Bukky Lashore On Positive Legacies Of Black Women

Bukky Lashore On Positive Legacies Of Black Women

07 Oct . 1 min read.

The Pharmacy Journal & The Pharmacist Cooperative  are proud supporters of black history month. With our vast network of BAME professionals, it is important we continue to support each other  promote equality, diversity and inclusion as best practice.

Read about the experiences of an inspirational Pharmacist Bukky Lashore

It is an honour to celebrate historical black women who have left positive legacies; not because they wanted to be recognised but to enrich the lives of others.

As a career focused black woman with over 15 years experience of working as a Pharmacist in the NHS; I have faced many challenges.  Some could have been due to my gender or my race but I have refused to capitalise on those. 

I have continued to work hard and strived to be recognised for my individuality and my positive contributions to the department and those I work with.

I have refused to focus on the categorisation that society places you in but instead focused on my Christian faith and the definition of who God says I am!

Yes, I have had many rejections but I didn’t let those hold me back! I continued to develop my skills, expanded my knowledge base and maintained my integrity.  These have opened numerous opportunities for me.

In all spheres of life, I appreciate the individuals at all levels that enable the system to work.  I acknowledge the cleaners the same way as I acknowledge the CEOs and greet them by name. 

I look forward to a world where everyone is appreciated for the contributions they make to the society, regardless of their race or gender.

I raise a glass to those who have and continue to fight for equality and say thank you to all those black women that left a positive legacy".


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