Official Supporter of Kit4Carers

Official Supporter of Kit4Carers

28 May . 2 min read.

We are proud to announce we are now official supporters of the Kit4Carers charity! As most of us pharmacists know its been extremely difficult to get genuine certified PPE since the early days of the pandemic when supply was low and demand was extremely high which led us at the Pharmacist Cooperative to source our own supply to support pharmacists working in the front line. 

So, here is a brief introduction to Kit4Carers, who are the founders and supporters and why they started this charity. 


NHS workers are, quite rightly, recognised for their dedication during the Coronavirus crisis, despite an apparent shortage of PPE. However, outside hospitals, over a million carers in the UK, and many more throughout the world, look after the most vulnerable people in their communities. In care homes and in people’s own homes, many carers are faced with a shortage of basic PPE.
Carers do a vital job. They are as much at the frontline of the Coronavirus crisis as doctors and nurses. They look after people, many of whom will be particularly vulnerable to COVID-19.
Crucially, carers help to keep people out of hospital at a time when beds are urgently needed. So, it’s important that they are given the right sort of PPE to keep them, their families, and those they look after, safe and healthy. The work carers do – and the risks they face from not having the right equipment – is a global issue.

What is Kit4Carers?

Kit4Carers is a campaign designed to raise funds to source and distribute PPE to carers throughout the UK and the rest of the world. Our objective is to raise £1,000,000 through charitable donations which will be spent on buying and distributing PPE kit and medical supplies. Kit4Carers brings together a diverse group of professionals from healthcare, finance, legal and
marketing backgrounds who all believe that carers in communities should have the same access to PPE as health professionals.


Kit4Carers’ advantage

Kit4Carers has access to an established worldwide network of manufacturers of PPE such as face masks, gowns and gloves and testing kits. It means that even at a time when most of the world is
chasing the same PPE and the main manufacturing countries face their own challenges with COVID19, Kit4Carers will be able to source and ship materials quicker than other organisations who face multiple procurement issues. Kit4Carers has extensive expertise in sourcing, financing and distributing high quality, ethically produced PPE, and will work with charities and other community and voluntary sector organisations, to ensure that these vital PPE is delivered to frontline care staff, fast.


The Team

Kit for Carers is led by Dr Pramod Prabhakaran, an NHS Consultant, Hassan Chaudhury, international trade expert & ex-social worker and Omar Butt, innovation leader from Vita Healthcare Solutions. The wider team is drawn from clinicians, medical officers, former NHS staff, procurement and logistics experts, healthcare communications, analytics firms and freelance programmers, shipping and freight experts with family offices, legal, accounting and administrative support.

For more inforamtio on Kit4Carers please visit their homepage

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