very understaffed. At least 5 days behind with surgery scripts. Very high error rate ( I picked up 17 within the first hour!) Patients very frustrated and aggressive. A locum was assulted the day before I was there. The AM informed me it has failed inspection
Rowlands30 The Town, Dewsbury WF12 0RBGood branch, busy, next to a doctors surgery, would potentially recommend to other locums. Was however constantly unnecessarily pressured to carrying out services from start to finish. Found many errors in CD register too.
Rowlands323a Grimsby Rd, Cleethorpes DN35 7ESThe Pharmacy was spacious and had a good checking area for the Pharmacist. There was a carpark with space for the Pharmacist to park. There were shops nearby. The Pharmacy itself was big and clean and well organised. There was a consultation room and a small room in the back for staff to have lunch. The staff were friendly, helpful and hardworking. Never complained or harassed me to work faster. Good communication between staff and myself. They were open to questions and very helpful in answering any queries I had. The Pharmacy is connected to a GP Surgery and therefore was very busy. There were a few walk ins. CPCS was not in play as of yet but because it was connected to the surgery I wouldn't think it would be too busy with CPCS anyways. I had a 20 minute lunch break where the staff did not disturb me at all and when waiting times were increased I was kept in the loop. Was a very good experience to work there. The only issue I had was with the drive to Cleethorpes. As it was 85 miles from where I am based it was a long trek and very tiring. For this reason and because it is a busy Pharmacy I would negotiate accordingly if I were to work there again. All in all a good experience.
Rowlands33 Rhyl Coast Rd, Rhyl LL18 3RDGood branch. Lovely staff. A lot of new staff taken on so they are slightly behind on scripts
Rowlands34 High St, Lyndhurst SO43 7BGWasn't informed that there would be no dispenser on the day. I did have 2 counter assts. Having lost pharmacist manager and long-time dispensers earlier this yr, the management was not great. Lucky they use proscript and patients understood why the waiting time was bit longer than normal.. Not the best experience for my first shift in rowlands but other companies have been much worse. Wish the hardworking of the pair, Nikki, all the best!
Rowlands3a Lakeland Court, Wood Street, Middleton, Greater Manchester M24 5QJGood0
Rowlands48 W Princes St, Helensburgh G84 8UG
Rowlands60 Portland St, Lincoln LN5 7LBLack of team work, leadership in branch
Rowlands93 Kingsmills Rd, Wrexham LL13 8NN
Rowlandsa Richmond Terrace, Carmarthen SA31 1HE
RowlandsAllt Goch Health Centre & Pharmacy, Lon-y-becws, Flint CH6 5UZUndetsaffing is the main problem. Needs a strong personality
RowlandsBevan Way, Sheffield, S35 1RNWorkload is very high, staff constantly download prescriptions and dispense them, you don’t get much of a chance to catch up.
RowlandsBirchwood Medical Centre, Northmead Dr, Creekmoor, Poole BH17 7XWWorked with a dispenser who only did Saturdays there. Had queue of people out the door throughout the shift. Branch was understandably couple of days behind on scripts considering the patients/customers rush and covid 19 panic. Had to ask the dispenser not to rush and panic when I saw her visibly stressed with a bit of reassurance. Increased the wait time and informed everyone. Most were understanding enough. Just glad it didn't get to a point where we had to shut. Not the most well-spaced and arranged branch. Thankful it was a dispenser and not a counter asst on the day. Overall, one of the busiest 4h shift ever.
RowlandsBranch 1185 m, 332-334 Wakefield Road, Huddersfield, HD5 8DQ
RowlandsCaptain French Surgery Old John Boste Club, Gillinggate, Kendal LA9 4JEStay away until they're taken over
RowlandsChadwick St, Greasby, Cheshire CH46 7TEStaff all very polite and friendly, given 30 minutes uninterrupted paid lunch, was reminded quite often about 2 MUR target however in spite of workload
RowlandsChapelfield Medical centre, Wombwell, Barnsley, S73 0AJVery high workload, feel drained by end of shift!!!!
RowlandsColeshill St, Holywell CH8 7RS
RowlandsCrookhorn Lane, Purbrook, Waterlooville, Portsmouth PO7 5XPOne very rude lady. Apparently quite a few locums stopped coming back to work there because of her. As long as you are confident and assertive, you'd be alright. Otherwise, you are gonna be in for a hell of a day. Managed a v.good rate from opening but thought i should've probably asked for £5/h more 🙂
RowlandsGreenfield Ln, Doncaster DN4 0PT
RowlandsLeam Lane, Gateshead NE10 8XN
RowlandsLower Cardiff Road, Pwllheli, Gwynedd, LL53 5NFYes
RowlandsMedical Practice Huddersfield Road Lees, Oldham OL4 3BPAn ok branch depending on the day of week.
Not many walk-ins comsidering it's part of a surgery but quite a few blisters to check.
Slightly disorganised but fairly relaxed.
On a Saturday, you may want to take the BNF (other reading material exists) or take some paperwork to complete as very quiet.
RowlandsMedical Practice, Wilsden, Bradford BD15 0NJGood
RowlandsOrford Park, Orford, Warrington, Cheshire WA2 8AG
RowlandsPen-Y-Maes Health Centre, Beech St, Summerhill, Wrexham LL11 4UF
RowlandsPrimary Care Centre, 16 Union St, Heckmondwike WF16 0HHHigh item store, friendly staff however manager can be very rude and abrupt to pharmacists and staff.
RowlandsRowlands Pharmacy
43 Rhosddu Road, Wrexham, LL11 2NS, Wales
Great little branch
RowlandsRowlands Pharmacy
62 Grove Road, Wallasey, CH45 3HW, England
RowlandsRowlands Pharmacy
Chadwick Street, Wirral, CH46 7TE, England
RowlandsRowlands Pharmacy
Compton House, High Street, Llanberis, Caernarfon, LL55 4EU, Wales
RowlandsRowlands Pharmacy 8 Leeds Rd, Hipperholme, Halifax HX3 8NDThe Pharmacy is on a busy main road but does have a carpark across the road and a Tesco for food/drink. It was average sized, they had a consultation area and a small area for the Pharmacist to check Rxs. There is only one methadone patient and much of the work is through delivery. There are a few walk ins throughout the day. I was working with one staff member throughout the day who was late in arriving and opening the Pharmacy. They were very helpful and friendly however. The Pharmacy was not every busy. I had time to sit down and have my lunch (20 min) uninterrupted. There were no issues working here. I would work here again as it is near to my home but as it is a very quiet Pharmacy it may not be to every pharmacists taste. The staff member made a huge difference in my experience. She was very friendly and open and lively to work with.
RowlandsSt. Laurence's Medical Centre, Kirkby, Liverpool, Merseyside L32 9QU
RowlandsThe Medical Centre, Off, High St, Ruabon, Wrexham LL14 6NHWorked at the branch as a dispenser during uni, the staff remembered. It was lovely to go back as a pharmacist. Well organised, running off locums currently but you would never know. Manager is just brilliant, the women are a good laugh, well organised and very welcoming. Busy branch attached to a surgery however during the pandemic I think footfall has reduced.
RowlandsThe Penwortham Health Centre, Cop Lane,, Penwortham PR1 0SR
RowlandsUnit 12 Regents Way, Dalgety Bay, Dunfermline KY11 9YD
Rowlands66 Richard moon street Crewe cw1 3axThe branch is very busy . Not enough staff, had 2 locum dispensers in and even with 2 pharmacists still busy and ppl queuing out the door at times. Old manager left the branch messy eg No CD balance checks done in the previous 6months. Wasnt happy with the rate considering the workload. Area manager came one day but did not rectify the CD registers. Pharmacist also needs to be accredited / validated in doing pill pouch- have to get login details for moodle which takes forever to come and therefore a weekly issue ln the mean time
Rowlands(1094) Strathmore, 28 chester road, Wrexham, LL11 2SAIt's a very busy shop. workload is non stop, however the staff are nice and friendly which makes the difference.
Rowlands1 Henley Ave, Oxford OX4 4DHTwo weeks behind and no manager
Rowlands1 Leslie Rd, Saint Helens WA10 3EQBranch was a very steady branch with some busy periods. Had enough staff to deal with anything. Would go back again.
Rowlands101 Ecclesall Rd, Sheffield Staff needed to be carried. Wanted pharmacists to dispense and serve at the counter. Short staffed
Rowlands1642 Balls road, birkenhead, CH43 5REThis branch is dangerous!!waiting time just to be served is 30-40mins and then waiting for their prescription could be another 30mins depending on size of prescriptions. There is a lot of staff but only 2 are competent. If your not working with the competent staff your in for the worst day. This store is always busy but in the last 3 months it has gotten much worse and does not seem to be getting better anytime soon. Blister are not organised so quiet a few blisters prescriptions are being ordered made, checked and handed out on the same day.
Rowlands19 Hunter St, East Kilbride, Glasgow G74 4LZ

Organised branch
Rowlands22 Moss Delph Ln, Aughton, Ormskirk L39 5DZReally bad branch to work at. No manager. Scripts missing. Numerous duplicate scripts. Really busy and customers very rude.
Rowlands25 Leicester Rd, Shepshed, Loughborough LE12 9DF
Rowlands27 John St, Penicuik EH26 8HN
Rowlands32 Market Street, Aberdeenshire, AB41 9JDUnorganised. Days behind on the workload. Not enough staff and no time for a proper break without the staff constantly at your back
Rowlands323a Grimsby Rd, Cleethorpes DN35 7ESGood
Rowlands33 Rhyl Coast Rd, Rhyl LL18 3RDUntrained staff, pretty clueless. Expect to have to delegate and take control often!
Rowlands40 Ball's Rd, Birkenhead, Prenton CH43 5REvery busy and at the moment the shop is going through a big change of staff. currently it has incompetent staff which makes the workload a lot worse
Rowlands55 Clerk Street, Loanhead, Midlothian EH20 9REMyself and a Locum Dispenser on a weekend, although inadequate staffin, the workload was not bad and all targets set out in the morning were met by closure.
Rowlands72-74 Ballindean Rd, Dundee DD4 8NU
Rowlands83 High St, Forres IV36 1AA

Not well staffed can be chaotic at times
Rowlands9 Hairst St, Renfrew PA4 8QUOnly two members of staff on duty with only one member in the dispensary who was a student who didn’t know the PMR fully. Over lunch it left me on my own in the dispensary for two hours.

Not all the work left was able to be completed as it was a bank holiday weekend so I had several emergency supply consultations. Other professional services took time too.
RowlandsCaptain French Surgery, Old John Boste Club, Gillingate, Kendal LA9 4JEHealthcentre pharmacy. Parking at the back within healthcentre car park. Steady work but customers polite and staff pleasant. ACT checked most trays. 20 mins lunch interval rarely interrupted. Consultation room with computer with PMR. Didn't like the fact they put CDs in a lot of blister packs which are done in advance. (pharmacist checks those blister packs). 1 or 2 FP10MDA Rxs.
RowlandsHigh St, Swindon SN1 3EGStaff are nice but short staffed
RowlandsKing's Rd, Bradford BD2 1QGVery behind and only getting worse. Company dont seem to care. Bordering dangerous
RowlandsLeigh View Medical Practice, Bradford Rd, Tingley, Wakefield WF3 1RQThe Pharmacy itself is very large, it has plenty of space to move around, the checking area is large and spacious and it has a consultation area for customers. There is also a carpark. It is connected to a surgery next door and therefore it is a very busy Pharmacy. There were six staff members on with me during my shift, however, only two were actually working. The front was constantly busy, people were queuing out the door many times throughout the day. The phone was constantly ringing and staff never answered even when they weren't doing anything. There were many errors and mistakes I picked up during checking prescriptions but when mentioned to staff members they were either uninterested or found it offensive. Waiting times were constantly up to half an hour, sometimes longer. Some staff were friendly enough but not very helpful. I was basically checking prescriptions, bagging them, going out, handing them out and repeat. I was also constantly pressurised to perform MURs which was extremely unpractical seeing as how busy we were. Obviously with the long waiting time and staff not greeting all customers as soon as possible, customers were extremely irate and whilst handing out Rxs I got the brunt of their bad tempers. I had a 20 minute lunch but because we were so busy I only had time to sit for ten minutes before going back to work. I may never work here again even if I was paid a higher rate and if there was a second Pharmacist on duty with me. Frankly it isn't worth the stress or pressure.
RowlandsLeigh View Medical Practice, Bradford Rd, Tingley, Wakefield WF3 1RQA lot pressure put on my the dispensing manager to hit at at least 2 MURs per day in the busy pharmacy. When I told her ‘I’ll see if the patient requires one and if I have time’ she became abrupt and raised her voice saying ‘no, you will do them’. During the course of the day they tried putting patients into the consultation room without asking me. There was another older dispenser working there who was condescending to any decisions made by myself. There was a lot of ill talk about other Locums and the previous manager that worked there.
RowlandsNew Queensway Medical Centre, Olympic Way, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire NN8 3QEDecent place nice staff
RowlandsQueens Buildings, 6, Queensferry Rd, Rosyth KY11 2RABusy, counter staff was lovely. One of the dispensers was a bit off
RowlandsRowlands Pharmacy Shipley Health Centre, Shipley, Yorkshire, West Yorkshire BD18 3EGThis Pharmacy had a carpark and there was an Asda nearby to buy food and drink. The Pharmacy itself was large and had a checking area for the Pharmacist and a consultation area. It was raining when I arrived. I was five minutes early and there was a staff member inside so I knocked on the door. I was not let in and I waited five minutes in the rain. Another staff member who was sitting in a nearby parked car came out and then let me in. They did not introduce themself and when I gave my name replied "We'll just call you Boss because you're only here for today". Both members of staff were very unfriendly and ignored me throughout the whole shift. I was told to just start there and was directed to a checking area filled with baskets. Whenever a patient requested to speak with the Pharmacist I was not informed or called and the staff decided to deal with the issues themselves, even an emergency supply at one point, which when I told them that that would be done after I had spoken to the patient myself was faced with both staff members being very condescending and patronising. I found their attitude very rude and nasty. The Pharmacy itself was very busy with walk ins and methadone patients. I wouldn't care to work here again purely based on the attitude and behaviour of the staff there.
RowlandsThe Coach House, The Roe, Saint Asaph LL17 0LU
Sai PharmacySai Pharmacy/150-152 High St N, East Ham, London E6 2HTGood overall but underpaid
Scorah Chemist169 Councillor Ln, Cheadle SK8 2JEGreat pharmacy. The manager is back and has organised the flow correctly and staff know what they are doing. Really good for a locum.
Shah’s Pharmacy 69 Valley Rd, Liversedge WF15 6DL
Shah’s Pharmacy69 Valley Rd, Liversedge WF15 6DLStaff did not have keys to open the pharmacy waited for an hour outside in cold. Deducted £2/hour for not doing MUR as it was dead quite in terms of walk ins beside being agreed to pay full amount without services.
Shah’s Pharmacy69 Valley Rd, Liversedge, Wakefield, WF15 6DLParking was available right outside store. Branch was a little late opening. Pre-Reg was very experienced, showed me around and explained what to expect for the day. Walk-ins weren’t very busy & there weren’t many repeats to check either. Deliveries were the main priority- they deliver to high volume of patients. Quite a few OTC queries but all manageable. All staff were competent especially Pre-Reg.
Shanti pharmacy160 St Helens Rd, Bolton BL3 3PHVery disorganized. Very claustrophobic. The non-pharmacist manager/owner will expect you to do as they say. Don't really care for your opinion and would expect you to bend over backwards for customers even when the requests are somewhat unacceptable. Upon disagreeing with the manager be prepared to have zero communication.
Late hours and poor pay.
Avoid, avoid, avoid.
Even the surgery has issues with the pharmacy and owners.
Not a good independent.
Shelf Pharmacy14 Carr House Rd, Halifax HX3 7QYExcellent branch from top to bottom, a family independent Pharmacy. all the staff are wonderful and I wouldn't hesitate for a second if I had the chance to work there again.
Shires Pharmacies150A White Ln, Sheffield S12 3GHBusy but organised
Smart Pharm Ltd803 Harrow Rd, Kensal Green, London NW10 5PAordering system complicated. Branch and hub dispensing- I had to check all
South Side pharmacy79-81 Nicolson St, Edinburgh EH8 9BZAvoid at all costs. This pharmacy is a train wreck. Owner is more interested in money transfers and selling cosmetics. The place is so delapidaded it should be condemned. They gather rubbish down in the massive celler instead of paying for a refuge company to take the bin bags away.
Stewart PharmacyStewart Pharmacy, 55 High St, Stewarton, Kilmarnock KA3 5BPExcellent branch, from start to finish, the Pharmacy owner pre-warned me of road closures which came in handy. The staff in branch were lovely to work with and I would definitely go back there, the branch also closes for an hour lunch so the day doesn't feel as long. Had an ACT during the day I worked who checked the dossett trays. good parking outside and a newsagents close by available for lunch too.
Superdrug 205 Grange Road, Birkemhead, Wirral, CH41 2PFAt least one member of staff in all day (but it doesn't sound like there is anyone else in with you at all if you book a weekend shift!). Mostly well organised, on top of the workload.
Superdrug18a Westmorland Shopping Centre, Kendal LA9 4LRNice branch, small workload, friendly staff. The only negative is due to only being with a dispenser and counter assistant, when the dispenser was making up trays, the counter assistant would pick stock. I then had to label and sticker up. I refused to do big scripts like these and they where very understanding. The branch is extremely quiet. The busiest time was during the morning with the afternoons being dead. Parking within the shopping centre is only a £1 before 9am.
Superdrug23-25 Toll Gavel, Beverley HU17 9AAIt's a Superdrug, one member of staff who was an ACT, she was kind, helpful and supportive. Branch is steady but can get busy at times if there are problems. Would check at time of booking if you'll have staff on the day. No free parking around the area so would negotiate at time of booking.
Superdrug30-31 Hertford St, Coventry CV1 1LFMore than 50 methadones
Superdrug7-9 Piccadilly, Manchester M1 1LYWorst pharmacy I have ever worked for, zero staff available, rude regional manager that threatens to report you to GPhC if you raise concerns about under staffing, overall would not recommend to any locum regardless of rate
Superdrug76 Mostyn St, Llandudno LL30 2SBPleasant staff, however lack of them. Store manager informed me of staffing level at the start of the shift. Was supposed to expect a dispenser at 10.30 but no show, has been going on for some time. Only ran on 2 members of staff (dispenser and counter assistant) plus pharmacist. Refused to self-disepense and self-check, you most probably won't get booked again.
SuperdrugUnit 28 Broadwalk Shopping Centre, Wells Road, Knowle, Bristol BS4 2QBBranch is excellent, a Superdrug Pharmacy which has real staff who are good and supportive. I would recommend this branch to locum Pharmacists. Pharmacy has a fair few dossett tray patients, not too many methadone.
Superdrug18 Greengate St, Stafford ST16 2HSLow work load. But you will be asked to start dispensing even asked to make a tray which I refused. Serve on the till aswell?
Superdrug21 Albion St, Derby DE1 2PROk
Superdrug22-24 King St, Bridlington YO15 2DQIt’s not the best place to work . Not allowed your phone . You are searched but yet left alone to run counter snd dispensary
Superdrug3-5 paternoster square EC4M 8ABPharmacy only does superdrug online doctor therefore work load is low and enough for just a pharmacist thus no other staff is required. The regular pharmacist/ manager is very helpful, she calls Locums a week before to go through all the details of the pharmacy leaves helpful hand over notes and her phone number for any problems. Contacted her a few times during shifts she has responded promptly and is always helpful to solve issues and answer queries. However most of the day there is little to no work to do and the superdrug manager tends to treat pharmacist’s as a regular member of shop floor staff she is rude and inconsiderate, while taking a phone call from an online dr she thinks the pharmacist is doing nothing and give snarky remarks to carry out regular till sales when she should just put her own shop staff there. She also likes to listen in to shop floor consultation and makes surprised facial expression when telling patients there conditions are better treated by a prescription online medicine and to therefore see a doctor I have learnt this is due to the fact their pharmacy till sales are low I should sell anything to just make a sale. Easy place to work and can get very quiet.
Superdrug9-10 Market Pl, Nuneaton CV11 4EEVery quiet store and well staffed
SuperdrugOvergate Shopping Centre, Lower 24, DD1 1UF

Busy branch. Organised.
Superdrug7-9 Piccadilly, Manchester M1 1LYNone of the staff were trained. I completed 10 ehc consultations in one day. I kept having to tell the counter assistants to watch the counter as they wanted to dispense. I finished 20 minutes later than booked while I waited for a manager to close up pharmacy and to sign me out/search me at end of day.
Swettenham PharmacyFPP41 95 Kingsway, Newton, Chester, CH2 2LJVery polite, helpful and well-trained staff. Enough to keep branch running safely and effectively, were able to answer all the questions I had and were handy with the kettle. Staff at other local branches willing to help if we had any other questions or issues. Closed for lunch and not disturbed for any work related issues. Hope to be invited back.
Tamworth Pharmacy146 Masefield Dr, Tamworth B79 8JAStaff open store on weekend to catch up on workload with an RP present.
Tesco1 The Square, Notley Green, Great Notley, Braintree CM77 7WWStaff are lazy.
Tesco7 Broughton Road EDINBURGHReasonably quiet but a dreadful PMR system which makes for a stressful shift. Most of the staff don't seem to know how to use it and those that do claim it cannot be relied on as it cancels owings, drops items from patients histories and doesn't always order stock. Some staff seem badly trained and helpless. In particular keep an eye on OTC sales, I had to stop a few that were incorrect.
Tesco796 Cranbrook Rd, Ilford IG6 1HY
TescoBelle Vue Way, Hartlepool TS25 1UPStaff on Sunday is an absolute angel. She loves the customers.
Very supportive a delight to work with and an antidote to some other branches in the group. She is busyish Otc but we coped adequately.
TescoBiscay Way, Wath upon Dearne, Rotherham S63 7DAThe branch had adequate levels of staff during the morning shift, however they still wanted you to dispense/label pick stock answer the phone. When telling them I don’t dispense they got really annoyed and said it’s your job, and the regular pharmacist does it. The technician complained to the store manager (non pharmacist) who got really rude and aggressive towards me and said we don’t want people like that working here. Customer service was awful giving up 1-2 hour waiting times even though the workload was manageable.
TescoBransty Row, N Shore Rd, Whitehaven CA28 7XYTesco is not concerned about patients, its all about the profit.
TescoBransty Row, N Shore Rd, Whitehaven CA28 7XY
TescoBransty Row, N Shore Rd, Whitehaven CA28 7XYquiet branch
TescoBransty Row, N Shore Rd, Whitehaven CA28 7XYquiet branch
TescoBristol Rd, Quedgeley, Gloucester GL2 4PFGood
TescoBryant Ave, Romford RM3 0LLNot great
TescoCounty Ln, Warfield, Bracknell RG42 3JP
TescoEast Rd, Northallerton DL6 1NPFriendly and helpful manager and don't have to self check can leave for pharmacist the next day
TescoLong Causeway, Farnworth, Bolton BL4 9LSThis store leaves the locum without staff from either 5pm or 7pm till 1030 and the locum is expected to self dispense and check, and also deal with queries and till purchases alone. Not doable for locum with little experience working for tescos
TescoPenrhos Industrial Estate, Penrhos, Holyhead LL65 2UH
TescoPenrhos Industrial Estate, Penrhos, Holyhead LL65 2UH7/10
TescoPinchington Ln, Greenham, Newbury RG14 7HBPharmacy Manager is a friend. Pharmacy is a bit of a mess with staff shortages.
TescoSt. Oswalds St, Liverpool L13 2BYStarted just with one staff in morning which wasn't enough and many walking prescriptions turned up. So wasn't a good staff level to begin with, then after an hour another staff came which became batter. But during the shift staffs were not very accurate in dispensing and made lots of mistakes during dispensing which I picked up during the final check. One of resident pharmacist turned up for shift but manner wasn't good towards me from beginning !
TescoTavistock Rd, Launceston PL15 9HGFriendly and effective manager. Excellent support staff. Lunch hour!
TescoThe Loom, Derby St, Leigh WN7 4BANo qualified staff were present. The only one that was present for only Three hours. The technician Kept complaining about others. On Saturdays Locums have to work Five Hours by themselves (from 5pm to 10pm). If you asked for a staff, reply is "Tesco's can't afford it". Very poorly managed branch and the Manager never likes to clear EPS, always leaves for the Locums to check and prepare them.
TescoViaduct St, Huddersfield HD1 1RW
TescoW Dyke Rd, Redcar TS10 2AAGood branch,organised.Good manager.Steady eddy branch
TescoWarwick Rd, Carlisle CA1 2SBVery busy branch. Lovely staff.
TescoWirral Park Rd, Glastonbury BA6 9XEPharmacy very quiet most of the day - nothing to do for half of the shift.
Tesco1 Glover Dr, Upper Edmonton, London N18 3HFA lot of dispensing assistants in the dispensary with their backs to the counter, "doing paperwork". Apparently, it is the locum's job to man the tills, dispense, self check , do murs and nms. Staff can be quite rude and cliquey. Gave them the benefit of the doubt and returned for another shift after giving the manager some feedback but things were worse than first shift. Avoid if you can. Very disorganized and unhelpful branch.
TescoAskham Bar, Tadcaster Road, York YO24 1LW
TescoChester St, Ponterwyl, Mold CH7 1UB
TescoFullbridge, Maldon CM9 4LE
TescoGallagher Park, Doncaster Rd, Scunthorpe DN15 8GRNice quiet branch issue is staff training and non cooperative unprofessional behaviour, if staff do their job properly, get trained and behave professionaly branch will become much better.
TescoGateford Road, Worksop, S81 7APThey have an ACT but she only checks when the pharmacy manager is there i think. Ridiculous workload, staff don’t let you catch up, they constantly download, print and dispense EPS scripts. This pharmacy has got a lot busier because another nearby closed. Staff are nice enough they just don’t let you catch up.
TescoPenrhos Industrial Estate, Penrhos, Holyhead LL65 2UHGood
TescoThorne Rd, Edenthorpe, Doncaster DN3 2JEI am a regular. It gets too hot in summer due to AC not working. Not comy at all.
TescoWoodfield Retail Park, Peel Way, Bury BL9 5BYThis branch can be enjoyable to work in at times depending on who is working there however some of the staff members can be extremely slow with dispensing and dealing with customers which leaves the pharmacist needing to label, occasionally dispense and serve on tills
The Clitheroe PharmacyUnit 2, 32 King St, Clitheroe BB7 2EPStaff are nice. The place is generally quite disorganised with prescriptions going missing left, right and center. Unclear whether this is because of the pharmacy or because of the local surgery, I suspect both.
My main gripe with payment. The first few times I worked here the whole experience was good. The new owner will not pay you in a rush and do the maximum possible to delay and minimise payment. Where mileage was originally paid, he removed it this time. There are several locums who are unhappy with this branch and during the period I worked there there had been several phone calls from locums chasing up payment. It took me 3 months to be paid.
While the area is nice and there's a low volume of methadone patients some of the regulars can be quite pushy and unacceptably late payment means I won't work for them again
The hub264 Manchester Rd, Warrington WA1 3RB
The Hub PharmacySt Catherine's pharmacy St Catherines Community Hospital, Church Road, Birkenhead CH42 0LQStaff are brilliant, really good and that goes for the manager too. Well organised when's she's in. Some of the staff are apprentices so need to be mindful of that, shift varies. Depends who's working with you, it can either be a good laugh or a little stressful. High footfall even during the corona virus season. Lots of methadone patients but have a methameasure so it's all good. Spotted a few cd discrepancies.. however, I would recommend
The Langford Pharmacy73A Church St, Langford, Biggleswade SG18 9QA
The Langford Pharmacy73A Church St, Langford, Biggleswade SG18 9QA
The Pharmacy176 Bebington Rd, Bebington, Wirral CH63 7PD
The village pharmacy12 Guy Ln, Waverton, Chester CH3 7NXAwful
TLC pharmacyHallglen Shopping Centre, 2, New Hallglen Rd, Hallglen FK1 2RBFriendly community oriented pharmacy
Total Pharmacy14 Gregor Shanks Way, Watton, Thetford IP25 6FA- long hours - but salubrious socio-economic clientelle made it easier.
Touchwood Pharmacy 47 Coniston Rd, Leighton Buzzard LU7 2PJ- too far for me - but half day suited.
TruepillFifth St, Trafford Park, Stretford, Manchester M17 1JXInternet pharmacy, however don't have adequate staff. Only had one qualified dispenser and another member pulled in from another department, which was hazardous despite only beibg responsible for packing, picking stock for prescriptions. Spotted a few near miss errors. Worked alongside the regular pharmacist whom was lovely, great team otherwise but need training. Not dealing with sweets!
Upton Rocks Pharmacy12A Cronton Ln, Widnes WA8 5AJ
Upton Rocks Pharmacy12A Cronton Ln, Widnes WA8 5AJNice branch and staff
Vision pharmacy51-53 Narborough Rd, Leicester LE3 0LEUnderstaff branch specially on weekends. Have to look counter and self dispensing. Also have to look out for thieves as lot of robberies happening. Not a safe place to work
Well1 Ael-Y-Bryn, Brymbo, Wrexham LL11 5DAGreat staff, pleasure working there. Can't say that about many places I go to.
Well1-3 Station Rd, Silloth, Wigton CA7 4AEUnderstaffed. Overworked.
Well102 Union St, Larkhall ML9 1EFDecent branch but can get busy and not enough staff
Well114-116 Granton Rd, Edinburgh EH5 3REVery nice, quiet shop. Excellent staff. Lots of dossettes but they are all organised. Would like to work here again.
Well115 High St, Tranent EH33 1LWWell staffed and well organised, a lot of the surgery scripts go to a hub. Walk
- ins can get busy. Some very long serving members of staff who have good relations with customers. Half an hour uninterrupted lunch, free parking round the back
Well118 High St, Little Lever, Bolton BL3 1LRshort staffed and huge workload
Well120 Dib Ln, Leeds LS8 3AYVery poor . I had 1 staff with me in the dispensary who was overworked, with queries , serving , dispensing and stock to put away . And had 2 staff doing rosettes who informed me that they were doing desserts on the day to go out as they were massively behind. Every dossete had some major issues with and had to be sent back. Bearing in mind these dossete had to be delivered today.
Numerous patient owings or whereabouts of scripts was questioned.
Pile of rx to be dispensed so literally meant every patient coming and looking through a pile of rxs.

Not a very good experience and can only get worse the accumulation of work load
Well123 N High St, Musselburgh EH21 6JE
Well18a Ratby Rd, Groby, Leicester LE6 0GGits not an overally busy branch but the branch manager was very pushy with services ie murs even made me do an MUR while busy and to a lady whom wasnt well and did not want an MUR and she wasnt happy about it.
The shop was using the new scanning system and the manager told me to leave all the checking and put on all the hub scripts which arrived in 3 totes and match them up with the prescriptions and then scan them onto the shelves which was time consuming while also doing waiters!!
when there was 15mins left before end of shift she told me to leave the shelving scanning of scripts and to clincally check all these before shift ends!!
it was bad management overall !!!
Well2 Park Way, Sketty, Swansea SA2 8JJThe team here are fab - would go back again. Very clean and organised.
Well25 Finkle Ln, Gildersome, Leeds LS27 7DXVery organised and clean. Work was done efficiently
Well26-30 Rainhall Rd, Barnoldswick BB18 5DR
Well276 Manchester Rd, WarringtonGreat branch and support staff
Well31 Main St, Balderton, Newark NG24 3LGStaff spent the entire day complaining it was draining to listen to. Not the best of places
Well32 Moor St, Kirkham, Preston PR4 2AUBranch is generally quite nice. Workload isn't too high. Maybe 5 blue Rx.
The main problem I had was the (non-pharmacist) manager. She was very rude and pushy. Undermined me on professional and clinical issues on a number of occasions. Told me to answer the phone when I was clearly busy and she was chatting away in the shop. I was not far from contacting Well area manager to report her as her conduct was completely unacceptable and for some I would consider it bullying.
The other staff were very nice however. The shop would be a nice session if it weren't for the manager
Well32a Maxwell Dr, Gorse Covert, Loughborough LE11 4RZDecent- well staffed and courteous.
Well4 High St, Renfrew PA4 8QRGood
Well4 High St, Renfrew, PA4 8QR
Well42 Links Rd, Port Seton, Edinburgh, Prestonpans EH32 0EAVery messy and disorganised. The technician didn't know basic stuff like how to sign me in as RP or how to set up methameasure. The other staff "carry" her which has led to resentment and an unpleasant atmosphere.
Well503 Gleadless Rd, Newfield Green Rd, Sheffield S2 2BSNice staff and great store manager, overall a nice work day
Well55A, 57A Mayfield Rd, Edinburgh EH9 3AAI've never been in a more disorganised pharmacy. This was possibly the most testing day in my entire pharmacy career. Remote dispensing was launched 5 weeks ago in this store. It clearly doesn't work. The area manager is well aware of the chaos, but can't do anything either. 2 weeks waiting on repeat prescriptions. Lots of angry patients. I will be warning my locum friends about how bad it is, and how stressful it is. Words just cannot describe how unorganised and dire it is. It should be closed and the contract given to another company or person.
Well55A, 57A Mayfield Rd, Edinburgh EH9 3AAI've never been in a more disorganised pharmacy. This was possibly the most testing day in my entire pharmacy career. Remote dispensing was launched 5 weeks ago in this store. It clearly doesn't work. The area manager is well aware of the chaos, but can't do anything either. 2 weeks waiting on repeat prescriptions. Lots of angry patients. I will be warning my locum friends about how bad it is, and how stressful it is. Words just cannot describe how unorganised and dire it is. It should be closed and the contract given to another company or person.
Well57 Market Street, Rhos, Wrexham, LL142LA"nice staff. Usually organised but due to COVID things are a bit messy and branch is behind
Well68 Queen St, Morley, Leeds LS27 9BPAvoid at all costs. One of the staff members thinks she owns the places asking me to serve at the counter. Expects me to know how to use the till. Asks me to answer phone. No introduction given on how the systems in well work
Well9 Market Pl, South Normanton, Alfreton DE55 2BNGood staff but store is unorganised ie trouble finding rx's is very busy with walk ins can quickly get backlogged.
Well9 Market Pl, South Normanton, Alfreton DE55 2BNAwful, no trained dispensing staff, no regular pharmacist, no hand over notes, no continuity, and methadone wasnt ordered day before so I was left without sugared methadone

No one knew superintedents number , so when I did find it out, they didnt asnwer anyway
Well979 Stratford Rd, Birmingham B28 8BGLiked branch and staff jus short staffed hence had to help staff out by labelling and occasionally picking - dnt usually self check only did itva handful of times
WellAnchor Health Centre, Meridian Way, Peacehaven BN10 8NFDisastrous, unorganised, chaotic, extremely busy and equally messy!
WellBarlow moor roadLovely staff made the day go quickly
WellBuxton Pl, Newton Bar, Wakefield WF1 3JQA bit short staffed, lots of walk ins, generally speaking staff not that helpful to the locum, i.e don't help with handing out waiters, filing away. I don't get feel the pharmacy runs very well.
WellDouglas Dr, Freckleton, Preston PR4 1RY
WellEaglesham Road, G767BUBusy branch always days behind on scripts
WellHartcliffe Health Centre, Hareclive Rd BS13 0JPIt is a very busy branch and a lot of methadones not for the faint hearted if you are organised and can manage high workload you will be fine if you can't I wouldn't take a shift there as I was told by staff pharmacist have been in tears in the branch.
WellHartcliffe Health Centre, Hareclive Rd BS13 0JPIt is a very busy branch and a lot of methadones not for the faint hearted if you are organised and can manage high workload you will be fine if you can't I wouldn't take a shift there as I was told by staff pharmacist have been in tears in the branch.
WellHigh st, Moffat, DG10 9DL No regular pharmacist making it unorganised and stressful. 2 days behinds on scripts.
WellLovely Ln, Warrington WA5 1QGNot sure about the morning shift but If you do the night shift at this branch after 20:00 there is no other staff except the pharmacist. They expect the pharmacist to lock up the pharmacy. And on a Sunday which is a 13hours shift there are no staff at all and they expect the pharmacist to run the whole pharmacy by himself/herself. Pharmacist to open pharmacy, doing the shutters and setting alarm and close pharmacy. I don’t understand how they will allow a locum pharmacist to do all that. Bear in mind, this is a pharmacy next to an out of hour surgery, expect to have quite a lot of acute medication , antibiotic prescriptions and quite a few End of life prescriptions. The whole Sunday you will have to dispense and self-check. Because it’s out of hours it is unpredictable how busy it can get. They don’t tell you this when you book the shift, I only found out that I had to open the store the day before the shift and they will send a guide to you about how to get the keys from the out of hours reception.
WellMayfield Road, Edinburgh Appallingly disorganised. There was work outstanding from 3 days previously. Trays, deliveries and installments had not been prepared. The staff were pleasant but did not know how to get to a screen to sign me in as RP or where the RP log was kept. They also didn't know how the ordering system worked, or how to do emergency supplies or smoking cessation. Several missing prescriptions. Might be ok if you are used to Well systems.
WellMeir Park, Healthcare Service Centre Enterprise Way, Stoke-on-Trent ST3 7UNGood branch
WellNorth Huyton Primary Care Resource Centre, Woolfall Heath Ave, Liverpool L36 3TN
WellRogerstone in Newport, Chapelwood NP10 9DU
WellThe Baths Health & Wellbeing Centre, Legh St, Warrington WA1 1UGTHe branch is very badly run. It dos only out of hours emergency and is attached to an out of hours GP and dentist center so from the time it opens you have a constant flow of patients but you only have a dispenser for half a day and you are expected to work on your own, cash up at the end of the day, enter the end of day figures and lock up by yourself. On Sundays you are expected open the branch and work by yourself for 13 hours with no staff! This place is an accident waiting to happen. Apparently some locums are happy to work in this condition!
WellThe Health Centre Pharmacy, 56 Croxteth Hall Ln, Liverpool L11 4UGPoorly organised branch. Unrealistic expectations of workload.
WellWell Ellesmere Port Overpool Road CH66 1JNThe branch manager and staff have left. There is 1 dispenser who has been working only 3 months in the pharmacy. There was 1 relief staff member who is new to Well.

There were Rx’s from over a week still left on the spine not processed and completed nor were they sent to the Hub. Patients were promised medication would be ready after coming in multiple times but still not ready not even labelled.

Dispensary stock for a week were left in totes around the dispensary, unable to walk in the dispensary safely. This is a major hazard as the dispenser fell. There is not enough stock on the shelves so you are dispensing from totes. Wait times were 2 hours and even then we could not keep up as there were too many queries and too many patients on the counter. The shops shelves were really empty with about 6 Bestway totes behind the counter full of stock.

General lack of organisation and leadership. Not enough staff to get it back right. It’s very unsafe to work in the branch. I did not get a lunch break and considered closing the shop for the rest of the day. I didn’t because it was close to bank holiday and worked at a safe pace to get what I could out.

I was honest with patients and they generally understood. Either they took prescriptions elsewhere or waiting in the 2-3 hour queue.
WellWell Pharmacy
2 Station Road, Urmston, Manchester, M41 9JN, England
All staff and manager on sick
WellWell Pharmacy 57 Market Street
Organised well staffed branch
WellWoodsend Medical Centre, School Pl, Gainsborough Rd, Corby NN18 0QP
Well1 Ael-Y-Bryn, Brymbo, Wrexham LL11 5DAStaff were lovely, competent. In a little village not hard to get to. Free street parking available too, win win
Well105 Prince Consort Rd, Gateshead NE8 1LRI booked direct as I have worked for Well for some years and have learned only to go to certain shops as others are bad news.I rarely go to this branch but certainly made a big mistake going there the last day I worked there.It has gone downhill in a big way.Unfortunately I was booked for two days running and spent the night before in mental turmoil considering whether to ring in sick or honour the booking.I chose the latter but would never return and cancelled a subsequent booking there I had for two weeks ahead.
As a background,I believe I am a good and experienced pharmacist and work extremely hard,giving my all at work and try my utmost to get on with people I work with.(I have been told this many times in places where I am appreciated)
My first task was to take the methadone out of the cabinet for the many addicts who frequent this shop.I know there are a lot and I like to have them organised as they can come in very early.This time I had a huge shock as many more addicts had been taken on and they literally fell out of the huge cabinet.None are in alphabetical order and it takes an enormous amount of time to even find them among hundreds of bottles.Some of the addicts can be a problem here and this alone was a major stress.
One of the dispensers is a vile bully.She had had a "bad week" and chose to take it out on me.She stomped and crashed about the whole time in the dispensary,so much so that I couldn't concentrate on my checking and feared that I had made some mistakes.I was presented with several large trays to check (normally not a problem as I'm well used to them).However I uncovered mistake after mistake and had to ask her to correct them.This was not well received by her.At one point she thundered to me"who has left these baskets here?"I had been putting methadones up and had inadvertently forgotten to put two small baskets away.They weren't in anyone's way and I'm a tidy worker having had 20 years experience in many pharmacies.By this point I had had more than enough of her appalling attitude towards me and I bit back at her.
The pharmacist manager came in for part of the day to do some computer work and although she could clearly see what was happening she chose to ignore it.
At the end of the first day the bully left early leaving a junior who had never locked up before to shut the shop.She had been given no instruction on how to do so and was in a flap when it came to hometime. Believing she had been given the bully's number in case of problems,she rang it and it had been given one digit short which she believed to be deliberate.There was no one else she could contact, as the manager had by then left the country on holiday.I waited as long as I could with her but had an evening booking elsewhere so had to go.
This place is bad news and a serious incident waiting to happen.No point in complaining to locum co-ordinators etc as you will be blacklisted for your trouble.The locum co-ordinators are effectively complicit.
Well21-23 High St, Lochmaben, Lockerbie DG11 2JLNice branch
Well22 High st Dalbeattie, DG5 4AAThe shop was fine but the staff can feel under pressure due to their workload.
Well22 High St, Dalbeattie DG5 4AA
Well22 High St, Dalbeattie DG5 4AA
Well22 High St, Dalbeattie DG5 4AA
Well238 Stockport Road, Timperley, Altrincham, Cheshire. WA15 7UNShort staffed with a lot to check on weekend. Not worth going unless high rate
Well238 Stockport Road, Timperley, Altrincham, Cheshire. WA15 7UNShort staffed with a lot to check on weekend. Not worth going unless high rate
Well28 Benson Rd, Birchwood, Warrington WA3 7PQUnprofessional manager, doesn't lead by example in my opinion. However, pleasant to staff. Corona virus 2 meter company measures were laughed at. If the staff don't take this pandemic situation serious, how could we expect the public to take precautionary measures. It was quite appalling. Had double cover which was needed however the workload was just too much, couldn't shift it. Branch is situated within a mall or something, with a surgery nearby so take into consideration when offering.
Well28 Blackwell Rd, Carlisle CA2 4EQ
Well2a Main St, Fauldhouse, Bathgate, EH47 9JANice chill branch very organised and well staffed.
Well50 Annan Rd, Gretna DG16 5DGOrganised but not well staffed
WellAnchor Health Centre, Meridian Way, Peacehaven BN10 8NFBranch with a high prescription volume, can feel overwhelmed at times
WellCherry Tree Rd, Marton, Blackpool FY4 4QHWonderful staff, good team
WellLS9 7SU on Lincoln road. Well 200215I wouldn’t go back there if they paid me 100ph plus 10 hours. They are Nasty vile rude and toxic people. They have no self respect. They will try to undermine you and question you and your practice. Not to mention the pharmacy is a tip. But that’s not even the issue it’s the awful environment. You have to be direct and don’t let them sense any weakness. They will eat you like vultures. They are bullies and gang up on you. My recommendation is to not go there. Full stop. But if you do. Be prepared
WellPutnoe, Queens Drive, MK41 9BSBranch is extremely busy, very high workload. Not all staff are trained correctly and did not tell me what time the Hub was due to be sent off, the staff who know what they're doing are good and make the shift not as bad.
WellThe Main St, Lairg IV27 4AR
Organised and well staff
Wellbeing Pharmacy40 Nottingham road, alferton, DE55 4JJ
White Rose PharmacySouth Elmsall, Pontefract WF9 2XF
Whitworth Chemist219 School Rd, Sheffield S10 1GNWhitworth Chemist, is one of the best companies around, this branch in particular is excellent. The staff were great. The manager showed me around the branch before work which always helps and informed what was required and expected from me on the day. Had a few trays to check but overall a steady and enjoyable day with good people. Would recommend this branch to other locums. Would reach there with plenty of time in advance as parking situation is poor.
Whitworths Chemist188 Ashby Rd, Scunthorpe DN16 2AP
Whitworths Chemist21 Rainhall Rd, Barnoldswick BB18 5DRPoorly staffed. Most are untrained and spend all day talking. Really lazy.Not great
Whitworths Chemist275 Melrosegate, York YO10 3SNThis was a good branch.
Whitworths Chemist39 Victoria Rd, Earby, Barnoldswick BB18 6UN
Wilberforce21 Story St, Hull HU1 3SA
Wise PharmacyWise Pharmacy, 11 London Road, Sandbach, CW11 3BD The branch is very quiet. When booking shifts with this company (from personal experience and from speaking to other locums) the company will promise things but won’t honour that which is agreed.

This leaves locums out of pocket as they could have achieved higher rates closer to home. Even though workload is light in this branch that does not have a bearing on the rate.

The ‘pharmacy director’ is an ex-Lloyd’s areas manager so you can expect the run around and no concrete agreements. So beware when negotiating as the company will pressure pharmacists and staff with no legal basis to do so.

I would avoid as it’s not worth it - there are plenty of other shifts available with companies who are straight forward.
Woodhouse pharmacy5-7 Skelton Ln, Sheffield S13 7LY
Wynn and Elis32 Poulton Rd, Wallasey CH44 9DQstaff are not the friendliest. But they have been there a long time and know what to do
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