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Helping pharmacists achieve their ambitions and reach their potential through a support network that unites, represents and speaks with one powerful voice.


The Pharmacists Cooperative is dedicated to achieving fair, positive & safe working conditions for pharmacists to reflect their education and training, responsibilities and workload.

We aim to work alongside pharmacy contractors to provide them with highly knowledgeable, enthusiastic and professional pharmacists to drive their business and improve the health of patients.

We also aim to help train pharmacists to be the best locum/manager/clinician that they can be and set the standard for clinical excellence with formalized accreditations.



Work towards a fair working condition which reflects pharmacists experience and workloads.


Establish an online platform that connects locum pharmacists to employers


Provide tax accountancy services to pharmacists


Provide support and training for pharmacists wishing to up-skill themselves.


Set up an online pharmacist support network


Articles & Blogs


Online discussion groups

Core Values

Fairness and Equality

We will promote fairness and equality of opportunity for pharmacists regardless of gender, race or religion ; ensuring that working alongside pharmacies brings mutual benefits and added value.


We recognise and respect diversity in opinions and will practice and treat each other with respect.


We will work to bring unity in the profession by working with locums, managers and contractors.
We will work together with companies in achieving common goals. This is to ultimately optimise patient healthcare and safety. We will also promote the role of community pharmacy and engage with the government to improve funding and roles of the community pharmacists.


We aim to provide professional educational & network support for any clinical queries that may arise on a day-to-day basis across all sectors in pharmacy as well as supporting any training needs that pharmacists require to up skill themselves and be amongst the frontline of the nation’s healthcare team along with other multidisciplinary healthcare professionals.

Democracy and Choice

We understand, believe and act within the principles of democracy and promote these amongst our members.

Committee Processes

We the executive directors inform senior management and so are responsible for managing day-to-day business. We will, therefore, set the rules, aims and objectives of the organization.
A member-nominated board will also be appointed by members through a voting system. The voluntary board will comprise of 4 whom will act as representatives on behalf of the cooperation.
We will have a channel for members to communicate with the board so we can go from idea to implementation very quickly.

Comittee Powers

The executive directors will have the power to hire and dismiss directors and CEO. The CEO will be allowed to run the organization as he/she sees fit, provided it's done within the company values and principles. Should the CEO or executive directors bring the organization into disrepute or is found to use the resources of the organization for personal gains then they will be removed from their position following a thorough investigation.
The executive directors and CEO can change the core values and goals, should there be a need, through consensus of members.

Decision Process

The pharmacists cooperative will practice a consensus governance approach to key decision making. This implies members have the power to exercise voice either by voting or other means; which will be stipulated by the governing committee. Where diverse member opinions exist, the committee will represent member interests to ensure a fair decision is made. This decision will also be overseen by the CEO.

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