The Locum Pharmacist – YOU are your own business

The Locum Pharmacist – YOU are your own business

09 Oct . 1 min read.


Qualified and full of high expectations, the locum pharmacist is ready to tackle the intense working environments that the pharmacy world has to offer. Full of clinical knowledge and well versed in the competencies required of a pharmacist, there is one fundamental thing which many of us are oblivious to…business! As a locum, the term ‘’business’’ entails everything from understanding who your customers are, negotiating contracts/shifts right up to delivering your service and giving post service support. In short, you are your own business.

As with any business, whether it be a new start up or an existing business, it is of categorical importance to have an awareness of your business model, even as a locum pharmacist! By having a business model, this will ensure you are aware of the key aspects surrounding you as a locum which in turn will ensure you are able to optimise your professionalism with integrity and efficiency. This in turn will lead to greater financial rewards along with enhanced competency within our working environments. Failure to understand your business model will inevitably lead a lack of understanding of you as a ‘’business’’ which will lead to poorer delivery of services along with a decreased financial reward. Does that ring a bell in today’s environment?

There are several areas which form a business model and this includes:

1) Customers

2) Unique selling point

3) Customer relations

4) Delivery of service channels

5) Activities and services

6) Partners and resources

7) Cost structure and revenue streams

Over the course of the next few weeks, we’ll be delving deeper into each of these points to ensure that you as a locum pharmacist know your business.

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