PCN Pharmacist Interview Questions and Resources

PCN Pharmacist Interview Questions and Resources

25 Jul . 1 min read.

Example of some PCN Pharmacist Interview Questions that were asked

  • Where are you in your career and how have you come to applying for this role?
  • What good traits and bad traits do you have?
  • How would you manage your time across 5-6 surgeries? 
  • If Dr X asked you for something and your line manager asked you for something, how would you act?
  • If patient was being prescribed an expensive specialised item and they are currently in remission but still getting repeats, how would you manage this?
  • What do you know about the GP confederation/federation?
  • Where you see yourself in 5 years time?
  • What are the things you want to focus on most in terms of CPD development if you get the job? (What do you want to develop in the short term?
  • Do you have any GP practice experience?
  • How would you integrate into a multidisciplinary team?
  • What does clinical governance mean to you?
  • Do you have any specialist interests? 
  • What is my current job? (Consider talking about what advanced/ locally commissioned services that you do in community and what’s unique about them) And why consider Primary Care? 
  • Do you have an intention to complete independent prescribing? What are your goals? 
  • If NICE Guidelines were to release new guidance on hypertension, what actions would you take? 
  • 86 year old woman who has AF, COPD, Diabetes and Arthritis comes in for a review. How would you manage this scenario? 
  • What do you know about medicines optimisation? 
  • What is patient-centred care?
  • What is your understanding of the contractual requirements in general practices?
  • What is the PCN requirement in terms of fulfilling the DES & IIF contract as well as the QOF requirements and how can you contribute as a PCN Pharmacist?
  • Which clinical areas do you want to focus on for SMRs?
  • What are the type of medications that can cause falls in frail or elderly patients?

Websites to look at for further examples of PCN Pharmacist interviews 

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2) PCPA Interview Questions


Also look into the following:-

DES Contract, SMRs, QOF, IIF & the NHS Long Term Plan 

PCN DES Contract



SMRs - Structured Medication Reviews



QOF - Quality & Outcomes Framwork



IIF - Investment & Impact Fund



NHS Long Term Plan



PCN Funding by BMA


AUTHOR: Muhammad Siddiqur Rahman
Senior Practice Pharmacist Prescriber and Trainee Advanced Clinical Practitioner