Pharmacy Feedback: Company Ratings and Frequency of Self-checks

Pharmacy Feedback: Company Ratings and Frequency of Self-checks

03 May . 2 min read.

As pharmacists, we often hear horror stories about having to self-check at certain branches or companies. Here is a graph of some of those companies and how frequently you said you had to check your own work.


Are you surprised by any of these results? We only have a small number of results. To get much more accurate result we do need far more feedbacks. So the more you fill in the Pharmacy Feedback survey the more accurate results we can show and more companies.


Here is a graph of overall rating out of 10 for some of the largest pharmacy chains in the country.


Branch feedback for Well Pharmacy Dibbs Lane: Very poor. I had one staff with me in the dispensary who was overworked, with queries , serving , dispensing and stock to put away . And had 2 staff doing dosettes who informed me that they were doing dosettes on the day to go out as they were massively behind. Every dossete had some major issues with and had to be sent back. Bearing in mind these dossetes had to be delivered today. Numerous patient owings or whereabouts of scripts was questioned. Pile of rx to be dispensed so literally meant every patient coming and looking through a pile of rxs. Not a very good experience and can only get worse the accumulation of work load. Avoid.


Branch feedback for Boots, Ryemarket, Stourbridge: No counter staff. Customers shouting at colleagues in dispensary to get served on chemist counter. Many, many methadone addicts. Nobody bothered to process my invoice so got paid late. Never go back.


Branch feedback for Eastfield pharmacy, Manchester Rd: Friendliest staff, great owners, amazing people to work for. I’m always very well looked after, get paid on the same day. Support is always there when I need it. Never had any issues/complaints.

Branch feedback for Asda Hartlepool: Always have at least one member of staff in or more. Due to the workload for the pharmacist the staff never expect the locum to serve at the till which is nice so we can get on with our jobs as pharmacists. There is one member of staff who is quite loud and aggressively spoken and swears a lot but not towards the pharmacist, however it does add to the stressometer considerably when having to work along side her.

These are just some of the feedbacks for branches. Until the feedback site is fully operational we will regularly publish highlights of the feedback we receive so please do keep checking our website for new articles, feedbacks and updated graphs!