Love Your Pharmacy? Hate Your Boss?

Love Your Pharmacy? Hate Your Boss?

22 Apr . 2 min read.

When you buy something from Amazon you give a product review to help others choose one product over another, when you work for a great company you give a review on Glassdoors to help other choose whether they should work for the company so why don’t we have a review site for pharmacy? On the Pharmacist Cooperative Telegram network, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin we always hear about Pharmacists complaining about a company or a branch but with deluge of information we are bombarded with on social media day in day out it is easy to forget which pharmacy is a great place to work at and which is one avoid like a plague! In recent months we’ve heard how some companies are really bad with paying their locums or how certain companies decide to fine locums for not being able to perform at least 2 MURs and we all know or heard about Pharmacy managers that have been over worked, unappreciated and threatened by area managers. So, with that in mind I decided to setup a Pharmacy feedback system. Much like Glassdoors, Trustpilot and many other review sides I think its time we had one to help pharmacists decide where to work. So for last couple of weeks I have been asking people to take part in the Pharmacy review and answer some questions and share their experience. Here are just some of the reviews.




Branch review: 14000 items Dsp Cd registers a mess Retrieval is so full you can’t fit prescriptions on the shelves and barely any spare wallets to store prescriptions in as people just don’t come and collect their meds Next to a health center. Surgery next door are as unhelpful as one can get, don’t issue emergency prescriptions from the doctor on duty, patients are always referred back to the pharmacy for ‘loans’. Store however has so much potential as the areas on improvement can be easily fixed with good leadership skills however it was difficult for me to do so as I was only working part time.


Company review: So over complicated when it doesn’t need to be. Adds to the workload and paperwork and unnecessary stress.

These are just some of the reviews. The idea is if we can allow pharmacists to leave an honest review anonymously and this is backed up a large number of pharmacists the company will look at their practices and implement changes that make it easier for Pharmacists to do their job. Conversely if a large number of pharmacists leave a very positive review it will give impetus to others to look at that as an example of how a pharmacy should be run and aspire to be like them, if not better.

We are also looking at gender, ethnicity and wages to study if there are any differences in how companies pay and work with them to ensure everyone is treated equally regardless of gender or ethnicity.


So, are you ready to support the profession? If you are  then why not follow the link below and spend a min to give your feedback!

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