The Pharmacist Coop & The Landing: A Partnership for Innovation in Health

The Pharmacist Coop & The Landing: A Partnership for Innovation in Health

08 Jun . 2 min read.

The Pharmacist Cooperative started with a small idea that we can come together as a profession and support each other through the use of social network. Since summer of 2016 the idea grew into the largest online support network for Pharmacists in the UK. on 31st of August we officially registered as a cooperative to support, up-skill and shape the future of the profession as a grassroots organisation. It has been an exciting few years for us as we grew and supported eachother through good times and some tough times. Together we supported thousands of students, pre-registration pharmacists, pharmacists qualified recently and for many years. We discussed many of the challenges we faced in the past, present and many more we may and will face in the future. We worked with other organisations such as the PDA, CCA, HMRC and Pharmacist Support to tackle issues head on.

One of the main focus of the Pharmacist Cooperative has always been to ensure the profession is prepared for the age of artificial intelligence and robotics. So, we decided to partner with Europe’s leading tech incubator to support pharmacists who have great ideas but need the support to make their dream a reality. Having spent almost two years researching and looking for funding for my own health tech start up I realised that one of biggest hurdles to staring is getting the initial support from experts who can bring you dream into reality. There are 150 tech startups at The Landing working on various different areas, including health, so this is was a perfect match to setup the head-office for the Pharmacist Cooperative and we have lots of big ideas to help individual pharmacists, the profession and patients!

As an organisation we want to work with the not just pharmacists but also pharmacy owners, tech industry, NHS and pharmaceutical industry to find out what problems need solving and bring together great minds to help solve them. So, on Monday 24th June at 7PM we will be officially launching our partnership with The Landing. We will also be opening up our membership to everyone on the network! You will then be an official member of the cooperative and help us shape the future of the cooperative. As member you will get to vote on issues that affect the organisation, its future course and get great discounts on any services we provide such as flu jab training, DBS and any new paid services we provide. There are only 40 places at the event so if you want to join us please book early to avoid disappointment!



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